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    Thanks for the news about the dates, and the great interview; that is an all-star blues band! and its great to see Maggie Bell out there singing,

    Hi Sigurd,
    Thanks very much.
    Appreciate you takin the time.
    Im Lookin forward to listening to your tracks,
    which I'll be able to do as soon as i get to 10 messages on here,
    (- if anyone wants to help out with that ..that would be cool!! )
    Have a great Rocking weekend,

    Brian Robertson has just released "Diamonds and Dirt" (25 Mar 2011), on Steamhammer/SPV records,

    Its been a long loooong wait for anyone loving those Lizzy, Wild Horses, Motorhead, Frankie Miller songs n sounds, but here it is.

    13 Tracks, and they sound GREAT!,
    why dontcha check em out

    In case you were wonderin........ he's still got it, and his singin isn't half bad either, ....not in Glenn's vocal class of course .........but who is!!

    This will playin ALL summer long till BCC 2 comes out!!

    If like most places the supermarkets have killed the "real" record store near you, (monthly subsription site), has very reasonable prices ie waaay cheaper than apple /itunes etc, , and a cooler selection of very searchable music.

    N here's a nice bit of Brian Robertson with Frankie Miller live , not much on the “video production values” side, - it was from b4 that, but a whole lot of talent!
    [ame='']YouTube - Frankie Miller - Down The HonkyTonk (Live)[/ame]