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    Well, I don't know where else to post this, so excuse me, if this ain't the right place. I just wanted to share with GH fans that I bought Digitech Synth Wah today and it is totally killing ! It's really a master piece, so I have to thank Glenn for using this, otherwise I wouldn't have bought it :)

    Works awesome with my Fender JB and Gallien-Krueger :)

    Another year and it is time to wish you all the best again ! :) All I can say is, that I'm constantly amazed by the things you do !!! Music you have done in past, the music you are currently doing and all the awesome music we are looking for, and of course your attitude, that we can read (thanks to the social sites) made me your huge fan when I was about ten and heard Come Taste The Band as my first ever rock album... I feel proud to say " I am a fan of Glenn Hughes " ... Thank you for everything you do, you are a huge inspiration for all of us. Have a quite day, celebrate well, keep it going and God bless you :) We love you !

    :birthday: :hi5: :birthday2

    I went to Germany to buy it, because they released it a few days earlier.
    I could not sleep! And then I put it into my player and BANG! I was like: "Is it possible? Is it real? Is there any possibility that the album is that awesome?"

    Then I realised - Glenn Hughes included.
    And the sound? It is the way they feel and I like it. Every day more and more..

    "2" is the real thing. Brilliant.

    Mr. Hughes, from all of us to you - happy birthday! What can I say... Proud to be your huge fan for more than half of my life :bow: You are my big inspiration, just wonderful :thumbup:

    Enjoy your big day with your friends and family :bouncer:

    Best wishes and love - from the Czech Republic :birthday: