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    Last night I witnessed Glenn on fire at Liverpool Academy. Of all the times I have seem him live I have never seen him full of so much energy and life and oh my the voice was on fine form. I'm so glad that Glenn is now able to play the kind of music that he obviously loves and lives for. All tracks from FUNK transcended so well to the live stage that he practically didn't need his back catologue, having said that I'm secretly glad Soul Mover and Burn featured.

    Long live the King of FUNK !!!!!!

    The first time I ever saw Glenn was with Trapeze at the Borderline Club in London 1992. I went down to London on a whim after seeing a small advert in a local music paper. I had been a fan since hearing Hughes and Thrall as a teenager and to see Glenn in the flesh was really something else.

    When they kicked off with " You are the music " and Glenn started singing I knew I was in the presence of greatness.

    Needless to say I haven't looked back since and have seen Glenn every time he has toured England since. Role on Liverpool Academy.

    Thanks for the heads up on Ann's new album Shirean. We went seeing Heart a couple of years ago and they were unbelievable. Ann Wilson is without doubt my favourite female vocalist.
    I just wish she would visit England more frequentley!


    Does anyone know when the Live at the Basement DVD will be released? Will it be on general release or just through the e-store at The prospect of material from "Play me out" is mouthwatering to say the least!!!!

    I've read all Dan Brown's books and enjoyed each of them but was dissapointed by the Da Vinci code movie.
    I grew up reading Terry Prattchet and my favourite is Good Omens! I have to say that I'm a sucker for the Lord of the rings trilogy aswell.
    Horror wise Dean Koontz and Anne Rice's first three Vampire Chronicles.
    I wish I had time to read now but my 7 month old prefers slightly less advanced subject matter.
    Oh well off to the material books I go!!!!

    Lost is extremely addictive (what the hell is going on?) and Scrubs, which always brings a smile to my face.

    Apart from those mostly films and music DVD's. I've just purchased Pink Floyd' s Pulse, which is fantastic

    I'm not an expert on range or octaves but when Glenn sings "SEEM REAL" during First Step Of Love, from Hughes and Thrall, his voice is incredibly high! He could give my 5 month old son a run for his money with that note!


    I'm trying to broaden my knowlwdge of classic rock tracks and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions. Here's some i've discovered recently to give you an idea of my taste: - Magic Carpet Ride (Steppenwolf), Easy Livin (Uria Heep), Heaven (Live), We're An American Band (Grand Funk Railroad), I've also discovered a great version of Hendrix's The Wind Cries Mary sung by Graham Bonnet.

    Here's hoping for inspiration!

    I saw this advertised on Amazon some time ago and thought as many people did that it was footage of the actual concert. I luckily read reviews posted by other people on the site which were extremley negative. Basically its not the concert but mainly interviews with limited clips of live footage. Going by the user rating its not worth purchasing, but I'm only basing this on other peoples views !!

    I first heard Glenn on Hughes/Thrall. I was 13 and my mate's older brother was playing it! I've amassed nearly all his material, solo and guesting since then. I finally got to see Glenn live at the Borderline in London 1992, with Trapeze, and have been to at least one of his gigs everytime he's toured England since!