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    I've been listening to Music For The Divine and at first it seemed that I only like first three tracks. Thank god, I thought it all wrong , even if I still like the first three songs the best. Those songs have the Glenn Substance. After few listenings M4TD have become one of my favourite albums from Glenn. I think it was a brave move from him to do something that we didn't expect him to do. Funky stuff works well and the string quartet brings a new dimension to Glenn's music.

    ...Frusiciante's guitar skills doesn't assure me, anyway. Thank god he appears only in two songs. J.J's style and skill are something that not anybody can replace.

    Soul Mover is also one of my favourites. The title track is cool and so is She Moves... On the other hand, like any Glenn's album, it contains few boring tracks.

    It's always one of the best days of the year to go out and buy Glenn's new album. After all, he IS the Voice Of Rock and much more.

    Hi Everyone,

    Especially those who know more about Glenn.

    I was wondering why he uses Fender basses on stage 'cause he has this Manne-bass deal going on? Does it suck or is just too good bass to be ruined on tours? I know that gigging can just kill your instrument.


    Hendrix-style is totally there...but so what? Who wants to hear Hendrix-song covered here? Hendrix has influenced guitarists so many ways. Glenn's retro rock is a part of Jimi's heritage and I believe that he can admit that. I find Soul Mover a very good piece of music in today's music industry that is way too predictable. Hope we'll get more Glenn's music soon!


    I very much agree with Arnito. A great show that would have been a bit longer. I think Glenn should have played more of his solo stuff from the earlier albums, though. You know, song like You Kill Me, Death Of Me, Big Time, Livin' For The Minute, I Got Your Number...Now that he had a chance to do it!

    It's a shame that Nosturi wasn't enough full of people. Finnish people don't seem to understand the greatness of mr. Hughes!

    I even got a chance to shake the hand of the Voice Of Rock (he was wearing a glove in his right hand - I guess he was trying to prevent getting a flue). Backstage was very silent and Glenn seemed to be a bit disturbed (I understand him!). - but he was very kind. It would have been great to have some time to talk, but because I was ought to be brief (understandably), I just told him how much I love his work and etc. All the stuff that everyone would say if one gets a chance to speak to someone like him! :) JJ and Gabi were both very kind, also.

    Hope Glenn will visit Finland soon again.


    I would recommend the following ones:

    1) Burning Japan Live: A great way to get into Glenn´s music. You´ll hear the updated versions of Purple classics like Burn and Gettin´Tighter and get to know Glenn´s own music from Hughes and Thrall to From Now On. I think the only bad things here are the songs of From Now On. Definetly not the best Hughes around.

    Anyway, on this record Glenn is in top shape and the band is great. Loveable!

    2) Songs Into The Key Of Rock and Building The Machine:

    Glenn is back on hard rock here. Well, he has always been pretty heavy, but Building the Machine has few REALLY pumping action tracks, like Can´t Stop The Flood and Inside (... that´s the name I guess). The sounds are great and you can also hear new version of Purple´s High Ball Shooter.

    SITKOR is very much 70´s like and that´s what Glenn wanted to do with this piece, as he has mentioned. Opening track In My Blood is very powerful, Higher Places is almost a masterpiece with Zeppelin kinda drumming and Corageous is a wonderful "hippie" song with cathcy chorus.

    The sounds are somewhat muddy but I love them anyway!

    3) Blues

    This one is different. Glenn started with this and you can hear his enthusiasm and sadness and pain and... All the feelings you can have when you start all over again and look in the past. This is not TOO much bluesy, anway.

    I love all Glenn´s records. From Now On is pretty poppy. The songs aren´t too strong but there´s one real classic here: If You Don´t Want Me To. Really cheesy and smooth love song...That could mean something boring but I think this one is really something.

    Feel is a mix of many styles. Some might keep it as a strength but to me it´s not. Songs and players are good but on the whole this album makes me feel pretty confused. Glenn´s version of Stevie Wonder´s Maybe Your Baby isn´t that great, either.

    Addiction is one of my personal favorites. Songs are strong and the overall sound is great. I also like Marc Bonilla´s influence here.

    The Way It Is is a pretty smooth album, but some songs just don´t do it right. This one is trying to be something what Glenn really isn´t.

    Return Of Crystal Karma is maybe Glenn´s worse album of the 90´s. Few good songs and nice riffs but... somethings missing. Don´t like the overall sound either.




    This Aina -"opera" is very interesting. Haven't heard it yet, but gotta get it. And as "finn" I hope you (who got this cd) take notice to the performances of Marco Hietala (great singer!)and
    Emppu Vuorinen.

    And by the way, there is a word "aina" in finnish and it means: always , every time, constantly , invariably , continually , ever more / evermore , forever / for ever...Nothing to do with this case, but now you know :)

    I like Glenn's style very much. I think he hasn't got a superb technique, but the way he plays is pretty unique and you can definetly recognize him especially in the earlier albums. I guess he used Rickenbacker and Fender -basses in those days.

    What I don't like too much nowadays is the sound that he has. It's pretty muddy and obscure. With that non-attack-sound it's maybe easier to play and you don't have to be too precise. I'm not saying that this is the reason why Glenn has the sound! Maybe he is reaching for the sound of finger bass. Or maybe he just likes it...Just thinking aloud here The last good bass sounds I heard are in Building The Machine. Airy but offensive, strong but not fuzzy. I think the whole idea of plektra (plektrum...pick?) playing is to get the sound of attack.

    I was amazed of Glenn's energetic performance when I saw him on the stage. I think it's one of the hardest parts of playing live. Looking good and being a rock'n'roll star and still playing it right. Glenn does that well!


    Hello guys,

    I am a musician myself and I've been doing music here and there. Ever since I started listening to Glenn's music, all the stuff I've written has been influenced by his voice and music.

    I have never heard Glenn's song Cosmic Spell, but when I read the name I constantly knew: "Hey..That would be a great name for my band!"

    So, please visit and listen to our new songs. I think if you like GLenn's music, you'll probably like our music, too.

    There's also our roughly recorded live version of Hughes/Thrall's "I Got Your Number". I love that song!


    Please visit also


    Haven't been around for a while, but I'm really pleased and happy and everything to know that Mr. Glenn Hughes is giving us new music.

    Songs In To The Key Of Rock...I'm glad to hear that we're gonna get another Rock album. For me HTP and Building the Machine is the right direction.

    Thank you Glenn!


    Hmm...I like this CD, but it's not nearly the best Hughes I've heard. Burning Japan Live is better...What I like are the songs they've chosen. It's nice to hear them do Death Alley Driver or Street Of Dreams kind of stuff. Joe did them better than I expected.

    I believe that these guys are gonna rock us on European Tour anyway! Can't wait!


    Tiedatko mista Tampereen Pakkahuoneelle saa lippuja?

    Tiketti myy vain Helsinkiin, eika Lippupalvelussakaan voitu auttaa. Treen pari paikallista musaliikettakin oli tietamattomia asiasta...

    Pakko olisi kuitenkin paasta, eli ajoissa liput Hesaan, jos Treen keikkaa ei olekaan.