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    I just came home and read about the death of Amy Winehouse. Shock. Even though it's not really surprising I was always hoping she would still make it, also after the last bad news.

    In a German forum they welcome her to the "club 27". I'm not suspicious but it's so damn curious that Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain died with 27 as well.

    I loved Amy's voice and soul, it's really sad that she didn't succeed the f***ing drugs. My feelings go to her family. If it's true her father said some time ago that his daughter is dying a long a painful death. I wish he would have been mistaken. Hopefully her restless soul is finding some peace now.

    Last year I was visiting the Swedish island Gotland and a very special rock formation reminded me of her and inspired me for some poetic lines. Whoever is interested can see both here:…3756&d=22967274

    @Glenn: I'm again deeply thankful that you could escape this terrible stuff...

    Hi Jason :drummer:

    I was reading in Glenn’s tweet that it was your birthday on July 15th, so I wrote a mail to the BCC mail address. Don't know if you got it - so - just in case you didn't get it - here are my good wishes for you:

    :birthday3 All the best and beside health lots of love and honest feelings from everyone around you!

    Please keep trucking with BCC and have a great time with the lads!
    I took the following shot at your gig in Berlin, July 5th. Hope to see you with BCC again here, that would be great!

    And I hope you enjoyed your birthday and let all the others pamper you! :D

    Greetz to Glenn, Joe, Derek and the rest of your crew as well but special greetz to you,
    love, Heidi