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    California Breed is a new band; a trio, was always going to be, so no keys required!

    Yes, thanks David, but when BCC broke up we all thought that they just needed a replacement for Joe to carry on. Now plans have changed and this is a new band which is fine. I was only curious about what happened to Derek. Now I just checked his homepage and he seems to tour with JB now. Well, that has satisfied my curiousity, don't need to know more.

    Now I'm just looking forward to April when the first single of California Breed will be released :bouncer:

    Yesss! When I received CR's newsletter today it put a big grin on my face. Finally! I'm getting really, really excited now about the new album and - hopefully - some great live shows this year! :bouncer:
    The short snippet of "The Way" sounds great, it would be fantastic if there will be some songs with Glenn's softer voice on the new album as well (love his timbre). The video of Andrew Watt on Classic Rock reminds me of Prince who I love as well. Wouldn't mind some funky touch in that direction either ;)

    I'm just a bit curious about Derek Sherinian because he never gets mentioned anywhere. Was he too busy with other projects like JB or should the new band sound more different to older classic rock, so keyboards become less important?

    Can't wait to hear one of the new songs in full length... :cool:

    You lucky one, Ad! :cool:

    Saw Prince ages ago live and would love to see him again. Even though I prefer his older stuff like Ben but this guy is just a genius and an awesome experience live on stage...

    Okay, got it, guy no. 4 saying "Ouh" is the producer Dave Cobb.
    Now who says "No..."? And who hides under his wool cap with a long beard? Does anybody know? ;)
    Is it possible that "The Wans" are involved as well?

    Right, I better stop asking, sorry for all my speculations, the engine of curiousity has just been started again...:D

    Now that sounds good and interesting. I'm very curious about the song of Glenn and Julian and hope it's a soulful ballad :yes:

    And yes, they were already talking about it 2010 and now it becomes reality:…-lennon/7680898

    I'm still trying to figure out the fourth guy in the video snipet of Andrew 50Watt that David posted on Dec 14. No problem to recognize Glenn, Jason and Andrew but who's the fourth guy who says "Ouh..." when Jason shows bad manners? :D

    I wouldn't bet on an announcement before the new year. I've certainly given up on it. I've followed Glenn since 1973. He's been a huge influence on my music and career. But this year-long protracted 'secrecy' thing is ill-advised, in my opinion. I never heard of Andrew Watt before Glenn flagged him. He may or may not be great, we'll wait and see...but if the new band consists of him, JB and Glenn, then this is a huge amount of expectation put on his shoulders for what I can see as no good reason. Why the secrecy? I don't see how this is different to Glenn working with Chad and Luis Maldonado. The constant teasing is ramping up the fans expectations, and with the best will in the world, I can't see it as anything other than counterproductive. More knowledgeable marketing and management men will probably beg to differ, but I've stopped looking for news now. When the new music's out, we'll see.

    Thanks a lot, Kev Moore, I'm not following Glenn as long as you do but I also don't understand this 'secrecy thing' when there's nothing announced at the time it should be. That's putting fans off instead of getting them more excited. Teasing is okay as long as the cookie is presented in time.

    But if you don't have a cookie (anymore?), you should tell the waiting puppies whose tongues are hanging out with expectation. The harvest would be understanding instead of growing frustration...

    My guess the new band members are

    Tony Iommi
    Glenn Hughes
    Jason Bonham

    I can't really see that because Tony Iommi is touring until June 2014 with Black Sabbath, still promoting "13" and they are doing pretty well with their live shows.
    But I could imagine Glenn Hughes, Jason Bonham and Andrew Watt as the main band project with some additional guest musicians like Tony Iommi and others for releasing their first CD. Would be a great start to become known.
    And touring? Well, Andrew seems to play guitar and keyboards pretty well but it would be hard to play them on stage at the same time ;)
    So they might need additional guest musicians for touring as well but the main band could still be them three. (The unexpected could be some fantastic guest musicians, no?)

    JB and AW aren't unexpected, so I still wonder who that big and unexpected name might be. And why was Glenn posting an old photo with Toni Iommi today? I mean, Toni is still touring with Black Sabbath (gonna see him next year) but I think he will at least have a guest role on the new cd which I think would be great! :cool:

    Wow...I nearly gave up hope for a new band and now I'm pretty excited about the "unexpected" member(s) beside Jason and maybe Watts :bouncer:
    And yes, if this turns out to be as good as BCC I really hope it will last much longer! And I also wouldn't mind some more funk & soul, even though I can always feel some soul in Glen's singing...

    Oh no... here are some more belated birthday wishes:

    All the very best for now and the future, Glenn! :birthday2

    Hope you got pampered on your birthday and everything runs smooth the coming year.

    Would be great to see you live on stage again but health comes first, so I wish you a speed recovery after your foot surgery!

    Up to now only two concerts yet:
    09-08-2013 Die Toten Hosen, Berlin, Germany
    26-10-2013 Deep Purple, Berlin, Germany

    I'm still thinking about seeing Barbra Streisand in Berlin in June but it will depend on the ticket prices which go on sale this saturday and might be too high for me. I'm also still thinking about seeing the Australian Pink Floyd Show, Papa Roach, Depeche Mode and some others...

    And like everyone else here I hope to see Glenn live again soon :)

    OK, I think it's time to close this thread out soon, now that Glenn has told us all the current state of what was BCC via his recent interview with Rockline (if you can't hear it from here, it'll be available on the Rockline Replay page shortly).


    Glenn Hughes... is Afterglow the last Black Country album? I believe so, not with myself, Derek and Jason. Unfortunately we won't be able to use the name, because Joe has taken it with him. So we'll be called something else. But everyone is on good speaking terms, it's been a period of grace now, where we can move on. But the band itself without Joe will continue. You know why? Because we love the songs and the fans. Those songs belong to the fans now, BCC fans rule. Thank you so much for the love. We shall return, you have my word... with a great guitar player.

    It's going to be OK, the fact is I came up with the name, but Joe and his manager own the name, so we'll move on. No tears, just the legacy continues. We love you!

    Great news, thank you, David! That's what I was really hoping for :cool:
    Can't wait to hear and see the new band! :bouncer:

    In a recent interview with a German newspaper Joe Bonamassa says about BCC:


    "In three years we did three albums and a live record. Now the band is just on ice. It will depend on what all want to do. It was never planned as something long-ranging. You know, such bands come and go. We had our fun. That's enough for me."…id,5406983.html

    I think I should stop googling for news about BCC. The more I read from JB about BCC the more upset I get... :(
    He even contradicts himself in a short statement like this ("...will depend on what all want to do..." - but it's enough for him).

    I also still don't understand all the activities of his management with the accounts and the website of BCC. It makes me really angry. If it's over for Joe it would be nicer to leave it all alone. I mean, another German page is even speculating there would be a fourth album of BCC in the pipeline.

    As a real fan of BCC I feel more and more twitted by Joe and his management :mad:

    I wish they would leave us the good memories of BCC as a fantastic rock band instead of repeating it was just a short time fun project.

    And no, meanwhile I don't want a BCC MKII anymore, I hope Glenn starts with a new band. But I would appreciate Derek and Jason in it. And of course I'm looking forward to live shows - with hopefully some BCC songs as well ;)

    Interesting interview of now it's suddenly crew issues that made him not enjoy the tour? What a lot of nonsense is that? What's the difference for him to move 21 people from town to town on a solo tour or on a band tour? I mean, he is not moving all these people anyhow.
    And he says he was the cause of the least of their problems - unless there wasn't any diet coke there for him? Well, they must have run out of diet coke permanently then when you hear the rumours of JB's bad moods behind stage during the BCC tour.

    I will never forget his answer in October 2011, when I asked him after a solo gig in Bremen if he would tour with BCC again in 2012 and he said very strictly: "I don't think so, no!" I was so surprised that it was so obvious that he didn't want to tour with BCC in the near future. And then Kevin Shirley said it had to do with a sponsor not paying him but the problem would be solved soon. Obviously a kind excuse. Hah...and that was all before Glenn said the band might brake up because Joe doesn't want to tour. Okay, that wasn't too clever to tell the press but looking back it was just the truth, wasn't it? Joe kept arguing that there are four members in a band and it would be unfair to blame just him but hey, it was just him who didn't want to tour with BCC anymore. Not even a small promotion tour for Afterglow, just one concert in Wolverhampton was planned. Ridiculous.

    But you can't force a guy to do something he doesn't want to do. Whatever his true reasons might be, it doesn't really matter. Fact is that he's finally done with the band now which is no real surprise. I only wish he would have quit earlier though and the other three could have replaced him by now and hit the road again with all the great BCC songs...