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    The Circle and The Giver the weak points?? Shaking my head on that one. They may be the best points!

    I guess though its what kind of stuff one likes. If its more of a commercial type "hit song" thing then yeah you'd feel that way. If its the deeper, heavier stuff then no. These two are flooring me!! Love the rest, but they are the best!!

    Yep, got to agree with you there - those two songs are immense.

    Can someone explain to me, why, in a Blabbermouth article dated Nov 7th, that celebrates Afterglow cracking the U.S. Top 50 (great, by the way!) - the following sentence closes the article:

    "BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION hopes to tour "Afterglow" at the start of 2013."

    Huh??? Has the hatchet been buried? Is there a new guitarist? Or is it just media rubbish? I fear it is the latter!

    Have only listened twice, but so far I am not real thrilled. I don't think they have come close to the first album at all. Just isn't doing it for me, but either was FUNK which I now play at least every week, so I am expecting Afterglow to grow on me.

    I'm quite sure it will grow on you! It's not as immediately accessible as 1 or 2 in the first instance, but ultimately I find it a much more rewarding album than either of those, which is saying something, because I love them both, but the range and depth of this third body of work is something I gain more and more pleasure from being immersed in.

    ...but I think it was because Glenn didn't really see himself as an 80's style artist, whereas JLT clearly is. No shame in that, just horses for courses. Still, the work they did together on those 4 albums was great.
    (The irony of course is that perhaps one of the greatest rock albums of the 80's was Hughes/Thrall!!)

    ..I don't know if i missed a trick here, but in my eagerness to pre-order this I didnt see the option for the 2 disc version (I have the 2 disc version of BCC2)


    Nevertheless, the one disc is pretty impressive! :)

    Ha,ha it when Gabi comes up to 'encourage' the interview to end :)
    Glenn certainly is/has always been the Voice of Rock & now the (sole, positive) 'Voice of Black Country Communion' .
    Do hope Glenn manages to enjoy some of his evenings out without being constantly bombarded with media trying to get a quote that can be misconstrued :eek:

    It's got to be wearing constantly having to be on your guard about this sort of thing. ( even for Joe B, I suppose) - but I thought Glenn said it all, when he said how much he loved the band and was passionate about it, and of course it will frustrate him when such a marvellous album (and it's growing on me more and more each day - shoulda been called 'afterGROW!) is just 'out there' with no band gigging its superb collection of songs. Ah well, we never got three albums out of Blind Faith did we?

    David: Perhaps I didn't make it clear - I DO like the fact that JV is continuing to perpetuate live music on CBGB's site - in fact, when I recently discovered this it made me happy, because I had thought it had been swallowed up in a parking lot or something, so on balance, it's as a good a pair of hands for it to be in as any. I'm certainly not having a pop at JV. I suppose I just wanted to show there is of course always going to be an uncomfortable 'friction' between the 'have's' - who shop there now, and the 'havenot's' who regularly patronized the original venue, but hey, 'c'est la vie' as some French bloke once said!

    I have mixed feelings about JV's occupancy of the hallowed ground that was CBGB's. It's now a playground for the rich, certainly not what Hilly Crystal envisaged at all. I was fortunate enough to play CBGB's in 98, touring the States with Punk band The Gonads - it is an experience I treasure. But I have to concede that at least something of the spirit of that iconic venue is preserved: music is still performed on occasion I understand, and memorabilia still graces the could have easily ended up in much worse hands...but how many of its former patrons can afford $800 jackets?

    Just great to have these to refer to David! the lyrics are very very important, (or at least they should be-not all writers treat them as an equally important part of the song) and it's nice to read them as well as hear them sung.

    ....I have to say, the SOUND of Glenn's bass, the clarity, the way we can hear the fluidity of the playing sitting just beautifully in the mix is just stunning. I guess a lot of credit for this must also go to Kevin Shirley - I don't think I've ever heard Glenn's bass sounding so good!

    My copy arrived while i was touring in Scandinavia with my own I was anxious to put it on when I got home on Sunday....this album has many more levels than the previous two, and consequently doesn't so much as 'grab' you as 'lure' you in. It's a great feeling, you feel that the album has so much to give, and that you'll be loving it for years to come. When you think of the speed with which they created this thing, it's quite phenomenal that they have created something with such depth and longevity. I think Afterglow, quite simply, is masterful.

    Joe B really lets fly in that CR interview. I can't deal with his 'holier-than-thou' attitude sometimes, he may have a point, but I feel he's somewhat immature as a person to name-call in this way. Where the band was 3 years ago and where the band is now are two different places, and I feel Glenn probably believed with good reason that the level of success and acclaim BCC attained so quickly would go some way to altering Joe's priorities, but clearly that didn't, and won't happen anytime soon. I think, for BCC, that's all she wrote.

    Was only thinking the other day 'wonder what JJ's up to?' always enjoyed his contributions to Glenn's albums - particularly the solo-ing on 'Written all over your face' - perhaps his finest hour. Great to hear he's getting something new out there!

    ...perhaps my favourite of the current crop. He opens up a lot here...perhaps because there is hurt from the BCC fallout? I don't know. But I feel a step closer to the 'real' Glenn, not just the public persona. I think this is a man who has become very honourable indeed, as a result of going to the brink and letting people down through the dark years, and is passionate about his life, his music, and what he does with it. I hope the next band project exceeds all expectations.

    ...that Joe B really is one of the most outstanding guitarists out there today. I've seen him live solo, and his mastery of the instrument is without question, but he is becoming overshadowed by the relentless grinding of his 'team machine', and I believe, while his playing has always had a depth and maturity beyond his years, I see little clues that the 'boy who grew up too soon' perhaps lags behind a little in other areas. This is not a criticism. Simply an observation of a phenomenon that threatens all young prodigies, and has perhaps has contributed to some degree to the impasse in which BCC find themselves. I feel a little sour about things. Is it directed towards Joe? Probably. Do I respect and admire his abilities? Absolutely.

    I think it's no secret here that I've never understood the hype about Mr. Bonamassacre. And I've never been on his mail list.

    What is his ever faithful street team trying to sell you, Kev - his used bubble gum? :p :D

    Now look what you've done Lioness, you've given his manager another sales angle! ;)

    In the first instance, I admired the game plan. Being a pro muso myself, I know how hard it is to monetize your offerings, and also get the greater slice of the pie, but I think they've crossed the line. Joe B FX pedals, Joe B bobbleheads for chrissakes! You know when you get 'charity fatigue'? Well, it's kinda like that....which makes me think, surely, step back and do a BCC tour next year, instead of the relentless solo thing, but, each to his own.