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    Happy birthday, Glenn!! :birthday: :birthday3 :birthday2

    Hope you have a wonderful day with your family and firends :bouncer: :clapper: :bouncer: :clapper: :bouncer:

    Wish you even bigger success and happiness.

    Thank you for the great music and performance :guitarist :singer: :claphands


    Thirty years ago and also even a year ago, I never ever imagined Glenn singing the great song "Catch The Rainbow". I feel so sad about why and where he sang the song. Such great and emotional performance by Glenn. RIP Ronnie.

    Merry Soulful Christmas and Happy New Year to Glenn, Gabi and all of my fellow GH fans here. :biggrinsa :biggrinsa :biggrinsa

    Hope 2010 will be better and more peaceful than 2009 for everyone :singer: :clapper: :clapper: :clapper:

    Ko Mitani :champers:

    Happy, peaceful and joyous birthday, Glenn! :birthday3 :birthday:

    Thank you, always, for you great music. :clapper: :clapper: :clapper: :clapper: :clapper:

    We have waited enough to see your live here in the far east!
    :guitarmet :singer: :drummer: :keys:


    :birthday: Happy Birthday Glenn!! :birthday3

    I hope you have a great day tomorrow :clapper: :bouncer: :lips: :heart:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful music you create :singer: :singer: :singer:

    We are waiting to see the FUNK tour in Japan!!!! :guitarist :guitarmet :drummer: :keys:


    I wish you a happy and peaceful birthday with full of love! :clapper: :clapper: :clapper: :clapper: :clapper:

    Your live in LA was phenomenal; one of the best I have ever seen. Thank you for your music. Hope to see you soon in Japan :thumbup:


    Oh....what am I thinking/writing? The show will be tonight.


    No contest here, it's my HTP shirt, HTP logo on the front, Joe Lynn Turner and Glenn Hughes on the back with 2004 tour dates.


    Somebody (David? Todd? Chip?) told me before that I always wear the Addiction T-shirts at GH shows. So, I will also be wearing my black 2004 HTP Japan Tour T-shirts tomorrow. ;)

    Well, any of you will recognize me easily because there won't be many Asians at the show, anyway. :D

    Here in Seattle, I could not sleep well because of jet lag or maybe because I am too excited. It is going to be a long day…… :)


    Nice one Ko. Put it all the responsibility on my shoulders :D

    Ha-ha, sorry, Chip! :D
    I was actually one of the locals till a few years ago, but am not anymore (I am across the Pacific Ocean, instead). If you could tell me your cell phone number by e-mail, I will give you a call after arrival (I myself might not rent a cell phone during this trip).

    Thank you, John :thumbup:
    Sounds like nice places. I don’t care which, as long as we can park nearby until the show is over (plus more chat afterwards?). Any idea?

    By the way, what is allowed at the shows in these venues nowadays? Pictures (should be OK?)? Audiotape (maybe OK?)? Videotape (will be kicked out?)? In Japan, all of them are strongly prohibited…:(


    I think someone, or myself, brought this up in an earlier post, but does anyone have any ideas on where we can all meet up before and or after the show?


    So, what is our plan, Chip? ;)

    I will fly in LA around 3 pm, drop off my luggage at Travelodge Hotel at LAX Airport, and drive to Sunset Blvd.

    Well, if Glenn will be onstage around 11:00PM, I can take a short nap to ease (or worsen?) my jet lag! :D


    Happy New Year, Glenn, Gabi and my friends!

    Glenn, I am glad you did not try to make some money back in Vegas but rather enjoyed beautiful weather in Malibu on Christmas holidays ;)

    I wish Japan was one of the “many countries”, you mentioned :)

    Hope to see you soon.

    Kanpai (with a non-alcoholic drink)! :D


    From what I read, your new album is something very different. I am looking forward to the album and a supporting world-wide tour. But, please do not give up a tour with Tony Iommi!


    Tony might already have reported here, but I might add that the cover story of the August issue (10 pages) was on Black Sabbath, including a tour report and interviews with each members. Glenn was interviewed, separately from Tony, but was a part of this section. FUSED was an album of the month and got scores, 88, 81, 84 and 91.

    Thanks David. Very nicely taken video clips :clapper: I especially enjoyed the songs from Soul Mover (as we have not been able to see them in live in Japan) as well as Overjoyed!

    As of today, only the US version of FUSED is available from I have not heard of any Japanese release yet. Tony Takano-san might know more.

    Thanks Chip for all the information! :thumbup:

    I don’t have time and extra money to visit LA or Houston this time, but will go up the Gateway Arch, instead. ;)

    I had a little hope that Glenn might be playing live somewhere in the US so that I can go, but maybe he is having a great time/a few gigs in Europe late May ~ early June? He has been quiet.... :huh: