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    I think it is a really good point that they could have tried out some different Mk2 tunes, perhaps they missed an opportunity there.

    I have actually got the new Phoenix Rising DVD and already watched the Getting Tighter documentary. It is very interesting.

    It's really great to see some excellent quality Mk4 footage at last, and the energy does come over much better with the visuals. It is sadly obvious though that Tommy couldn't play to his normal standard at that gig.

    Do you think that there are some myths though about Mk4 - perhaps they were better and more consistent than they are given credit for?

    And if I wanted to hear an example of a poor Mk4 show what should I listen to?

    Hi - this is my first post here. I am here because I am a bit of a DP Mk3 & 4 fan, and I am one of the rare breed whose favourite is Mk4.

    I just wanted to see what you guys think about the various Mk4 gigs you have heard recordings of, because it seems to me there are might be a few myths around about the supposed poor quality of DP Mk4 performances.

    I have heard and read so many stories about the variable quality of Mk4 gigs, and tales of poor performances here and there, but the admittedly few live recordings I have heard don't really support this.

    I've heard the official release of the Japan stuff, Miami '76 bootleg, the official Foxbat release of Longbeach '76 and couple of songs from Springfield, and the Liverpool '76 bootleg.

    OK - Tommy is not at his best on the Japanese recordings for well-documented reasons, but all the others sound great. Clearly Miami is the best of the ones I have heard, Longbeach is good too (apart from Coverdale's voice being worn out from a long tour), and I also think the Liverpool gig sounds pretty good and pretty together.

    I was particularly surprised when I heard the Liverpool recording. This particular gig has been built up in rock mythology as being so terrible, and when I heard the recording, it wasn't what I expected at all.

    So do you think that all the stories about really poor performances from Mk4, and Tommy (and maybe Glenn) in particular, are actually true, with the obvious exceptions of Indonesia and Japan for which the reasons for sometimes poor performances are very well known? Or are these myths which have got out of proportion over the years?

    I guess out of curiosity, I would also have to ask - if I wanted to hear a genuine example of the kind of poor Mk4 performances people go on about, which recordings should I check out?