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    Fantastic news and appetizers! I have been absent for a long time and now I look at the news and see that BCC V is getting recorded. How great is that? :cool1:

    I'm really looking forward to this album and hope instantly that this time BCC might also do a tour again and perform in Germany, too :yes:

    Best regards, Heidi :hi5:

    Stunned and hooked on Glenn Hughes again... :bow:

    Saw him and the other guys last night in Berlin and it really knocked me off my feet again like a few years ago when I saw him with BCC and solo in Berlin, London and Manchester.

    All guys played great, loved the soli, but Glenn's performance was outstanding. I really adore his bass playing, too. But he always gets me with his melodic softer voice (goose bumps guaranteed). And when he started to sing "You Keep On Moving" last night you can't imagine the seize of the big lump that was suddenly in my throat...

    It was just a pity that the nice theatre was all seated but of course the crowd wouldn't sit still until the end. Dancing is also possible between theatre seating rows :p

    Oh yes, of course I really loved his announcement to return to Germany next year, too! I'm already starting to look forward to the show in 2019! :thumbup:

    My first and very fresh impression from last night:…457793451854914

    Will post some more pics here after the weekend.

    And 2016 isn't over yet. Now another hero of mine has died yesterday: George Michael.
    Okay, his death didn't surprise me as much as David Bowie or Prince passing away but still...I loved his voice and went to see him twice on his symphonic tour 5 years ago.
    I really, really hope that it's enough now for this year...

    Interesting comment of a fan on "Planet Rock" 10 days ago:
    "Living Colour have cancelled their last three British tours now which makes then extremely unprofessional in my view. When I met them in 1991 they were all a bunch of intense, miserable tosser's, apart from Muzz Skilling's who was subsequently sacked! I pity all you lot who bought tickets. I bet you want bother next time."
    So far about the reliability of Living Colour as a live band...

    Okay, now I got it: "When word got to promoters that Living Colour were no longer planning to perform on the co-headline dates, they were forced to refund all tickets."
    :mad: :mad: :mad:

    I really hope that Glenn will find a more reliable supporting act (not a second headliner) to tour Europe shortly and introduce his new album "Resonate". (So much looking forward to it!)
    And I hope he has a real good lawyer to get a good compensation out of that damn management of Living Colour for the cancelled tour :(

    I don't get that. I was reading about 10 days ago in the net that Living Colour is out of the tour due to "unforeseen conflicts" and shortly after that it was announced they would tour with Alter Bridge now.
    Therefor Glenn Hughes should be supported by Stone Broken, so the band is still writing on their page: They were also writing on twitter that they were really looking forward to support such a legend as Glenn.
    And now Glenn is cancelling his tour because of Living Colour dropping out?
    What about the new support Stone Broken? :confused:
    Damn, what a pity...

    Yes, Berlin has also been a great show! Even though I wish there would have been more people there. In the past months I only saw one big poster for several concerts of different bands on a suburban train station once and one of the bands was California Breed. But maybe there was more advertisement and I missed it. I think there were about 400 people at the concert but that's just a guess.

    The Postbahnhof (Post Station) at the "Ostbahnhof" (East Station - which is a train station, an underground and a suburban train station) is a well known club for quite good concerts. It's a small venue without seats. I saw "Rodrigo & Gabriela" (a fantastic guitar duo) in there twice. And I think a rock band can play there unplugged and would still be heard very well in the last corner. So, if you stood right in front of the stage like me, the loudness blew your head away if you forgot your ear plugs. But having to choose between going to the back to protect my ears more or staying at the front I wouldn't leave that first-class place for watching that band as close as possible :cool:

    As lioness wrote: Glenn and Andrew played very well together and went to the leading edge of the stage several times, so people could touch their feet. I was just taking care that I didn't get Andrew's guitar on my head when he seemed to get lost in his playing ;)

    I adored them playing with such an enthusiasm as if they played a big stadium. Also Joey was really good and kept laughing inbetween as well while hitting the drums pretty hard and precise. I loved Jason on drums but I think that Joey is definitely not playing any worse.

    The only bad thing for me was when I tried to get a second pic of Andrew's feet with all the pedals in front. I thought it was a funny and interesting motif. Don't know why Andrew didn't like it and kicked my hand with the camera away. It was only a soft touch with a stretched leg but I was totally surprised and it spoilt my joy for a little while. Then again I can understand that people on stage are getting fed up with all the fans taking photos all the time instead of just enjoying the concert. But it's hard (especially for me as an engaged amateur photographer) to leave the camera alone when you really like the band and love to take photos.

    On the setlist on stage it should have been Breathe and Burn for encores. So I decided then to leave my first-class place and go to the back of the room and up two steps to enjoy the last two songs from there and take a video of Breathe which is one of my favs. But they only played Burn, so I've got that on film now and don't know if I should upload it because it's on YT so often already.

    It was still a great evening and I will for sure not miss any next concert with Glenn in Berlin! :)

    Oh, and nobody mentioned the opener yet. In Germany the Austrian band Mother's Cake started the evening, playing a mixture of Funk and Rock with some progressive and psychadelic parts. Not bad.

    I'm sorry that I forgot how to include photos here from my gallery (they just won't show up when I include the URL over the "Insert Image" button. So if you're interested there are some pics of the Berlin gig in my member gallery.

    Tonight's setlist from Postbahnhof am Ostbahnhof in Berlin, Germany :thumbup:

    Haha...I can see my hands holding my camera into the direction of Glenn sometimes in the video of "Sweet Tea". I was standing next to the guy with the bald head who was taking an interview for the Berlin radio with Glenn yesterday.
    Breathe should have been the first encore which is one of my favorites on the album. I was really looking forward to it and would've preferred it to Burn when I would have had the choice. But that's just my personal taste :p

    Some more infos about the concert in Berlin later...I'm still a bit deaf (never ever will I forget my earplugs again when I want to stand right in front of stage in a venue like the Postbahnhof when a loud rock band like California Breed performs) ;)

    My Japanese copy got stuck at the German customs for a week (May 1 - 8) and they made me pay 6,72 €. :rolleyes:
    Additionally I was on holidays on May 8, so the express delivery didn't really work for me and after returning from my holidays yesterday I gladly received my copy today :bouncer:
    Hell, was I nervous to listen to the whole cd! I have to admit that the first two published tracks ("Sweet Tea", "Mignight Oil") didn't hit me straight away like expected. I liked the songs but they didn't blow me away and I was a bit worried about the whole cd. Thinking back it was myself standing in the way by having special expectations instead of listening open and nonbiased. BCC and Glenn solo was still too much on my mind, California Breed is definitely different!

    And after listening to the cd the third time now I love it, love it, love it! :claphands

    It's a masterpiece, I absolutely wanna see it live! I envy all the people who can see the band on May 28 or 31! And the bonus song ("Breathe" acoustic) plucked my heartstrings again (hankies out for that one). If you love a good dosis of Glenn's softer voice I can only recommend the Japanese release.

    Meanwhile I absolutely love the mixture of good, hard, modern rock with some traditional elements and some ballads, I love the whole cd! Andrew's guitar playing is raw, fresh and creative. Jason's drumming is getting better and better and Glenn's energy and voice is just a miracle. I really hope they stay together as a band and tour a lot :bow:

    My favs in the moment are "The Grey", "Chemical Rain" and - of course - "Breathe". But the cd is on instant replay, so my favs might change soon. Would love to read some more impressions of others :)

    I believe Glenn mentioned today in a Facebook response that California Breed will be touring the USA.

    USA in August and Europe in September/October would be great! :bouncer:

    I'm on holidays in August and would bite my knuckles if I miss them live...:eek:

    That's why I'm hoping for tour dates as early as possible but I think the tour plan might depend on the success of the record it's patience again...

    Hi David, I had this album on my preorder list and got a mail of two days ago that preorders can be made now. But then I was surprised that I would have to pay 21,72 € (which is 30,13 $) for an imported DeLuxe version (and I definitely want the DeLuxe version).
    Do you know if there will be a European release with a more reasonable price? I think this album will deserve it and a European version with a bonus track would be really cool! :cool: