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    Thanks a lot for linking that comment of Joe! Unfortunately it proves the worries right that everyone had... :(
    Glenn's actual twitter answer to that:

    RT @JBONAMASSA: I am very sorry about the Black Country Communion canceled gig. But principle still stands for something in 2012. I ready to move on... me too... GH

    As much as I'm sorry about the cancelled gig, I also do understand Joe. If the good feelings between him and Glenn are gone and JB is "the bad boy" now for the end of BCC it might have been a lame show trying to continue as if nothing has happened. I'm the last person to appreciate this splitup but we all saw it coming. Glenn said the truth about his (and the fan's!) expectations of BCC being more on tour but maybe the timing saying it again and again wasn't chosen too well. It might have been a mistake trying to commit Joe to tour more with BCC by blaming him in public for a possible end of the band before the last album is out and the gig in Wolverhampton was played. If you put another one at the wall to be shot you shouldn't be surprised if he disappears. Even if your criticism is right. And the tweet that he could write a book about BCC might have been the last straw.

    Waiting until January to see how the album and the gig in Wolverhampton was going and speaking to all band members and the producer first before going public about the future of BCC might have been better. I mean there's also Derek and Jason in the band, did anybody think of them two? What are their opinions about touring more with BCC? We all don't really know, do we? It's all about Glenn and Joe but this band has four members and not just two. I'm also thinking now that the cryptic message of Kevin Shirley was meant for Glenn. But it's a real shame that the last gig wasn't cancelled before the first tickets were sold and a lot of fans booked expensive travels which they can't get refunded now! :mad:

    I'm still very sad about the ending of BCC but it's good to know the reasons behind all this hustle and I will surely still enjoy Afterglow. And now I'm looking forward again to Glenn's future projects! :)

    Uh... read between those lines. He is clearly laying all of this on Glenn!! No doubt about it.

    Hmm...after reading them lines twice I had similar thoughts (especially about the tweets) but I just can't imagine him writing cryptic messages on fb to Glenn. There might be others involved who blew it, maybe we will hear more about it shortly. This has been said on the JB forum:

    Street Team Andy wrote:
    [INDENT]I just found out about the cancellation this morning. Obviously no one involved, from the artists to the management, wanted it to come to having to cancel the show. I know how passionate you guys are about the music and the situation just flat out sucks. I agree that you all, especially those of you who had already purchased tickets and booked accommodations, deserve a better explanation than "unforseen circumstances", but that's all we can officially say at this time. More details to come and again, everyone involved is extremely sorry to have let down the fans. More details to come...

    I just got the news from "Classic Rock" and left a comment there, trying to controll my frustration about the "politics" of BCC. I was going to visit that concert from Berlin and I'm glad now I waited a bit with the booking (especially the flight from Berlin to Birmingham and back). Now I'm gonna save a lot of money and hope there will be a clear decision about BCC in the near future.

    If Joe can't commit any touring time anymore he should call it quits or the band should do so and look for another guitar player. No more "maybe" and "this must not be the end" etc. and all the fans keep hoping and getting even more disappointed in the end. If this side project has become so less important to JB, then please let him go his way and look for another great guitar player who would burn for this band! I'm sure there is one out there who would be pleased, available, enthusiastic and a good mate as well. Get him in and hit the road again under a new (but similar) name. I would try to see as many concerts as possible... :cool:

    Hmm...yes, it will probably just be a 40 years DP "Burn" anniversary album and not a kind of MKIII reunion...

    Personally I appreciate anniversary albums but I'm glad that Glenn said as well he doesn't like to look back too much :)
    (Then again: a live tour with Glenn, David, Ritchie, Derek and Jason wouldn't be bad...hehe)

    I know it has been mentioned before by quoting CBS but now it looks like the rumour mill is on full spin again about a reunion of Glenn and David Coverdale:…overdale-planean-reunirse

    David, do you know anything in this direction? :cool:

    Yeah...that's a great song to start introducing the album! :claphands
    And a million thanks to Kevin for being the big reminder and keeping asking everyone if you were still good for June 6. It's just a pity that not everyone could stick to that and you had to start 5 days late.

    Must have been a lot of stress having to record the album in 5-6 days instead of 11 days. That stress could have been avoided if everyone would have been there in time. I think I would have been at the end of my rope there and I'm very glad that this album still turned out to be great!
    BIG THX!!!

    Thanks a lot for the short review of each song! Favs straight away: Afterglow, The Circle and Crawl which may change after listening to the full album a few times. Can't wait! :bow:

    Pre-ordered the ltd. edition (cd+dvd) yesterday at for 17,99 EUR (14,37 GBP) which is supposed to be released on October 26, 2012 by Mascot Records (rough trade). The Vinyl is the same price on while offers it for 25,66 GBP (32,13 EUR) which is nearly twice as much. So in Europe it's well worth looking for the best offer incl. shipping.

    danielb: I totally agree with you wishing for some soulful funkrock again :thumbup:
    I love the BCC rock albums and BCC became my favorite rock band straight away but I would be over the moon if the new brotherhood would expand the rock direction to real heavy funkrock and soulful ballads with less screaming but more melodic singing of Glenn (I just love his soulful singing too much when he shows all colors of his voice).

    Rather insightful snippet from an interview with Joe Bonamassa in the September 2012 issue of Australian Rhythms magazine, talking about how he wanted to return to the blues for his most recent solo album - so it tells you where his head is at!

    So from here, it's sounding like what Joe wants, Joe gets... :sint1: :sint2:

    Thanks a lot for this interview snippet. In fact it doesn't surprise me. It's not the first time that JB acts very childish in public. When he wasn't nominated for a Grammy this year he went mad on twitter. He was swearing and cursing the responsibles that I thought I don't trust my eyes when I was reading his tweets.

    Maybe sometimes a bit less guitar playing and a bit more socializing would help the human JB to become a grown up and responsible person who thinks first before he makes some statements in public. And who realizes that the world doesn't turn around him but he can turn with the world if he wants to. I always liked Joe (and still do) and I also like his albums. But he should really ask himself if getting a number 1 hit (his dream) and becoming more and more famous as a solo artist is worth more than anything else on this planet.
    Ambitions are great but they can also be dangerous when they start to controll you instead of the other way round.

    Then again: if he's not happy with R&R any more and wants to stay with his Blues nobody should force him to go on with BCC. Well, at least I wouldn't like it. As sad as I am but meanwhile I've made my peace with the possible end of BCC and hope that Glenn will get a real nice new band together. Good musicians and good human beings. Buddies, mates or - as he already mentioned - a new and exciting brotherhood!

    May I bet a penny that at least Jason will be with him in future? ;)

    I really like the Swedish cover versions, they are pretty cool! :cool:

    Here's a jazzy and very funny version of Smoke On The Water playing in Berlin:
    [ame='']Smoke on the Water - Pascal von Wroblewsky - YouTube[/ame]

    An 'Afterglow' interview with Glenn earlier today in London with Pete Feenstra

    I discovered this interview today when I was listening to Re-Machined. Stopped the cd and listened to the interview. I got a lump in my throat, Glenn doesn't look happy at all. Like Yvonne said before: what a heavy mission to advertise an album of a band that's probably history. I wouldn't like to be in his shoes on this mission...

    Chin up, Glenn, you are sad, fans are sad, but if it's the way it goes it might as well be the chance for something new and even better! Get Jason, maybe Luis (or Steve Vai) and Derek or Arlan and start a new and heavy Funkrock band with lots of whambam but also soul! :) (My dream...)

    After receiving my fanpack today I've been listening to the cd all evening. Great stuff! :)
    But I can imagine not every DP fan will be happy with it when he compares the tribute versions with the original songs. For me it's a great tribute album, I wish some songs would have been even more different to the originals (which you can't beat by trying to copy them).

    01 Santana's SOTW: Not bad but for my taste Santana should have tried to let his latin sound shine through more. For me it's not different enough to the original which is a pity. It's okay to listen to it but it's neither fish nor fowl somehow.

    02 Chickenfoot's Highway Star: Same opinion as wolfysmith here. Good version but as soon as you hear Glenn's version you forget about this one.

    03 Glenn's Maybe I'm A Leo: Magic! I really love this version! Glenn, Chad and Luis put so much heavy funk into this rock song that it was my fav straight away. Really impressing.
    (Made me wish that Glenn would play some more Funkrock again. I think I put on F.U.N.K. again soon...)

    04 BLS's Pictures Of Home: Love this version as well! Heavy rock with very great vocals, well arranged. I didn't know that band before but I think they did a fantastic version here.

    05 KOC's Never Before: Classic Rock at its best, very groovy with a great guest musician Arlan Schierbaum on B3 organ/Wurlitzer which is a nice tribute to Jon. Couldn't sit still to this...

    06 The Flaming Lips SOTW: Haha...first thought: holy cr*p! Then I listened to it again and I have to admit that I think it's quite brave to do such a version of this holy song. I mean they must have known they get crucified for what they did here by all the heavy DP fans? To me it sounds like a mixture of Paul Hardcastle's "19" (slowed down) and the German electronic band Kraftwerk. Not my fav but I have to smile when I listen to it and I will listen to it again.

    07 Jimmy Barnes' (& JB's) Lazy: Very well played, especially Arlan Schierbaum again with his organ playing stayed in my ears. I can't tell why this version still doesn't touch me though, maybe it tries to be too "perfect", I don't know.

    08 Iron Maiden's Space Truckin': Like it! Heavy, loud, rough - gets me going, especially after 2-3 times listening to it.

    09 Metallica's When A Blind Man Cries: Well, I love the way they did this song (I was really looking forward to this) but I'm very unhappy with the mix. The beautiful singing of James Hetfield is far too low! Especially at the beginning they should have made it more unplugged until they turn heavy and loud. This song lives by the way it is sung and JH makes it a great version and it's a pity that his voice is hidden behind the drums and guitars.

    10 The Bonus - Highway Star by GH/Steve Vai/Chad Smith: Truly a jewel! Like I said before: I totally agree with wolfysmith here. What a cracking version of this great song! I'm really, really glad that Glenn thought twice about taking part on this tribute cd and doing this song as well. It carried me away and I was humming and nodding my head until I got funny looks of my partner...:D

    Summed up I would say: try to get the fanpack instead of just the album! Imho the bonus track and the great magazine (over 120 pages full of great stories from the past and actual interviews of the participating musicians) is well worth it! And get it directly from Classic Rock wherever you live, the German i.e. wants 55,99 EUR for it which is ridiculous and makes me smile about some CR fans moaning about 15 GBP...

    Interesting post from Joe on his own forum, he does not except he is the reason that BCC does not tour or is he saying BCC has no future. He suggests Glenn is creating some unnecessary drama!!' and that hw hopes the PR tour focuses on Afterglow! The album!

    Thank you, this posting just made me look into the forum of JB, reading the hot discussions about the future of BCC and Joe's part in it. Well, we all don't know what's happening behind the curtains but I will never forget Joe's reaction last October when I asked him about touring plans with BCC in 2012:

    I was very much afraid that the end of BCC was already there. At that time even producer Kevin Shirley was hoping for a third album this summer as originally planned. So in October 2011 things were already looking bad for the future of BCC. And when Glenn kept mentioning a "trilogy" I thought: was it all a deal about three albums? Maybe with the option to continue if BCC is successful and to stop the project if not?

    Don't know and I doubt the truth will ever come out. But I remember Glenn tweeting about starting to write songs for BCC3, then he said he's writing songs for a solo album and then he wrote songs for BCC3 again. So to me it looked as if the production of BCC3 was on and off and finally I'm just glad about the release next month and I'm very much looking forward to the "Afterglow", even if it will be with a big tear in my eye.

    And I hope there will still be some promotional gigs (in Europe?) like JB already announced. But personally I also don't see a future for BCC anymore which I really, really regret.

    Happy Birthday, Glenn! :birthday2

    Here's a virtual birthday cake for a one-of-a-kind singer, brilliant songwriter and - not to forget - amazing bass player! Hope you have a smashing good time at Newport Beach, relax and have an awesome special day.

    Keep enjoying your music whatever you do, stay healthy and we all know: the best is yet to come! ;)

    Love, Heidi

    Just discovered this thread. The Bee Gees and The Monkees were the first groups I liked when I was about 12. With 15 I changed to Rock (DP, Led Zep, Black Sabbath) and later to Funk & Soul. But you never forget your first love...;)

    My favorite song of Robin has always been (and still is) "I Started A Joke".
    Now there's just Barry left as the oldest of the four brothers which must be very saddening for him.
    [ame='']Bee Gees - I Started A Joke (Live-HQ) - YouTube[/ame]