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    thanks for posting this article i found out about rivals sons as david had it listed on his now listening to. i gotta say that i really like their sound. the ep has got some good stuff on it i did not like before the fire as much as it sounded to much like late 60,s for me but the new one is back at it again. i for one am glad the 70,s hard rock sound is getting the attention, and i sure hope that in the future black country communion comes out with another powerhouse album.

    haven't seen glenn live since the purple days it was great to be standing in the secound row center to see bcc. they were fantastic, what energy and what sound. i just wish they would come back around again, can't wait for the dvd it's gonna be a must have like tony g said we just made it to our seats before they came on and thank god we didn't miss a beat. if you don't have tickets for upcoming shows by all means don't miss out on this one you will be kicking yourself in the ass for the rest of your days if you miss it.

    i saw the post but was not able to stay up late enough to enjoy listening to it as i have a very sick dog here rite now. but thanks non the less for keeping everone informed.

    anyone that i have glenn hughes for has liked what they have heard some like the newer stuff, some only the older stuff. songs like your the only one- and does it mean that much to you- are favorites of my daughter. and some people can't be persuaded at all. i have found that these people like only what the radio sugests they should like and there is little hope of getting them to listen to anything that they haven't heard on the radio 2000 times over the years. if you don't have surius radio or something like that in the usa you might not hear any of glenn hughes music that is not the ocassional deep purple burn. too bad for those people as they are the ones that are missing out.

    i saw glenn with deep purple on the burn tour at the chicago amptheater and have not seen him live since then i will be seeing him in indianapolos on the usa tour in june i know it is going to be great but it was nice to read how much you enjoyed it thanks.

    i am having a little trouble navigating in this forum and how to post i was able to do it in the greetings but i am not having much luck otherwise. i work everyday but saturday and sunday and dont have alot of time to do things perhaps there is way to post and i am not seeing it, feel stupid here.

    i will be attending the black country communion show in indianapolos. the first concert i ever saw was deep purple on the burn tour it was at the chicago amphtheater and savoy brown was the backup band. i have been listening to glenn's fantastic voice making every thing he does on his own or with others sound better in my opinion, sound better than anyone could do. glenn's songs remain timeless while some other big names sound dated to me. i am really looking forward to seeing him live once again.

    i am very much looking forward to seeing glenn in indiana on 6-15-11. the first concert i went to was deep purple at the chicago amphitheater during the burn tour with savoy brown as back up. it was a great show and i have not seen glenn live since then. i have every trapeze and solo album and even some other projects including voodo hill which i thought was great, fused -you know if you are on here i am not telling you anything that you do not already know. nice to be part of the fan forum.