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    I acknowledge what you are saying Brian. There was a time that no one came close to outshining DC as a frontman. His vocal performance on Northwinds is still to this day unsurpassed. DC was an outstanding singer and I caught Whitesnake everytime they visited my neck of the woods in the late 70's early 80's. He was an honest and passionate purveyor of blues rock, but his business acumen seems to have taken over and image is now bigger priority than the music. It just saddens me to see him now as a mere cliche and former shadow of the indomitabe frontman he once was was.

    I remember seeing a short clip of Tommy Bolins funeral on, I think, the TB Archives.

    Was Glenn one of the pallbearers..

    Mr C should think long and hard before committing himself to any collaboration with GH. Unlike Mr Hughes, time has not been kind to those pipes of his and he, unfortunately, got himself a tan, purchased some chicklet teeth and pursued the american dollar!

    Maybe its just me, I dunno! Over many years of listening to countless artists covering a plethora of styles, no one song has ever been sung that comes remotely close to sending a shiver down the old spine like this one. If I heard it for the first time today I would'nt believe for a second this was recorded in the mid-seventies especially by an artist in the grip of substance addiction!
    I would love to hear how GH and JL would approach this song in 2007! I live in hope!

    Absolutely! my sentiments exactly. Way back when, there was a time when it would have had so much potential. I wonder now if DC realises now that his voice placed alongside GH's in any kind of collaboration would only highlight the conspicuous difference in the quality of their singing.

    I totally acknowledge all these responses, I'm just curious as to the what the concensus of opinion is. Is any future formal collaboration between Glenn Hughes and David Coverdale a good and viable idea, given how the pasage of time has been particularly kind to GH and not so much to DC.

    What has happened to DC's voice? Being a fan going back many moons (well up until he hit those mid-80's MTV years) and listening to Mr Coverdale and the bizarre sound of his voice these days (especially when compared to how well Glenn's voice has not only withstood the test of time but matured and evolved over the years) I think any kind of future collaboration/reunion between them would be regrettably one-sided and to be honest embarrassing!

    I wonder if Glenn has ever entertained the idea of re-recording 'This Time Around' in the studio again? Glenn revisiting the classic 'You Keep on Moving' was a resounding success!