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    Thanx friend,

    That's an excellent page, JP Info, and the guy running it, Mark, is one of the most devoted JP fans, ever. A wonderful job overall.
    Thanx 4 bringing it up, Paul.

    As a matter of fact, this very Trapeze bio (a very cool one) is there @ Mel & Tom Galley's Phenomena site:

    Visit their site if u haven't yet, it's cool.

    4 anyone interested - I am actually working upon a page about Trapeze and ex-members, and I was sent some great stuff about Dave by a local major Priest fan, Sergey 'Halford' (thanks man!), some of which I would love 2 share w/u soon right here. So u won't have 2 wait b4 I finish.

    Anyway, Melville Galley and Peter Goalby r still hardly covered, so if anyone wants 2 help w/info, welcome!

    Hello fellow GHCPs,

    I don't know yet if what I do will wind up on a more known site than my own FDP, but it may very well happen. Anyway.

    Trapeze do have an underground cult status in Russia, tho surely their following is not as large as 4example in the South of the USA. I noticed many younger kids (around my age) are falling in love w/ the band but as many of them do not speak English, they cannot really find any info... while they do need it.

    Basically I am writing a more or less detailed band bio dealing with post-Trapeze careers of the guys as well. If anyone is willing 2 provide me with fan recollections, photos, magazine articles & stuff, it will be all greatly appreciated and your name put under Special Thanx @ section. Well that's the biggest reward that I can give u now

    I may very well work out an English version... but a bit later. Just need 2 c how it all works in a community I'm popular in .

    So please if u can... do me a favour and drop me a line.

    Especially wanted: info on anyone but Glenn (Dave, Mel, Peter Goalby, etc) cause it's much harder 2 find.

    Thanx in advance!

    Originally posted by JohnH:
    I do not believe the British justice system is as unfair as some countries...perhaps digging up the testimony, if it's publicly available like it is here in the US would tell the full story. I can't imagine he's innocent. But hey look at the US system, OJ was guilty as all hell and look where he is, chipping golfballs in Florida enjoying his ten grand a month pension from the NFL


    Well as you so rightly put it, we don't know the full story. And I guess we will never know.

    You're right mentioning the other cases (the celebrity cases - is Holland a celebrity now? Don't think so). There's been a lot of talk goin on, and I read several versions of what might have happened.

    All the stuff printed about the case started contradicting itself at a point. Don't know whose fault it is, the reporters', the court spokesperson's - I don't know.

    Well unless I had the full story given from either side that made me (me, and just me) sure he did it, I wouldn't be declaring Dave guilty. It's not only about the justice system. It is about the morality system. Too many complex nuances, and you can never know. But you can believe. Cause it is a right.

    Hi James, it's been a while since I heard from you as we're used to!

    About the new stuff I discovered - well, Peter Hamilton's 'Night's Dawn' is a classy space opera with a strong element of cyberpunk. Very natural.
    Reading Gibson's Neuromancer right now.

    Originally posted by Chuck Hutsler:

    Kudos to you Funky Deuce!! I also find it hard to believe!!! No matter what the truth cannot deny the fact that Dave was, is an excellent drummer!! I've only read or heard ONE SIDE of the story and that's not enough for me to condemn the man!!

    Glad 2 hear u're with us... those who _don't_ believe. As 4 me, I do find all the accusations, as Dave has put it himself, ridiculous...
    I feel that it is important 4 all Holland fans to stay together.

    @JudasPriest forums there's a very indecent talk going on - those who didn't like Dave's drumming now make theories why he got the gig, and you may guess what they say. I don't like it at all, it is unfair.

    I would very much appreciate if you mailed me personally because discussing the current situation that Dave is in will sound inappropriate on this board.

    Well I guess I got no taste in music then!

    OR - you don't have to despise everything you've done because something was done during the darker times...

    The Bobaloos is actually one of my favourite records. It is truly a collection of a no-frills energy-packed rock-n-roll. Maybe it's Southern boogie based - I'm not an expert on American music, sorry, I don't know.

    I absolutely love Glenn's performance. It's so raw, as if was a live recording. The rest of the musicians are also playing with a feeling that they are having a good time.

    It was a studio jam, from what I know - and I do love jams.

    The songs may be a little simplistic, and the lyrics are surely not that cryptic & symbolic kind of verse we're used to get Glenn singing now. They're mostly about love.

    A few moments here and there remind me of Rory Gallagher's music.

    I feel I gotta listen to it once again and write a proper review.

    But even these scrambled thoughts must be giving a very clear impression: I like it!
    Maybe I'm the only one on Earth, but..

    Well I didn't find Aina heavy at all :)

    Maybe it's because I am used to heavier stuff, I dunno.

    But it is a very refreshing piece of modern progressive/power. The melodies are very Euro, with strong classical music influences, and the speed metal beat is there - but there's a distinct prog element in the music.

    I would recommend it not exactly to Glenn fans, as Glenn seems not that inspired on this record (and after all, metal isn't his fave style of music, is it), but to contemporary prog metal fans.
    There's some outstanding songs there, anyway.

    And a breathtaking performance by Candice Night, she's wonderful!
    (Yes, I do find her a very talented singer, especially now. She has progressed since the Shadow of the Moon days enormously, so if your first and last B'sN record was SotM, do yourself a favour, find a way to take a listen to Ghost of a Rose. The music on GoaR is beginning to become as self-derivative as that of latter day Blackmore DP (this is imho of course ;) but Candice sings amazingly fine, check out her performance on Cartouche & especially Rainbow Blues, a Jethro Tull cover)

    And she sings some words together with Glenn ;)

    Gonna rewrite my recent review for Russian DP Pages (if it ends up there, that is) in English and post it on my site. With some more cool stuff ;) Anyone interested will be able to read it then.

    Well I _do_ know about what happened to Dave.

    Maybe you find no logic in what I do, but I have reasons.

    First of all - you may think I am just a fan gone crazy who can't see the obvious, and this may very well be true, but.

    I do not believe Dave could have done it.

    So if you ask me - his conviction is merely injustice. And a frightfully serious one.
    And I don't think that even if he had done that, he'd be feeling very cheerfully right now.

    I believe it is appropriate that every fan of Dave's supports him now - at least on the spiritual level, as I do believe in 'supernatural stuff'. We shan't be pretending we never cared for him just because of all that.

    That's my opinion.
    PS Don't try to convince me. I live in a country where everyone knows: too often courts have nothing to do with justice. It's what life teaches us. Harsh, you say? I shan't be imposing it onto the realities of other countries? Sorry, I don't see the difference.

    Even if no one else cares - I say - Not guilty.

    Well, this topic might long have been discussed, but anyway, why don't we try to tell each other about books & authors we love... As our music tastes are so close, what about preferred reading? Maybe any recommendations?

    As for me, I enjoy Russian modernism (early 20th century prose & poetry, so-called 'Silver Age' (Serebryany Vek) - Andrey Bely, for instance); British & American SF & fantasy of the late 60-s & 70s aka The New Wave (Michael Moorcock, Samuel Delany, Philip K. Dick, Roger Zelazny, P.J. Farmer, Robert Silverberg, Ursula Le Guin, etc); some other SF/fantasy authors like Keith Lawmer, Robert Asprin; Russian 90s SF - Oleg Divov, Sergey Lukianenko (some works of whose are available in English online); Russian 90s magical realism - Max Frei, Vladimir Orlov. And some Russian classics of both 19th & 20th century - Dostoevsky, Turgenev, Bunin, Nabokov...

    What about you?

    April 5th, 1948 - I got this info from this forum - well, at least I wanted to remind all of you you have now more than a justifiable reason to put on some Trapeze or Judas Priest for that matter.

    Dave, you rock.

    Hey people,
    Gues I've been away 4 a long while If you need a decent English variant of anything Russian, contact me. Russian is my native tongue after all.
    Would you like to read more stuff about Moscow vice-mayor Mikhail Men? I, like, live in Moscow so I could compile some facts for you.

    This Men connection made a lot of different newspapers & webzines mention HTP - something they wouldn't normally do. Hope it help to raise sales, or whatever...

    Hi everyone,

    Recently, after I saw HTP live in Moscow (more details will follow soon), I started a topic on Russian DP Pages Forums that in a blink turned into a heated discussion of whether it's the fans who force the artists to make their setlists up of old songs (that had been played to death by their 'alma mater' bands before - the 'classics') or there are other important issues about this.

    Most Russian DP fans surely favour the oldies themselves, while I would rather go for new stuff and old songs that have previously been unheard live.

    What are your opinions, fellow GHCP?

    I am a major fan of Rory Gallagher!.. Glad to hear that at least some of GHCP know his name! All my questions about him were always ignored... Do you know if Glenn and Rory were ever friends?

    Surely enough JLT's second never-to-be-released solo CD from 1986 buried in the archive of Neglectra records was way cool, the same goes for rightfully mentioned GH Warners album - Elektra & Warners are going to unite, I heard, how d'ye like it? - remember Hughes Thrall was not properly promoted... Thrall auditioned for Bad English, if I am not mistaken, after that... The album release does not depend on the quality of the music. IMHO at least.

    Hi James,
    I guess you know I love Fandango prolly best out of everything Joe's done - because of the simple truth he almost never returned to that music style, and that what makes Fandango unique, to me - I guess that everyone who's interested can read a review of Fandango compilation there on my site (self-promotion, I know, a very bad thing to do! ) But there's something I love about Joe specifically irregardless of the style he's working in - the same goes for Glenn - versatility is the key. Genuine professionalism and an ability to adapt oneself extremely well to the current environment. You still remember the ads, don't you? )
    I guess it's true for JJ as well, I wouldn't have been in such an awe about him, hadn't he proved himself so diverse.
    BTW, have you received my mail? Just checking - that mail server of mine will bring me down someday (if it does not go down before )

    Hi all,
    I most recently have been listening to Asia: Live in Moscow and Live in Nottingham (Now). I can't decide between the two what I like best, as they're so different )
    Also in my IRiver:
    Boston 'Corporate America'
    Olga Arephyeva 'Ladybird' (Bojyia Korovka) - Olga's a great Russian singer
    Subramaniam & Grappelli 'Conversations'

    but it's subject to change every day


    Originally posted by Shirl:

    The Bobaloos, SITKOR and Electric Warrior in the car
    Anastacia - Freak of Nature on PC
    St Anger in the lounge - got tickets for 19 December (I know no-one on here loves them, but I do!!! )

    Anastacia's a great gal. Love her.[/indent]My bro's currently playing St Anger to all the family through his computer's loudspeakers (he's bought himself some cool ones). I like Load the best, so Shirl, you're not alone...

    Thanks, guys. I think that I will enjoy even Tiffany if George's on it - after all, I started liking that Beyonce. Poor me. What if Thrall produces Linkin Park?!
    As for Bodin - good news for me, Soyuz (a major Russian record company) have it licenced as I heard, so I may find a nicely packaged copy at an affordable 'special for Russia' edition price. Who knows, it may be the best option to get after HTP2 is released here. I don't want a badly pirated disk, I want a great licenced copy, but it takes some patience.
    As for JLT - my friend bought Brazen Abbot (the latest one, 'Guilty as Sin') for me, and I have heard one track, the opening one. JLT's vocals are simply great, even better than on 'JLT'. He's grown into a real mature true hard-hitting rock singer! While he's always been, he was just a little bit different - you see what I mean, James, don't you?

    Hi Nick!
    I've listended to the first song so far, and enjoyed it a lot. Are you the singer? You're very talented then. I can hear you were influenced by DC and GH at least, am I right? I think you sound a bit like Dougie White and Jorn Lande too - to me, it's nothing bad, I love those guys.
    Do you have the lyrics to your songs available somewhere? I'd love to read them. Before you ask - no, I am not fluent in Spanish, but I do understand some.