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    Yes, I think Glenn has his own style of playing bass and nowadays he sounds better than before (as a singer too!).

    I am a singer too and I play bass when we're doing gigs. I understand Glenn very well if he doesn't want to play bass when he sings. It very clear that if you play, you can't sing as well as you could without a bass. I am nothing compared to Glenn but he is only human, too...and a god of voice

    Anyway, Burning Japan Live is one of the best live recordings I've ever heard. It's just perfect!


    Glenn is wearing Atari -shirt. The question is: Why?

    I thought Atari was dead. In that case, Glenn's shirt is pretty old. Or maybe Atari is one of Glenn's supporters (if it's still alive)?


    I think Gillan sucks pretty much nowadays. He was good in the seventies, but that was "pretty" many years ago.

    Now, in the year 2002 we all can see and hear who was the real singer (and the man) back then and now, Glenn Hughes of course.

    Glenn and HTP rocks!!!! (Much more than Deep Purple's Abandon or Live At Albert Hall)


    And strange! How this is possible? Anyone who understands and listens classic rock cannot dislike HTP. It's seems that this guy is working for a wrong magazine.

    He claims that two strong singers are just too much for one album. And in the end he writes that the guest guitarists on Can't Stop... and Heaven's Missing... sound breathtaking. What the *uck?!! Doesn't Hughes and Turner sound breathtaking? Damn sure they do! Few guitar solos are nothing compared to these singers. (It would have been enough for me, if J.J. Marsh played all the solos.
    He's as good as the other guitarists on this CD.)

    ...But who cares? You can always put HTP on your player and listen to the greatest rock songs of 2002. Classic Rock mag. sucks anyway.



    Howdy Folks!

    I've been somehow blind 'cause I just recently noticed that the song "Gone" (R.O.C.K) was written by Iommi and Hughes.

    Anyway, I heard the original version of this heavy piece and I think it was better than the official version on R.O.C.K. The riff is surely written by Iommi and it sounded much better when he played it. Iommi's style and sound makes it what it should be. Or what do you think?



    I think it would be nice, if they'd include some Purple and Rainbow -stuff on their set list. Joe Lynn's Slam was pretty boring album - there was nothing unforgettable there.

    BTM was great and they should play at least Can't Stop The Flood, Inside and Don't Let It Slip Away.

    I believe that the audience will insist some Deep Purple and Rainbow material. (I wonder how I Surrender sounds today. Joe's voice is pretty different from those days )

    Mita mielta olet?



    Jees. Kiitan kovasti, Tero!

    Mukavaa, etta kavit kuuntelemassa. Saattahan niissa olla Heeppiakin mukana, onhan noita ko. bandin levyja hyllyssa ihan mukavasti



    I got my piece yesterday and I've been listening it over and over again. It's bloody great and even heavier than I thought.

    When you listen to this recording, you can hear that these guys are having fun. You know, they're playing very pure heavy rock. Not too many musicians do it today.

    My favourites are Devil's Road, Missed Your Name and Ride The Storm. They're different 'cause they're fast. Glenn's songs are usually played on medium tempo. So, these three sound fresh.

    I wonder what Richie Blackmore thinks if he gets to hear this cd. Here'n'there the guitar solos sound very Blackmorish. (That's good, of course)



    I had order HTP from Bucaneer, I just couldn't wait no longer. Those audio clips from kept on haunting me!

    Btw, It's good that Glenn won't get too much commercial success, 'cause Glenn is heavy and I like Glenn heavy. Those funky parts of his stuff are great too but you can always hear something heavy on his music and voice. It's too damn real and authentic for those radio pop people. I think this is the reason why I didn't like Glenn's X-mas album. It was just (cloud)?

    I believe that HTP will play me out in no time!



    I just can't wait to hear this CD!

    I'm truly one of them who loved Glenn on Purple and Joe Lynn on Rainbow. Burn is one of the greatest albums on earth and no one can resist the songs of pop/rock Rainbow: I Surrender, Magic, Street Of Dreams or Can't Let You Go.

    I've been a Glenn Hughes fan for few years now, but I just recently got Play Me Out and Blues.
    You must have gone through them before, but I would like to know your thoughts about those two albums.

    I've read that Glenn likes his first record the best. Am I right? What do you think? Is it really the best?

    In my opinion I think that in Glenn's case it's something more like a "feel" -thing. Play Me Out was his first album after the big stardom in Purple. It was his "show time" and it must have been very hard to come back to earth from the skies. Though Play Me Out got good reviews, it didn't sell too much.

    Anyway, at first when I started to listen Play Me Out, I was very excited. "I tell you something, you oughta know..." The Album opens very well with horns and stuff. But the more I listened to the songs, I couldn't prevent the feeling of disappointment.

    The are no great chorus -parts or melodies (except in two pretty good bonus songs which were done before Play me Out, I think : Fools Condition and the other one ). The groove is there in few songs but somehow the "plot" is missing. There are too many breaks and some parts are too stretched (I mean too long).

    But what I like in Play Me Out is the feeling of freedom. The guys play freely and Glenn sings freely. Nowadays the studio albums sound better and louder, but something is missing. You can hear that something from Play Me Out for example.

    Man, this is too long story already. So shortly about Blues: Though the title is Blues, I could have never guessed that it would truly be blues music!

    I love the guitarsounds and there are lots of great songs. Tony Franklin's fretless bass sounds great and Glenn can surely sing the blues!

    Give me some comments. Hope you understood what I tried to say. My english is not as good as I would like it to be.


    I read the review of Nostradamus below somewhere and I have to say that I disagree (surprise!).

    First of all, Nostradamus is a very ambitious piece of work and basically one man has done all the work (is it good or bad, I don't know) . The string arrangements are great and there are lots of "things" to listen to. What I'm trying to say here is that I respect the whole project as an attemp and experiment. There are songs that don't sound too good but there are also great pieces. I think that one should look at the big picture which is more positive than negative.

    Kotzev hasn't let anyone go easily - but maybe few singers. One of them is Glenn Hughes, I think. His voice sounds great, as always, but it seems that he has sung his pieces at the first take. Maybe I'm just too critical but Glenn sounds far better on his own solo tracks. Joe Lynn Turner does his job well and Jorn Lande sounds great (wicked!).

    I have always liked classic rock and I found many pieces that sounded like 70's "heavy metal" (for example: Caught Up In a Rush, Glenn on vocals).

    There's lots of music in the world nowadays but never too much good "old" heavy rock. Am I right?
    Yes I am.

    BTW, Nikolo Kotzev lives in Finland even though in swedish speaking area :)