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    I think Glenn did the best he could with a bad situation. The album was out there, and he had to knuckle down and tour it, which he did, admirably. He honoured commitments, and certainly gave Andrew Watt his window to the world. It's not his greatest album, but it was a brave one, and it's got some killers on it, including 'All fall down' which I consider to be one of the greatest songs he's ever written. Nothing is wasted here, this is yet another colour in Glenn's kaleidoscopic career. Would that other artists were so eclectic and unpredictable!

    ..what also sets Glenn apart Wolfy, is his desire to keep creating and changing, not resting on his laurels. Of necessity, that means a band will have to get their heads down and 'work the circuit' to get the word out. Just sad more than anything that Jason couldn't commit to that.

    There are words bandied about from Jason that he 'loves Glenn & Andrew', clearly not enough, because, as you say Selly, it's a total about-face from him. Of course we don't really know the behind-the-scenes machinations, but it doesn't look good. I'm a professional musician who can, and does earn more money when I play with a 'semi-name' shall we say, than when I gig with my own recording band. But I put the time and effort into the latter, because it has to be built up and I get pleasure from performing MY stuff. Jason clearly heads for the almighty dollar at the expense of that. Frankly, I don't really understand why. Someone suggested earlier in the thread that Andrew Watt can deal with a smaller paycheque because he's the new kid, fair enough, I get that, and Glenn has a successful back catalogue which I'm sure pays the bills, but surely, the son of one quarter of the biggest band ever to walk the planet, isn't short of a shilling for the gas meter, is he?

    I feel for Glenn here. He had serious surgery, put together a band that had the capability to eclipse the demise of BCC, and the scheduling gap between album release and touring and the loss of a very important third of the band (and I mean no disrespect to Joey Castillo) could have a huge impact. I worry that we won't see another CB album.

    Well, I'll still be laying my euros out to go to Bergamo I guess, to support Glenn. I'm not familiar with the QOTSA drummer, only know them with Grohl on the skins. But in essence, as someone has said previously, this is a GH show now, in terms of draw. I can't help but feel it is a huge blow for a new band barely out of the blocks, especially with the build-up prior to the album's recording and release. I don't understand why Jason isn't doing it. We all have bills to pay man, I make zilch working with my metal band, touring our album. I make more playing other people's stuff, but personal pride, y'know? Just making the album and moving on these days isn't going to cut it.

    I agree - rebrand the Glenn Hughes solo name - with a loyal band.

    So, I'm planning a trip over from Spain to Bergamo in Italy to see Cali Breed live in November (not a cheap deal) and I go on the website, and suddenly there's this other dude stood next to Glenn, and the band is Watt/Hughes/Bonham:studio, and Watt/Hughes/other guy: live. That's just wrong. I want THE rhythm section. It's their first tour, can't we have the actual line-up, or is that just reserved for the heady heights of L.A. and New York? Can we confirm whether this guy will now be fulfilling ALL CB live dates? This is a big deal! Not a happy bunny :(

    Good point about the Orange stack Willem! Not sure if he used them in the studio- but I love them! I have an Orange Isobaric 4x10, wouldn't swap it for the world.

    Having listened to 'Sweet Tea' repeatedly, I can hear a bit of the 'Nutbush City Limits' DNA in the riff - no bad thing - a bit of edgy early 70's vibe never did anyone any harm!

    Just watched the video for 'Sweet Tea'. It explodes out of the screen and speakers at you. It's modern, retro, all at once... it's rock n roll! Love the immediacy of this. Watt's guitar is fearless. His answering licks to Glenn's vocals are great, and the riff is just buzz-saw dangerous. Bonham' s engine room is relentless. I love this. The Daddy is back to show them all how it's done!

    I think it's more a feeling of relief than anything that I'm feeling right now! :)
    Looks like the only scoop here is the name. But I have to say, I love the fact that it's a trio, there are some good power trios out there right now, (Winery Dogs, KXM, and now California Breed)and that makes me a happy bunny. Now let's hear the funkin' music!

    JohnH - I take your point, it's a fair one about the Hughes/Thrall follow-up. I just feel the sheer protracted-ness (is that a word?) of this 'under-wraps' deal is counter-productive, which is a shame. It seems that it's down to 'the lawyers' which doesn't surprise me in the least! -It reminds me of the old joke:

    "What do you call a hundred lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?"

    - "a good start!"

    I wouldn't bet on an announcement before the new year. I've certainly given up on it. I've followed Glenn since 1973. He's been a huge influence on my music and career. But this year-long protracted 'secrecy' thing is ill-advised, in my opinion. I never heard of Andrew Watt before Glenn flagged him. He may or may not be great, we'll wait and see...but if the new band consists of him, JB and Glenn, then this is a huge amount of expectation put on his shoulders for what I can see as no good reason. Why the secrecy? I don't see how this is different to Glenn working with Chad and Luis Maldonado. The constant teasing is ramping up the fans expectations, and with the best will in the world, I can't see it as anything other than counterproductive. More knowledgeable marketing and management men will probably beg to differ, but I've stopped looking for news now. When the new music's out, we'll see.

    ...mmm, this bodes well! It's always been about the power trio for me, ever since the likes of Cream, Budgie, Trapeze, Kings X and latterly Winery Dogs and Pinnick Gale & Pridgen. There's nowhere to hide in a three piece. You gotta step up to the plate.


    Well, I've been on the edge of my seat since the beginning of the year, and it's now September, and my arse is getting sore!

    What is actually, concretely happening? The only thing I've seen that was tangible was a couple of guest vox and the KOC thing, (which is not my bag to be honest)

    I really hope Glenn's taken the year to stockpile a lot of new material. I'm very confused as to his recordings...has he made another 'supergroup' album? A solo album? Both?

    My own view , reading between the lines (and I would fully understand if this were the case) is that he really didn't bargain on BCC dropping off the planet, and throwing the spanner well and truly in the works, and it affected him more than he's let on (again, totally get that-if it was me, I'd have been gutted) - I'm sick of seeing Joe B appearing at the opening of a bloody envelope - let's see Glenn out there again!!

    Having posted this a week or so ago, and now having listened to it more, I've got to say it has grown on me. I still prefer 2, but this one is also a real gem.

    (note to self, listen to albums before making rash judgements) :thumbup:

    At least you've come on here & reviewed you position mate - which is honourable! - I notice you're from Derbyshire, so I'd expect nothing less! ;)

    Siggurd/Johgh: I'm almost certain it's mostly down to the Caveman! :cool:

    I feel, as a band, BCC have (had?) room to grow yet further and could top 'Afterglow' -which is certainly my favourite now - given the right circumstances.

    What I do know is, Glenn has moved onto yet another level, and, all these years after I first heard him in 1974, he continues to amaze and inspire me as a musician.

    Glenn's bassplaying and sound is f...g great, the orange amp maybe the best he ever used?

    Sigurd - totally agree! His bass sounds AMAZING on this record. I'm a big fan of Orange - I have the 4x10 isobaric bass cab, but I'm using a GK head...anyway, however he's doing it, I really think this might be the best his bass has ever sounded, and it sits so beautifully in the mix.