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    This is always going to be a difficult comparison, because HTP and BCC are different animals. HTP really mined that 80's rock vein - which is what Joe Lynn Turner brought to the table, along with perhaps Glenn's hughes/thrall vibe, but essentially it was quite steeped in 80's rock, and some of the songs are superb. BCC is clearly vintage 70's and makes no bones about it. But there is an element about HTP that trumps BCC hands down....the twin vocal. Whilst I like the vocal interplay between Joe B and Glenn, HTP's twin vocal attack harks back to the glory of Glenn and Cov on tracks like Lay Down Stay down or Might just take your life.

    On a personal note, I'm having a problem with Joe B at the moment. I think he's tipped the balance between sound marketing and annoying cyber 'doorstepping'. He'll be selling his used baseball caps next! Enough already!

    It won't work with this music lover, because I'll be opting out of his mail list now. It's just too much.

    I'm not that fussed about the KoC project, the 'revolving door' of artists, where's the cohesion? ..and the drip...drip of EP's...I know some consider the album format dead, but I'm old school on that one! I hope this just remains a little side project for Glenn and he moves on to greater things!

    ....but I just sense that he's stepping back a little, saying "look, here it is, I'm proud of what we've made, enjoy it, and we'll see what happens.."

    Who wouldn't be tired???, he's been jetting to and from the arse end of nowhere promoting it!!!!

    You're doin' a grand job, Glenn! :thumbup:

    If I'm honest, it was bound to happen. Form a 'supergroup' perspective and the ego-massaging that entails, We can be grateful that we got three albums out of them, Blind Faith only managed the one!

    I'm simultaneously happy to have seen them live in Loket, but saddened to think it will never happen again.

    With regard to the nucleus continuing, I'd love to see Derek, Glenn and Jason keep it together, and I've been racking my brains thinking who could replace's a tough call - not because he's the 'greatest' - he's good, but not irreplaceable - just who is best to move them onward and upwards...if Gary Moore was alive , God bless him....I'd love that. He could switch from blues to rock better than ANYONE....Those who've suggested Vai....I think that's a really bad idea. Whilst Vai is undenaibly the master of his instrument...I was surprised with Highway's not right. He's too effect-y and thin sounding. A three piece Trapeze-style, as has been suggested, with Vai, Chad and Glenn. NO! You need someone like Stevie Salas to pull off Mel's gig!! well, there's my 10 cents worth! ;)

    I just wanted to add "Written all over your face" to the list. I think it's one of Glenn's best ever songs - was amazing live, and JJ's solo on the album was him at the top of his game.
    I met a mother of two at Glenn's gig in Bradford at Rio's who had taken her two teenage daughters to see him. They had little or no idea about him and I guess she was trying to get them an education (top mum!) You should've seen their faces! Cue sound of jaws hitting floor etc! I think they said something along the lines of "I didn't realize live music was like this!" :cool:

    I've bought pretty much every single thing Glenn has ever been involved in, and travelled all over Europe to see him live.....but I cannot go for the special edition. It's simply much too expensive. Don't get me wrong - I would have bought an expensive, quality hardback, but this is for people who are on a financially whole other planet. I'm glad there's a paperback coming out - but I just wish there'd been something in the middle ground for normal people.

    My French partner translated a French interview (probably the same on one) where he made it clear he simply won't have the time to write enough songs to cover a solo album and a BCC album. Whilst I know Glenn probably has a huge catalogue of unreleased songs and ideas, you have to admire him for maintaining some quality control. I'd love another solo album, but I'm also pleased that he sees a further BCC album in his future. He also stated that he can only be in this band if it tours.

    As both a musician and a music fan, I get different things from small venues and large ones. I love the 'in your face' feel of the small jam-packed ones with either the band/audience in your face (depending on which hat I'm wearing.) I remember seeing post-Glenn Trapeze in tiny gigs like the 76 club in Burton and Cleo's in Derby and it was great to so close to the band. But I can also enjoy the sense of occasion when you attend or perform in something which is more of an 'event', in a larger auditorium (or rain-lashed czech amphitheatre!!) :)

    I loved getting back to the ol' UK to catch Glenn in York earlier this year, and of course the fab week in the Czech republic, but I'm hoping he'll be in Spain in the fall. That said, he normally doesn't get any further south than Madrid, which is still a helluva trek for those of us marooned in the musical wasteland of Almeria (thank God I tour elsewhere in Europe, or I'd have no gigs!)

    Would be cool if he could do a gig for the earthquake-hit city of Lorca, they used to have a great rock festival here every year - last year the authorities put an end to it. Very sad - then the quake hit earlier this year. Bring the funk Glenn - put a smile on the faces down here!

    Thanks for the link to my write up David. it was an amazing show, despite the downpour, and the setting was out of this world. Having arrived in Loket a few days before, at least we enjoyed exploring it in the sunshine!



    Finally joined the fan forum, after following Glenn's career since 1974, when I bought 'Burn'. That year found me opening a Pandora's box of delights, as I discovered his work with Trapeze - for me the ultimate 3 piece, playing music from the ultimate genre: Funk Rock. I'd been playing in bands as a drummer up to that point, but, at 16, after hearing Glenn's bass and vocals - I became a lead vocalist/bassist. It's down to him that I've now had a pro career lasting 32 years and counting. What an inspiration, and getting better year on year!