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    Thanks to all of the folks who have worked so hard giving Glenn and his fans a "home on the net"! ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A HUGHES TOUR OF THE MIDWEST UNITED STATES. Everyone knows that with Cleveland, Chicago,Detroit, Cincinnati, Louisville, and Kansas City on the itinerary, it's a WORLD TOUR!! C'Mon Glenn!!

    I'd like to recommend two bands to the folks who frequent this site. Not Hughes related/connected at all but very soulful allthe same. My two are Derek Trucks Band and Gov't Mule. Anyone elso got any recommendations for an eager listener?

    Love Starbuck's coffee! I've already had two of the local stores playing cuts from Soulive's Doin Something cd, ans as soon as I get my Soulful Christmas in the mail I'll make my move for Glenn. Both managers at the two stores I shop at are very cool with the tunes, so it shouldn't be a problem. Happy Holidays to all!TK

    I'm fine with critics who don't like BTM or any other Hughes cd. It's just that paid critics can't possibly see things the same way we more-than-casual fans see them good or bad. You need far more info than the average magazine critic has to be able to write a review that satisfies the Hughes faithful. IMHO, the thing about BTM that pleases me the most is the simple nature of the melodies and melody lines sung by Glenn. Less vocal gymnastics and more catchy melodies! Big Sky, I will Follow You, Out On Me just to name a few find Glenn just singing and not proving, not trying too hard. That's my $.02

    Your very right!! Hear goes......"Think soul of Stevie Wonder, think smooth of Paul Rodgers. Finds the groove in every song, zero to sixty right now."
    1. Gettin Tighter / Come Taste The Band
    2. Face The Truth / FTT
    3. Beyond The Numb / BTM
    4. So Much Love To Give / Made In Sweden-acoustic

    Man, that's harder than I thought!!

    Paul, all I can say is you are like no other 'guest' I've encountered!! You sure have been to a bunch of shows I really wish I'd been to. I'm way jealous! Glenn PLEASE COME TO THE MIDWEST!!!!

    This reply might seem a little 'lukewarm', but here goes! I think I like the chat feature! I mean it always seemed like a good idea, but I never actually made the time to do it. As I am spendind more time at home on my pc these days, I had hoped to get a chance to take part in a Glenn CHAT. Let me turn the ? around. Do you guys want to keep the CHAT feature alive?

    If you had to convince someone else who'd never heard of Glenn Hughes, but was a rock music fan, of just how great Glenn's music was, how would you do it? For this topic thread let's set some boudaries. You can only say 20 words, and you can give the listener a tape with 4 of Glenn's songs. The 4 songs can be anything that Glenn has been on.

    1. Building The Machine / glenn Hughes
    2. Great Sky River / Jazz Is Dead
    3. Ziggy's 9-7-01 / Derek Trucks Band
    4. Kind Of Blue / Miles Davis
    5. Nuclear Cowboy / John Sykes
    6. Crazy enough To Sing To You / Warren DeMartini
    7. Livewood / Paul Weller(pc)

    This is an oldie, but a goodie! When sitting with friends and listening to Glenn's music, we often talk about other artisits we would like to hear Glenn collaborate with. Does anyone else have thoughts on the matter? My favs are.....Derek Trucks(guitar), Paul Weller(songwriter), Paul Rodgers(vocals), John Sykes(guitar), Dave Pattison(vocals), Gov't Mule(glenn sittin in on a jam version of Spanish Moon!!) Just for fun, ya know??

    I have not been able to listen to the clip yet, but She's Gone is a Hall & Oates tune. It might be She's Not There which was a Zombies tune and the a Carlos tune. Hope that helps, Tony

    The digitally remastered versions of that period in Stevie's career are awesome. Fulfillingness, Music Of My Mind, Talking Book, Innervisions all have tunes that apparently have been significant influences on Glenn. Personally, I always thought Too High would be a great Glenn tune!