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    The white P is also a Nash as far as I know, I've seen him use both the red & white bass in one show (one for the set, one for the encore)

    also seen him use a P for a set and a gold reliced Jazz for the encore (again Nash I think) and yes I am a bass anorak!!

    me too.

    ....most of the pics over the years i've seen, he's playing a Fender Jazz, the white Yam BB2024x seemed to be 2008/9 time, the reliced fiesta red and white ones he's using at the moment are Nash Precisions, sound damn good thro the Laney valve amps. Bill Nash is an American (i think) custom bass builder.

    thanks guys, yeh got a 2011 leaflet, will be goin' somewhere, Birkenhead or maybe York, loved Joanne and she's supporting at York I think.

    Hi, been a fan of Glenns music since 'made in europe' but have only seen him twice, on his last tour at Manchester Accademy and BCC at Wolverhampton. Love his records and i'm going to see Glenn as much as poss in the future.
    Bye, Nobby :)