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    The guitarist wearing the Helter skelter shirt is blues maestro Simon McBride. Saw him live with his own band and was excellent. He's also a member of another great live band called Snakecharmer.

    It will be also nice to finally have Four On The Floor officially on CD :)

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    T :)

    They have already been released on CD with Play Me out - check out the Connoisseur Collection release.

    The other tracks have also been released on the RPM release of Play Me Out in 1995

    So no "new" tracks as such.

    Hopefully Glenn can dig out some unreleased stuff for the other reissues.

    Well BCC4 is due out in September so any likely shows would be after that - and depend on Joe.

    Joe only has tour dates listed until end of May this year so has the summer free at the moment and could fit shows in.

    I've signed up for the cruise news updates so if I get any more info i'll let you know.
    But having both Joe and BCC listed on their website seems a risk if no contracts signed.

    Any official (or unofficial) news David?

    not my review but early impression of it by Simon Robinson

    That's interesting. Where that info is from? Any name for that project?

    Glenn told me :) :bow: :singer: :thumbup:

    He also told the crowd at the one of the shows as I remember it being posted somewhere.

    No idea of a name for it. I would presume the surnames would be enough to grab the headlines and attention.

    Yes it is true Woody - Glenn told me himself while he was over here last week.

    Malcolm BRUCE (son of Jack) and Kofi BAKER (son of Ginger) unite with Will Johns (nephew of Eric and son of Zeppelin/ Stones engineer Andy) to unleash the lightning that electrified a generation — with special guest “The Voice of Rock” and DEEP PURPLE legend Glenn Hughes.

    Video shot by me on my crappy Nokia Windows 10 phone has come out pretty well! :thumbup:

    If you are wondering why Pontus drum kit is way over to the right, it's because they decided to try a new stage layout. Glenn told the crowd that Pontus hits the kit so hard that the cymbals get into his mic and it affects his ear pieces sound.

    The whole band agreed it worked as Pontus could see them all and the crowd too.

    Overall another great show and at the end the whole crowd was chanting "Hughesy" for a couple of minutes till they came back for the encore.

    also need to upload a 10 minute version of Medusa...

    Was a brilliant show. Vocals as usual were impeccable and hit all the high notes with ease.

    All the Resonate tracks went down a storm.

    The Hammond player Jay Boe was excellent. Well up in the sound mix and taking the lead when required. Having the real thing really made the difference compared with a synth trying to sound like one.

    For me the highlights were Stumble and Go, Medusa, My Town, Heavy and of course Might Just Take Your Life - the best version I can think of I've seen by Glenn due to the Hammond. Soren said they only practised it that afternoon!

    Overall probably as good a show as I've seen from Glenn in a long time - certainly had more intensity than with Doug.

    There's no doubt this line-up would have wiped the floor with every single band at Hard Rock Hell last year.

    Roll on Manchester on Friday when I do it again!

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    a bit like mine Lioness - 3 tickets for the Purple and Rainbow shows in Birmingham, plus got the likes of Aaron Keylock, King King, Dan Patlansky and Chantel McGregor lined up too for 2017. And there's also Glenn in Wolverhampton and Manchester!

    I'm sad to report that Frank Cinella, a massive fan of Glenn and regular poster for years, passed away last night from a massive heart attack.

    I met Frank 9 years ago at a GH show at BB Kings in New York and we instantly bonded and remained good friends and in contact ever since.

    Frank was the definition of a "larger than life personality" and will be greatly missed by all who knew and met him.

    RIP Frank:cheers:

    Although the main reason for attending was because Glenn was going to be there, we still went along as first timers to this mini indoor festival.

    I have to say that Living Colour were really poor. I'm not saying that cos i'm bitter over what happened with Glenn. Although still a great singer, they didn't seem that interested, the guitar was way too widdly shredding, Type was played as a speed metal version and ruined. Only Cult of Personality was any good. And they started 15 minutes late but finished on their allotted time, so 45 minutes rather than an hour.

    Highlights of the weekend were Bernie Marsden, guitarist of the weekend by a mile and with Neil Murray as his bass player too :D Graham Bonnet, The Treatment, Broken Witt Rebels and Aussie band Cherry Grind.

    Bonnet gave us a best of Rainbow, MSG and Alcatrazz set which obviously went down a storm.

    The Treatment are a great up and coming band worth going to see but for me the big discovery were Broken Witt Rebels.

    BWR's singer has such a brilliant voice, the band can all play and they've some great songs too. They are playing at Planet RockStock next month and have landed the support slots for both King King and Joanne Shaw Taylor in early 2017 so should start picking up a decent following. I bought all three EP's and Georgia Pine is the one I recommend the most. Check them out...