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    Being partial to guitar based instrumental rock, I found it easier to look past the obvious shortcomings of this record, and found more to enjoy here than in Live and Learn. Since I bought both cds at the same time, and getting new Glenn things does such a good job of 'marking the times' so to speak, the two will always be linked for me. Again, the Hughes tunes stand above the rest of the record, with the Tony Thurlow vocals not belonging anywhere on a disc with Glenn. Compared to Nikolo Kotsev, Liesegang plays with a more mature sound and approach to the songs. Kotsev has chops, Liesegang has a feel for the song. Even with the positive review, I think I agree with David, however, 'for the die hard only'.

    I love the Brazen Abbott cd, especially Glenn's contributions. Kotsev is an interesting player, and the songs are good. Glenn, however, steals the show. Clean Up Man is very funky, and Glenn sits right on top throughout the tune. The leadoff track is also very good, but I can't recall the title. Bottom line: Hughes stands head and shoulders above the other musicians, as he does on seemingly all of his session work, and you have to think...what would Live And Learn sound like minus Glenn? Not very special, but listenable.