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    :) at first my best wishes for a quick and good recovery for Glenn's foot after the operation. Much healing power!

    I'm really looking forward the new Trio with Bonham and Andrew Watt, all i noticed about could be an amazing new connection.
    And I'm happy that Glenn is working again with Bonham, cause they have got such a magic rythm power.
    And seems to me they all have lots of fun and are good mates.

    Waiting for another fantastic musicpiece, no doubt, stay tuned! :clapper:


    :) Happy birthday Glenn !

    My best wishes for you today, and all love from the center of the universe for you and Gab!
    Your one of those who take our dreams into the material world, you are the Realizer, man!
    :champers: :champers:

    best regards

    :cool: Hi everybody!

    Friends, this number i had to do, it is an important piece of music that changed a lot, and Tommy Bolin still blows me away.
    To avoid copying his guitarwork i tried realizing a delay float, hope you like it!

    Please enjoy now:
    [ame='']Stratus played by Sigurd Kross - YouTube[/ame]

    :cool: yeah i'm looking to it too, interested to know more about the new Orange GH signature bassamp. i noticed a pic with a purple-coloured amp.
    What did they change, did Glenn use the prototype on the "Afterglow" album.

    I guess the frequency range is one reason for the roomfilling sound, another might be the quick response on the timeline.

    I think that's so important, that a good bassamp will support exactly rythm speed, so like a racing car supports the driver.
    Perhaps a bit more important than for a guitar amp?
    If you try a good P-bass dry without amp, you'll be always surprised of the musical quality , although you might not hear the deep frequencies.


    :cool: Yes happy birthday Tommy Bolin!
    What a guitargod he was, every note from him was burning, intense, always with the groove, outstanding.
    He was an incredible just in the moment composer.

    Some guitarplayers sound like brassplayers when playing an electric overdrive, so Gilmour, also Bonamassa, some are violin or violoncello players, so Blackmore does.
    Some sound like moogplayers i think of EVH, Alan Holdsworth.
    Jeff Beck combines all he's hearing.

    But Tommy Bolin was a pure electric guitarist, inspired by the beginning of rock'n roll i think.
    And the combination of his sound with the Glenn Hughes bass , that's the real thing! :clapper:

    :cool: Hey Blue, i guess you've had a very good time on the concert, and you've got beautiful pix.
    Laughing when you noticed "the Zipper" from the near amusement park and took it as a symbol for Whitesnake, perhaps D.C. won't reject that,
    is there any song with this title in the Whitesnake discography?
    I've just started reading "Joyland" from a very unknown eastcoast writer,
    maybe i'll find more about "the Zipper".
    Lioness, you're right there are some things that never change, although we could see D.C. last time in a very serious outfit.
    But on stage he's that Yorkshire boy, i was there many years ago, i mean Yorkshire, not far away from Scotland.
    It was rough indeed, and i met people there who loved singing.

    :cool: i'm just listening to "Afterglow" again in my car and i'm euphoric again hearing this stuff, but not very surprising 'cause it's my normal reaction to Glenn's music.
    I also watched the "making of days of avalon" and was blown away.
    Although i'm totally into this Glenn solo songs i'll never get tired enjoying it.
    Did this man wrote one low number, i think he didn't.
    What is the magical reason?
    Superb singing, writing , bass playing, ok we all know.
    But than there is another reason, he's always feelin' what he sings, it's always ALWAYS authentic, he won't be never his own covermusician.
    No Way and that's so rare in these days (of avalon).

    Ok why always stay offline when thoughts gettin' more evil,ha ha, what is the rockscene today but a perfectly summary of rockn' roll stereotype, of course with perfect dramaturgy, screamin' guitarsounds and virtuosly unisonoparts.
    But it looks like a constructed thing like "now we do this riff to shock them, than this hotline, than this killersolo, than this killerunisono part, ecetera...

    And in the early seventies? Although i know Glenn is allergic to the "last concert in Japan" DP lifealbum, cause Bolin couldn't play 100 percent, there is so much more creative energy on stage, of course Ian Paice and Jon Lord were terrific, much more better than any perfect highpolish production of today.

    Why not improvise a half concert, with sceneapplause like in the good ole jazz days.
    Of course it won't be perfect every night, so what, there is a lil adventure to capture a hightime concert.
    I think so it was when Beethoven and the other guys were doing their premiers on the stages.

    And of course i'm hearing the cold smiling "Don't agree" of the music industry, it doesn't work today and ecetera.
    But why should people buy cd's/dvd's from coverbands, and from lifeevents that sounds so perfectly boring like a studioproduct.
    In the classic scene it is extremly, fearing one wrong score more than a blink of a creative moment, boring and dry!

    Yesterday i saw a tv special about "soultrain" soulmusic in US tv.
    So much magic in the moments.
    First it made me happy, than sad, than angry!

    so keep on groovin'
    greets Sigurd

    :cool: Prester welcome here on the Forum, it's the best place to stay as a purple fan, because it's easy, respectful, open minded blessed with sometimes black(more) humour, a place to let your freakflag fly, there are guitar and bass freaks here on the Forum.
    If you are inspired by Glenn on your bassplaying your just of my taste.
    And you've got the chance to play in a purple Tribute-band, wow, more mk2 or mk3?

    I just had the opportunity to get a musicman Guitar Steve Morse model in blue burst with HSSH, with TWO singlecoils, you can fly through all purple guitar styles, Blackmore, Bolin,'s funky!!


    ;) i guess thinking the same about that dormant band.
    Jason Bonham, Derek Sherinian, Glenn Hughes is that band plus Mr. D.C.! :thumbup:

    :cool: Blue, thank you for the link of new Blackmore interview, but it seems to me not so much news as i really expected.
    Now, after an easy sunny saturday in the garden, after one or two König Ludwig Dunkel, by the way Germany's best beer, i feel in the mood to analize a bit the Blackmore artisthistory.
    Well, Blackmore seems to me to be a sort of driven creator marking off from music styles he don't like, so although a terrific funky rythm player he decided to do this Bach influenced hardrockthing after leaving Purple in the 70 ties.
    Although you could hear rumours he DID like 70 ty disco music, and he DID like Stevie Wonder, he was not able to take the new direction Purple had taken further than "Stormbringer".
    Was he a kinda prophet about the 80ties rock theatre? And was he leaving the rockscene to make up Blackmore's Night as the most konsequent answer to the hip hop culture.
    I mean ,what was the strongest opposite against hip hop than his middle- age rock.
    So it was logical indeed.
    But now why not open a new chapter by making a new rocksound with all the rythm qualities Blackmore is blessed with and which he can't carry through his middleage rockband!?.
    I mean you don't have to go to mk3, just listen to the funky guitar strumming part in "Hard Lovin' Man" from "In Rock", awesome!!


    :cool: yesterday evening i watched a BEE GEEs special on tv which was very informing and showed amazing things about the prozesses during the band history and i always liked the BEE GEEs sound i have to say.

    The masterful harmony vocals, genious falsett voice, and the R an 'B direction sometimes compounding with Stevie Wonder was inspiring for me and reminded me suddenly with a light euphoric thougt about that f...g beautiful mk3 and mk4 vocals.
    And than i was thinking about the very remarkable harmony vocal works:
    of course: You Keep On Moving, The Gipsy, Might Just Take Your Life, You Fool No One, Sail Away, Hold On, I Need Love (with the great motown feel)...and i'm missing it today!
    I mean, if the rumours about a possible BURN anniversary this year could lead into a Hughes/Coverdale/Blackmore show, when... they should force this wonderful harmony vocal thing between Glenn and Coverdale!!
    Maybe they could write a new number together..., i can imagine a hit single made with ingredients of a lil Bee Gees, Stevie Wonder, Led Zeppelin and Jimi! ...and a bit ABBa? ;)

    sunny greets

    :cool: very lovely pix Joni, just see Glenn havin' alot of fun with his mates, the one with umbrella, ha ha.
    A lot harmony seems to be there, the best ingredient before a gig, i'd say,
    In the Studio i guess a lil tension isn't that bad.
    The "Superstition" number is played and sung so great, heartblood of Glenn, i hope he'll do it again in concerts :bow: