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    Hi Shirean, thank you for your welcome. I am sitting here listening to BCC (cos its on deadstars computer lol), but loving what I am hearing.

    Nice to be welcomed to the community here.

    Lisa :clapper:

    Thank you very much for your reply. Deadstar now has a task of burning those to a disk for me to listen to on the way to work.

    I am not a total nub tho I do like the BCC album, love CTTB, and must admit I have heard lots of stuff by Glenn over the years, but now I am going to see him feel I need to know the man and his music before the gig. So thank you very much for your help.

    Okay going to see Glenn Hughes in May for the first time and do not really know which tracks I should be listening too to get me geared up for the gig.

    So.............. what tracks should I be listening to?

    Please help me, hubbies got all studio stuff and loads of boots but I just need a quick 15 track guide, rather than trawling through all his stuff. I am familar with Come taste the band but need a little help with the rest.

    Cheers in advance


    I am the wife of Deadstar and coz he joined I did lol. Well bought two tickets to see Glenn in May and he is overjoyed. So cmon give me facts about Glenn that Deadstar doesnt know - and omg he knows a lot.

    Looking forward to chatting to you all.



    Hello I am the long suffering wife of deadstar, so I thought I would also join (not keeping tabs on him or anything).