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    A wonderful read and I can proudly report that I finished it within 2 days (or 2 nights, to be more accurate). I found it really compelling to read about the dark days and how things were going also on a practical side. How Glenn could survive this 20year treadmill is, after reading this book, even a greater miracle to me as it was before.

    The "PHOENIX RISING" DVD is awesome. Even if this would not be your favourite incarnation of DP, the comments of Glenn and (even more) Jon give this release a really exciting and interesting touch, because it gives you some "insights" and some little anecdotes here and there which were generally unknown to the public before. I watched it twice in a row, because it really was exciting to listen to Jon and his view on things. Contrary to Glenn, he has been in the band before already, so its very interesting to hear his impressions and sentiments, now and back in the day, when things started to change and they DID change dramatically when Gillan and Glover left. I think DP was a bit at a dead end at that time. They needed fresh blood and David and Glenn very much were this new blood indeed. That things turned a bit unlucky later on was sad though. Tommy was doubtlessly a fantastic player and composer in his own rights, who (contrary to Ritchie) composed more "for the song" instead of showing off all the time, as others do. He had a great feel and intonation and his diversity stretched so much wider than the range of Purple could support or even "comprehend". DP was not the ideal vehicle for him, this is clear. But I always loved CTTB for sure.

    SITKOR is probably my favourite album by Glenn, alongside BTM. It has brilliant playing on it, extraordinary songs (that keep on spinning in your head long aftewards) with good structures and good hooks, a real 70's Glenn kind of feel. As Glenn said back then "I surrounded myself with 70s stuff to get into that vibe, that feel again". It worked and very much so ;)

    I often find it rather sad that none of the songs are on current setlists anymore, as they are really top notch.

    "In my blood" would still be a brilliant opener. "Higher Places" has that "Zep-Vibe" that they so much tried to re-create on BCC 1. This song would fit tremendously into the BCC context and live sets. As well as "Written All Over Your Face" and particulary "Wherever You Go" which would even give the chance for Glenn and Joe B to sing together.

    I really love this album and probably it had that classic rock kind of vein as it was around the same time when the HTP project (with similar music) was done.

    Fantastic album right from the opener to the very end. Raw, intense, musically and lyrically, rough produced at times (on purpose) and Glenn Hughes in his very best. Songs that came not only from the heart, but much deeper, even from the black corners of pain that we all carry along with us. I am very sure that for that matter it will be one of the favourite CDs not only for me but also for Glenn himself.
    The whole album is a grower and it becomes stronger the more years had passed by.

    Well, Glenn's got tons of children. Each and every song is like a child to him. Some people put their lifes energy in music and Glenn certainly did.

    Hi everyone!
    I'm glad that I have joined the GH community here and it seems to be a nice and interesting place. I'm really looking forward to participate and get in touch about one topic or another. I'm working in the music business myself even though I'm not an active musician but as part of a management that takes care of several international muso's. I also like the BCC project a lot and I'd like to say that, in my humble opinion, Joe B is the greatest guitarist that Glenn has worked since Purple (except Iommi now). Its really highly exciting what is going on here and its understandable that Glenn is a bit sad about the bands hiatus in 2012. However, it gives us the chance to finally get to hear a follow-up of the superb "F.U.N.K." record!
    Although I understand the hype about BCC, I must admit that SITKOR was not a even a bit less great as the BCC records. I wish the media would have recognised it a bit more back then. Probably my favourite GH album, alongside ADDICTION and BTM.