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    The band's present working environment is not too shabby :cool:

    Greetings from France. Obviously Deen is keen on doing the dishes... ;)

    What a beautiful place. Very inspiring. I'm so glad Glenn is back in the studio. With nothing new last year and this year, I was starting to get worried that he was going to get on the bandwagon of continuous touring and no new recordings, similar to many other classic rock artists. As much as I enjoy seeing him live, it's all about moving forward and the new music for me. Can't wait to hear what this new chapter in Glenn's musical evolvement and experimentation is going to bring.

    Just read a recent interview Jason Bonham gave to an American radio station Q103, where he claimed that BCC is tentatively scheduled to return to studio to record their 5th album:

    On whether there will be another BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION album:



    Yes, I believe there's talk of that as well. We did 'IV', so yeah — we're going to be on to the ones where we have to call them names now. It's scheduled roughly for January, but we'll see.

    Great news all!!!

    Yeah, I don't know what's holding him back. I was able to collect some of his collaborations through purchasing CDs from various artists (out of print, used, etc.) and a lot of that stuff is really good. It'd be awesome to have it all in one officially released collection (or a box!).

    Joe Lynn Turner released something similar to that last year (albeit on one CD only) and I thought it was not bad.

    I totally understand that some artists don't care to look back and all about the future, but at the same token when do you take a breath and take stock of everything you've done? Celebrate your music sort of thing...

    Anyway, just my wishful thinking. But hey -- it's almost Christmas, so it's allowed :)

    Hey David, do you know, by any chance, if Glenn is planning to release some sort of "anthology of sessions and/or demos" that he has participated in over the years? There is a bootleg called Session Man that sort of goes into that, but the quality is not the same, plus it's not the real deal.

    Glenn has a ton of unreleased or hard-to-find music that I'm sure there is plenty of appetite for from real fans.

    Would be great to hear your thoughts on this...


    From New Zealand Herald:


    Deep Purple star Glenn Hughes has reportedly been taken off stage by paramedics in Christchurch tonight. Concert attendee Graeme Pillidge said the vocalist was about an hour into his set at Horncastle Arena when he could no longer stand up.

    He told NewstalkZB that Hughes had complained about having a cold throughout the performance. ZB has contacted the concert's promoter for comment.

    Has anyone heard anything on this?!?! I hope he is OK!

    Considering the state of music industry these days, Joe is taking a chance, and limiting himself, releasing an instrumental rock album. Hopefully big names, like Glenn and Chad, will give him a boost. But if songs are strong, why not give them a little boost with good vocals?

    Even though Glenn is not singing, I commend him for trying different things all the time and not staying stale.

    Joe Satriani is releasing a new album titled "What Happens Next" on January 12, 2018. Apparently Glenn plays bass throughout with Chad Smith on drums completing the trio.

    I have two questions: who's on vocals? I assume it's Glenn.

    Is this the "secret" project Glenn has been referring to? I assume Yes.

    I try not to compare Glenn's collaborations, but do want to mention that he definitely seems to shine when he collaborates with other artists. Case in point: Hughes/Iommi, BCC, Deep Purple, to name a few. His solo work was primarily funk driven, which I always struggled with a bit.

    BCC, though, is hard rock straight in your face; and while there is no new ground broken, the music is of the highest quality, which in the rock arena we don't get a lot of these days. I thoroughly enjoy it. I still regard "Fused" as his masterpiece though (as far as collaborations are concerned).

    HTP stuff, while easily likeable, it felt a bit too commercial (as almost anything that JLT does).

    Hughes/Thrall -- also felt too pop-ish, if you will. But would be cool if a second album came out just to see the progression hopefully away from pop

    The album will be on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon etc - but minus the 'bonus' track.

    It's unfortunate that the bonus track is not available on CD (or deluxe CD, if there is one). Particularly because I'm hearing it's a really strong number. This is yet another example of a record company get greedy and forcing the consumer to buy both CD and a vinyl/download to get the complete record. If digital is the way of the future, they could have at least made it available in CD quality (flac or what not); but no, it's the same old MP3 sub-par quality crap. No wonder CD sales are down -- people just get it for free through torrent sites -- lossless, bonus tracks and all... The record companies really don't make it easy to do the right thing here...

    On a happier note, I hear the album is marvelous! Get it and enjoy it boys and girls!

    What I like about Glenn is that he is always creating music. There is something every year - whether it's a solo effort or a band effort or just a few sessions; but there is always something new and fresh coming out. Good for him and keep going!

    No, Gone was never issued on the live disc, perhaps you're referring to a bootleg of the show? The full album track listing is the same as the original, issued back in 2000.

    My bad, David, you're correct. I don't know why I thought No Stranger to Love was in it...

    On a separate note, I do prefer Japanese releases to these deluxe reissues. Japanese releases had a proper studio bonus track. I'm no fan of throwing live bonus tracks onto the album just to call it a "deluxe remaster". Most artists do it, and, to me, it's unfortunate. I'd much rather get all the studio outtakes, B-sides, etc, than get another live version of Burn or something. Just my 2 cents.

    What they really should do is release all of Glenn's sessions in a nice multi-disc box set or something. He created a lot of quality session material over the years and chasing it individually is a very expensive and time consuming proposition. And yes, I am aware of the bootlegs called "The Session Man". The audio quality of those remains to be desired. Plus, I have a personal dislike to boots in general...

    Doubtful. He is already releasing BCC in September. It'd be too crowded to release it around the same time frame. Most likely March-April 2018. For some reason, marketing people think that new releases sell best in the spring and fall and not during the summer or winter months. Go figure...