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    I have seen Deep Purple 3 times in Melbourne. The 1st time at the Sports & Entertainment Centre in the mid 80's. It was an old indoor swimming pool turned into a concert and sports venue. They played too loud for the venue, the sound was bouncing around off the walls, similar to the echoee acoustics of an indoor swimming pool. I could see Ritchie Blackmore playing guitar but could not hear his guitar. In one of the songs Gillan screamed that loud I had the sensation of water rushing around inside my ears. My ears buzzed for 3 days. Disappointing as this band was my teenage idols back in the 70's. The 2nd time I saw them was in the year 2000 at the Rod Laver Arena, a great venue for rock concerts. The band was brilliant, Ian gillans voice was terrific in his normal singing range, however he had lost that ability to scream, the upper register was gone. His girth had somewhat expanded. The new boy in the band Steve Morse was great, bringing a fresh dimension to those classic Purple songs. The 3rd occasion was at the perennial Festival Hall last year with my young son. The band was in terrific form. You cant beat those classic songs. A somewhat slimmer Ian Gillan fronted the band but I could not help but think he could have done with some vocal support from some-one like Glenn. I saw Glenn on a "live at the basement" tele show in Australia earlier this year and he was great, I could not get over how good his voice was after all those years. I would love to see Deep Purple play some Mk III songs, but I don't think this will happen with the current line-up. As an aside I saw Uriah Heep earlier this year at the St Kilda Palais, they were brilliant, blew us away. Brilliant musians, great entertainers, an allround great evening. Bernie Shaw " this is a rock and roll concert stand up! "

    Greetings From Melbourne Australia

    Hi there fellow Glenn Hughes fans. Its great to see Glenn flourishing so late in his career particularly with Black Country Communion. The voice is better then ever, the playing and material is top notch. Its good to see there are still some bands out there that can produce the goods amongst all the rubbish out there that trys to pass itself off as rock'n'roll. I will upload an article from a 1983 Guitar Heroes Magazine on the Hughes / Thrall Band if it has not been uploaded before.

    Cheers Grecam