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    Thanks for that - got my dates confused - I'd thought he joined DP in 75 - and that also explains why I couldn't find the gigs listed on the Tourography page... I think Homer had it exactly right when he so succinctly opined:


    Still, if anyone happens to know the source of the animosity, which seems to have stemmed from an incident when Glenn WAS with the band - so hopefully, it's not TOO off-topic - I'd appreciate hearing about it...

    (It could possibly have been from a Memphis gig in 72/73 with Hydra/BOC and Trapeze, when creditors tried to seize Trapeze's gear and Hydra hid it for them...)


    I'm interested in tracking down any info on three gigs Blue Oyster Cult played with Trapeze in May 75 - I found a post relating to one of these shows elsewhere on this board which hinted at bad blood between BOC and Trapeze, and I was wondering if any board members had any background info on this?

    Also - I understand there's a Glenn Hughes autobiography out and I was wondering if maybe there might be any mention in that about it?

    Here's what info I know about the gigs so far:
    Any info would be gratefully received.