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    Last week i received an email from Clear Channel Entertainments which gives me a "special offer" to buy 2 tickets for the price of one for the Monsters of Rock tour about to start here in the U.K. It links through to Ticketmaster's web site giving a discount price.

    Is Coverdale having trouble selling tickets or are they just flogging bad seats at the back cheaply ?


    It's not clear from your message if you have found the screensavers on this site. If not, look on the lyrics section and then click on the album covers for TWII, ROCK, BTM & HTP.

    There are loads of screensaver sites about, maybe we should start putting these ones out on other sites to generate more interest.

    i've seen the Company of Snakes a few times - although sadly they've now split - and they were superb, giving the crowd classic Moody/Marsden Whitesnake. I havent seen Coverdale sing since Whitesnake were at Donington years ago. If his voice is crap i wont be too concerned as I bought my tickets for Monsters of Rock so i could see Gary Moore first and foremost.

    As for Glenn becoming as big as he should be;

    All i can say is that there was no proper promotion of any of his recent albums or tours whether solo, HTP or L.O.R. We all know his voice and music is the best its ever been but unless non-fans get to see and hear him nothing will change.
    He needs decent management that can get him on TV (Jools Holland show for example) or get him on a few big gigs. Monsters of Rock would have perfect for him or howabout a few of the big outdoor festivals we have here now like Virgin, Glastonbury etc. Ideally i'd like to see him do a world tour as support for Purple giving everyone the best of both worlds!

    i actually prefer the teaser album but i think Tommy's best work has actually come out on all the archives material that the T.B. Foundation have released. There are better versions of Wild Dogs and Teaser on that stuff as Tommy seems more relaxed and free in his playing as they are basically workout rehearsals of the finished songs.

    By the way Keith, the Hughes/Thrall album was the first album to be chosen by the magazine as "Every home should own one".

    Apologies if this has been mentioned elsewhere on the site (i haven't seen it anywhere).

    In this month's edition of Classic Rock magazine, Tommy's album Private Eyes is given a full page review under the heading "Every Home Should Own One". It's nice to see he is still being recognised for the star he was all these years later.


    What a show. 3 hours of non-stop top quality ROCK. Although I can't remember every song played here's my review of the night.

    First on at 7.30 was Frank Marino. 45 minutes of absolute guitar virtuoso brilliance. For me he was the best guitar player of the night by a mile. He seemed to have quite a few fans in the packed crowed just there to see him. Not having heard anything by him since the early 80's I will definitely be searching out some of his material this weekend.

    There was then a break of about ten minutes. Be warned anyone thinking of have a few pints before the gig. This was the only break of the night to get to the toilet as 2 hours of music followed!

    UJR then came on and performed solo stuff with JJ, drums, bass, and two keyboard players backing him. While it was good it didn't really fit in with the "Classic Rock" side of the show. To his credit he did say this to the crowd but added that he wanted people to hear something a bit different.

    As the last notes of his set ended he welcomed Glenn on stage for his set. As usual he looked coolness personified. I heard someone say what great stage presence Glenn has. Spot On. First up, a crunching performance of Stormbringer during which Glenn broke a string.

    Next, Mistreated on a four string bass while his other was being fixed. I thought this was better than when he sang it at JB's Dudley with HTP. UJR joined JJ on this one. Gypsy was next, again with UJR assisting. With no pause for breath Gettin' Tighter was launched into. This was great as it merged into Dance to the Rock n Roll then back into Gettin' Tighter. Finally came You Keep on Moving.

    It goes without saying that Glenn was his usual brilliant self. His voice and bass playing were as good as ever and his energy level incredible. Not too many mentions for The Wolves this time round!!

    Jack Bruce came straight on with UJR and performed some classic Cream. He can still sing pretty good and his fretless bass playing was impressive. Glenn came on to sing his last number with him (I Feel Free).

    This I where I might miss something out. I think next on was Frank Marino with UJR doing All Along The Watchtower. Then Jack came back on and sang The Beatles classic Eleanor Rigby.

    Then for me THE song and performance of the night. Glenn sang A Whiter Shade of Pale. This was the best I have ever heard Glenn sing live, cd or bootleg. Truly great. So much power, emotion, heart and soul. You could sense the awe in the crowd during the song. Even the backstage crew appeared behind all the speakers to see him sing it. He MUST record it like that for a solo album.

    One live performance like that on BBC1 would result in a No.1 - if only :rolleyes:

    Finally the night drew to a close with JJ belting out the riff to Burn with UJR joining him after a few technical hitches.

    And it was all over at 10.45pm. An unbelievably good night and fantastic value for money. Glenn was definitely the star of the show with Frank a brilliant second. After Schenker's last few performances I was glad he didn't make it.

    There was one other bonus for me. They had Glenn's Chrisrmas cd for sale for £10 so it saved the hassle of getting it over the net and because I got there just after the doors opened I got mine signed by Glenn himself. What a result!

    Well that's it for my review - it's as short as I could make it!

    If you havent got a ticket then GET ONE.

    Yes it was loud. TOO LOUD. That was the worst live sound mix i have ever experienced. Glenn and JLT both have great voices but you couldnt hear them (or any of the band) as clearly as we should have. The keyboard player may as well not have been there and most of JJ's solos disappeared in the noise. When i saw Glenn at Wolverhampton on the Addiction tour the first song was all distorted and someone shouted to him we couldnt hear his voice. He made the sound guy turn the whole thing down and from then on it was superb. If only that had happened this time. Never the less i still enjoyed it and the energy of all of the guys was unbelievable. Hopefully soundwise things will be better in November for the Legends of Rock tour.