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    ...I hope no one will mind a little Stevie Wonder comparison: if BCC was the band's Music of my Mind (epic jam feel) & 2 was their Talking Book (astonishingly great songs), then the third album will hopefully sound as perfect-in-every-way as Innervisions! I'm excited - & expecting the unexpected! * A

    The way this was handled may have been infinitely clumsy, I'm still glad I'll soon be seeing 75% of the legend. I was fortunate enough to get to see Heaven and Hell so, after Download 2012, my next Iommi-related dream would obviously be to witness the man live with Glenn. Wishful thinking I know, but the three albums they recorded together deserve, no demand to be heard on stage! In the end, after losing yet another awesome artist this week, I realize I don't really care if B.S. stands for Black Sabbath or something else - I only want everyone involved to be happy & healthy. Long live Iommi & Jon Lord, rest in peace Donna Summer.

    Mandatory listening! I consider this to be Glenn's "rebirth", more than say Blues or From Now On. In the latest French edition of Rock Hard, BCC is mentioned twice in the review of Europe's new album & it's no coincidence! Obviously, both band now share a producer & there are plenty of connections between Glenn & the band, but there's more to such a comparison than that! In a way, Europe have also move from Euro hard rock to something bluesier though the talent - & the name! - remain the same. Face the Truth has virtually no trace of Glenn's love of soul or funk & in if you're in a rocking mood, it's just as good if not better than Seventh Star, as the production's better & Glenn was in a happier place at the time. Granted with the notable exception of Voodoo Hill as well as some covers, ever since the end of HTP Glenn has had a tendency to stay away from this style of music & IMHO he'll never release another full album devoted to this genre. But I may be wrong! In the end, as much as I love Face the Truth, I find the song-for-song quality of Glenn's three most recent solo albums & BCC superior, so I'm not complaining! Yet a couple of decades ago, Norum was the perfect association at the right time. Tack, John!

    Hi everyone,

    Admittedly the same MK3-screaming thoughts rushed through my head when I too tried to read between the lines yesterday, yet it must have been an unconscious flash & it only lasted a fraction of a second. But never say never indeed!

    Granted, I'm more than happy about the upcoming BCC3 (I wonder what its title will be!) & FUNK certainly deserves a follow-up; this old naïve fantasy remains nonetheless. I certainly don't need to mention the trillions of reasons why a 21st century MK3 is getting more impossible by the know them!

    Having said that, nothing's wrong with enjoying some speculation - what do you think "never say never" meant/means?

    Fatherhood (I don't mean pets)?

    Prost !


    Thanks for the link, but "sorry, this photo gallery requires that scripting be enabled on your web browser and that the Adobe Flash Player be installed"...I'll have to check from a real computer! As most of you probably know, saying "bitte" isn't always easy if you're French, especially if you ignore the extra "t"...DC sure does have good taste by the way ;)

    Shirl, Lioness, don't make me blush! I dig your stories; I almost wish I had never owned a Discman! I wonder how many Purple related gigs the Stormobile has enabled some of you to go to? I really appreciate the feedback & hope to share some special past, present & future GH experiences with all of you in 2012 & beyond. Fröhliche Weihnachten! * A

    Hi everybody,

    Ich bin mit Katy einverstanden! Superb bass chops & it sure is great to hear Glenn on the guitar. I love the video where you can see him solo on "Coast to Coast" & I'd be delighted to see him play on a grand piano one day! I know Hughes-Thrall 2 has been shelved but at one point Glenn mentioned that he & Pat played all the instruments on it, including the drums...who did what? I'm sure Glenn can drum, but it would be amazing to hear some of that!

    At the end of the day, he's a genius singer and phenomenal bass player, as you can see on the TMS clip. BCC splendidly showcases his playing too, indeed. But as a bass player myself, I may be a big time classic rock fan, I still feel that Glenn brings more to the table when the production is bass-friendly: Play Me Out, Feel, FUNK!

    Obviously, Cal Jam, La Dernière Séance (I know I'm being fussy but that's how that album should be titled, with two accents!) & other http://Mk.III/IV live albums are more complete but Made in Europe remains a bassist's delight thanks to its massive bass sound - & playing!

    I really appreciate Roger Glover, his style is naturally different yet it suits all the DP line-ups he's been in, as well as post-Dio/pre-White Rainbow! I'm only talking bass here but let's not forget Roger's also an ace composer & producer.

    Now, back to Glenn: a magnificent bass-player whose instrumental talents are sometimes overshadowed by his divine voice. IMHO, the real strengths of Glenn's bass playing are revealed on most of his discography & whenever he plays live with other musicians & not necessarily on the (sonically awesome) That Metal Show clips...

    ...says the TMS addict & bass solo lover!



    Shirean, David,

    Thanks for your quick replies &, more generally, your great great work throughout the years!

    I guess what I had in my mind was along the lines of "what does a McCartney fan think of All Things Must Pass?" or "are Stevie freaks interested in Syreeta's post-Wonder output?" or, slightly closer to home, "does a Coverdale/Page-listening Led Zeppelin head have a favourite Whitesnake album?", etc.

    So it's precisely a brief Glenn Hughes fan perspective on the DP tree I was curious about.

    Curiosity kills! :)




    Lioness, Sigurd, Stormbringer74, everyone,

    What a nice community! Have some of you already met? Not any misadventures, hoffentlich!

    Actually, I've been to Clermont a couple of times, but not for DP alas. It would have been nice to have met you during the BCC gig at the Bataclan this year! Futile information I know, but I remember buying Iron Maiden's A Real Live One (when it could be bought as an individual CD...woops wrong forum!) & Faith No More's King for a Day...Fool for a Lifetime when I was 14 in Clermont's Fnac!

    A lot of pointless teenage memories here, sorry, but this kind of leads me to another pont: the reason I used to see connexions between Fireball and Burn is a bit's because they were the only DP albums I had on vinyl at the time (Stormbringer was to follow!) & I would listen to them when I was in my room, whereas I tended to use a Discman for the the rest of my collection back then. So I'll be the first to admit the links between both of them aren't that strong!

    In Rock has its funkyness too, very true! Same thing goes for all DP versions of "Hush", agreed! One more anecdote before I go: I made a Rage Against the Machine follower become a Deep Purple fan thanks to "Flight of the Rat"!

    Bis bald,



    Hi GHCP,

    There's a thread on "favourite/best Mk." & there may be similar discussions here so please forgive me if such a forum topic has already appeared in these pages!

    Here's a little something I'm curious about: top to bottom, which DP line-up do you like/love/worship the most?

    Obviously, being "objective" is impossible but I guess it would make things more complete & sincere if, when possible, both studio & live works were taken into consideration.

    The way I see things is: only personal taste should count, not historical influence, musical proficiency, sales, professional journalists or online reviewers.

    Hopefully this will be entertaining & thought-provoking...I greatly appreciate the "favourite Mk" thread, yet this site's readers - nevermind its contributors! - probably have a natural Mk. III/IV bias...what about the other line-ups, e.g. are you more "Book of the Bananas" or "Perfect Slaves"?

    I've included ten line-ups: I & III-VIII are the usual ones (let's not forget the Satriani period!) plus - this may seem a little unorhodox - , as others already have, I've split Mk.II into three groups: II a (Concerto-WDWTWA), II b (PS/THOBL) & III c (TBRO). The players are the same, but the albums certainly aren't & the performances vary in many ways.

    Laughably long introduction given the modest size of the list below, sorry! So, though this might seem trivial by those who aren't 1968-2011 DP heads, or impossible for diehard "DPCP" freaks, here's my ultra-subjective hierarchy. What's yours?

    Position / Mk.

    *1* = III
    #2 = II a
    #3 = IV
    #4 = VIII
    #5 = I
    #6 = VII
    #7 = II b
    #8 = V
    #9 = VI
    10 = II c




    Gtk1974, unfortunately I can't tell which Mk. is your favourite as there's only a small square that appears on my (phone) screen :( Do you mean that the top spot goes to...all of them? ;)

    Stormbringer74, enchanté!

    Maybe this already exists, but I'm going to start a new thread on most-to-least preferred line-ups...I'd love to know what you all think!



    Merci beaucoup Lioness, danke sehr Heidi!

    I see what you mean but the way I tap my feet to "No One Came" is close to dancing whereas, I don't know if this will make any sense, "Mary Long" is paradoxically both more straightforward & looser!

    Way back in 1996 (it was the Paris Zenith gig, not the Olympia one that has since been released), they also played "Mary Long" actually & I was happy to see Mk.VII give WDWTWA a little love on top of the usual "Woman From Tokyo", yet I didn't find it that funky at the time though now I afree with you.

    A couple of years ago at the new Olympia (the venue has moved but the name remains the same) Mk.VIII played "No One Came" again & the audience went wild! I'm still waiting for "Fools"! As I had both of them on vinyl, as a teenager I saw many connexions between the Fireball & Burn albums...the titles, the covers, the "taking chances" aspect of the music. I love the B-sides the singles from these albums have as well!

    Having said that, hush hush, I have a little secret: Burn is the one I like most!



    Hallå danielb,

    Well I'm far from being an expert but my educated guess is: yes. The solo album should be recorded and will be probably be released first. I'm happy to see Glenn's writing it now, but BCC 3 will take a little more waiting, at least as far as recording's concerned. Wouldn't it be nice to have both of them in 2012? Greedy me!

    And now for something (almost) completely different...if I'm not mistaken, Glenn decided to "shelve" or "pull the plug on" Hughes-Thrall 2 (the newly recorded songs, not the demos from the '80s) around 2007 & also "scrapped" - sorry I'm not 100% sure about these quotes, I hope memory serves me well - a post-F.U,N.K. solo album in 2009. I may be wrong, but I assume Glenn started from scratch for his forthcoming album; he certainly can afford it when you consider the quality of his writing and the fact that he's creating more than enough not be forced to keep everything. Nevertheless, I wonder if any ideas from the previous decade (or even century!) will be featured on the rock album...

    ...If not, I'm positive I'm not the only one who'd say yes to "From the Archives Volume II". Speaking of which, weren't Pink Cloud Records relaunched on iTunes a couple of years ago? I hope A Soulful Christmas is selling well - I like it! Truth be told, not as much as Incense & Peaches, & substantially less than Glenn's regular albums, but it is the only Christmas album I seriously listen to &, once or twice every December, it brings me a bit of that feel-good feeling! Admittedly, "Ave Maria" gets more attention than the other songs; it's really moving!

    Skål !


    A, Ha en bra dag