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    Hi All, well my wife and I have tickets for the BCC show in Llandudno - anybody here recommend a rock friendly pub for our use prior to the show - a real pub, not a place which is mainly food :)
    Thanks in advance

    Well even though Glenn tweeted that it was Liverpool - it was not, it was The Wirral (Lol we are very proud of not being part of Liverpool - theres a bloody big river separating us from Liverpool) other than that, the gig was fantastic. He really is the voice of rock, he was in fine form. The night went far too fast (hell of a hangover so probably drank too much ).

    My wife is going through a whole Glenn thing at the moment, thinks he's fantastic, I think she's in danger of becoming a stalker lol. Anyway we just got tickets for the Llandudno gig - BCC - Anyone else going?

    Well just got back in from work, and there is was sitting on the floor - my pre-release copy - complete with sticker and autographed front cover.

    Ok am still listening to track 1 The Unknown Stranger - typical Rainbow sound, this track would have sounded good on any Rainbow release :)

    Track 2 Sins of the Father- Again this is so typical Rainbow
    Track 3 oh surprise surprise, it typical of Rainbow, can just hear Dio singing this one :)

    Anyway, so far this sounds like a very good purchase - go and buy it, I'm sure you will enjoy it. I know I am :)

    Ok if you could resurrect the dead to form a "Super Group" who would be in it?
    I guess there is two ways of approaching this, one would be to consider their musical direction and place them togehter; the other just to lump your fav dead into one supergroup.

    For me, I'm going with the second option and hoping it would work ;)

    Vocals - David Byron - Uriah Heep
    Bass - Gary Thain - Uriah Heep ( surely one of the greatest and most underrated players?)
    Guitar - Tommy Bolin
    Guitar - Jimmi Hendrix- (I think he'd get on with Tommy)
    Drums - John Bonham
    Keyboards - well I can't think of any dead keyboard players, so come on and shame me ;)
    Manager - Has to be Peter Grant lol

    So come on, views, opinions, alterative line-ups :)

    Must admit, I bought this for the unreleased Tommy Bolin stuff ( which is well worth the price alone). I bought CTTB many, many years ago and am ashamed to say it didn't rock my boat. However, I did eventually get into this album, after listening to Teaser. I must say CTTB has become one of my favourite albums, and Tommy probably my all time fav guitar player.
    So I reckon this is my 4th post, 6 to go lol ;)

    Well I gotta make the 10 post limit - I bought this when it was released, surprise surprise, I like it. Damn good release :) I would be happy to recommend this to all.

    Many Thanks for the warm welcome, just sitting here listening to Glenn singing Burn and explaining to my wife how grateful I am for the two tickets she bought last night to see Glenn at Birkenhead's Pacific Road Arts Centre, in May :)

    So now I need to put together a quick "Get to know the music of Glenn Hughes" for her :)

    Never seen the man before so really, really excited about this gig :)

    Anyone else going to this show?