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    Does anyone know what happened to Cry Of Love who released two albums in the early and mid 90's? I bought both of these when they were released - "Brother" and "Diamonds and Debris", both of which are fantastic, then they seemed to disappear without a trace. Each album had a different singer, Kelly Holland and Robert Mason again both great vocalists. I would love to know if they went on to release material with other groups!

    Happy New year to everyone! 2006 starts on a high with the birth of my first child George, Adam on the 30/12/05. Life couldn't be beter!


    I have to say I'm a big Coverdale / Whitesnake fan but Glenn doing Burn live is always the highlight of the concert for me. I also prefer the studio version on From Now On to the original. I'm not taking anything away from the original but I think he's definitely made it his own.

    Happy Christmas to one and all !!!!!!:noel:

    I've got to agree with the majority and say that my favourite vocal has to be from Addiction and its got to be the title track for shear emotion and power. I've introduced so many people to Glenn through playing them this album!!!!

    Thanks guys ! Its amazing how fast my 30's seem to be flying by, but its been a good year so far - married on the 2nd of September and our first child due in December (the marriage was planned first honest!!!). Baby B kicks as soon as Glenn hits the stereo! Life is good!


    Does anyone know when the new Whitesnake DVD is due to be released? I know that there have been problems and the date has been previously put back. I find the official Whitesnake web site extremley confusing to navigate and can't seem to find any information there!

    I finally got my copy of the Rata Blanca import DVD last week, which has been on order for months. Having watched the four tracks Glenn is featured on - Stormbringer, Mistreated (the highlight for me), You keep on moving and Burn it was definitely worth the wait. I strongly recommend purchasing this to see Big Daddy on another DVD and the quality's good as well!


    Unfortunately Glenn didn't hit the stage until 10.30pm again! It seemed to take forever for the Lizards's equipment to be set up then there were a few problems with the drumkit being picked up through the microphones before Glenn got to the stage. I got the feeling that the road crew were as frustrated as some of the crowd at the delay. When Glenn did hit the stage it was well worth the wait as he was on blistering form!!!! He spent time between songs explaining where his career was going and hinting there were lots of exciting things on the horizon. He seemed very humbled that his fans had taken the journey with him!

    I've been watching Dio twice in the last two years and been blown away on each occasion by his sheer power and stage presence. I agree that his current material isn't very monumental but I think that he is one of the most important rock vocalists I have ever heard. I still listen to the Rainbow and Black Sabbath albumns wondering if there will ever be a new vocalist coming onto the scene with such range and power (as I do when listening to Glenn). I hope that one day he will return to form with new material but until then I'm happy to listen to the older classics!

    I placed an order for the DVD with NEH yesterday and received an email today saying that they are already out of stock !! It will take about a week before they get another batch in.

    I've just got back from seeing Dio at Manchester and my but he was on form. We were treated to an extensive set list which included Stargazer and Gates of Babylon, which both brought the house down, aswell as other Rainbow, Black Sabbath and Dio classics. Its good to see another great vocalist from Glenn's era still hitting all the right notes. He gets around the stage for a little guy too!!

    I went to see Whitsnake in Manchester on their last tour and was pleasantly suprised at how good Coverdale sounded. I'm off to see them again in October and will be interested to here him singing Burn again. I wonder if he's heard Glenn doing Burn and Mistreated recently and thinks he can give him a run for his money, I doubt it, but of course I'm biased. You can't beat a good Coverdale ballad though !!

    I've only been a member for a few months now but already feel part of Glenn's extended family through reading the different posts. I've been a fan for about 20 years & finally got to see Trapeze at the Borderline in 92. Since then I've seen Glenn at least once on each of his UK tours. I've just ordered tickets for HTP at Bradford Rio and will be going with another died hard Hughes fan (who sadly doesn't have internet access) and our respective girlfriends who are Glenn converts. Hope to see some of you there!

    I hope "In my Blood" is included in the finished DVD, John. I took my girlfriend to Glenn's recent show in Bradford, England, it was her first Glenn concert, and it really blew her away and set the mood for the rest of the show.