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    :cool: well, so reading a lots of reviews and critics about that new Whitesnake piece without hearing one note until NOW!!

    First of all it seems this album will bring a lot of discussion around the Purple fanworld and Whitesnake fanworld too.
    And that's good, and also it was a good and wise and a tough decision of Mr. Coverdale, cause it is a big shout into the Rockn'Roll galaxy.

    Well, second point, i've been listening to the original mark3 and mark4 albums about 40 years and i love it the same as i was blown totally away first time listening.
    Of course the sound burned in my brain and many songs haven't made it on life-events of the band and were never heard again on any concert.

    I was so surprised that Glenn played "Sail Away" on a concert in 2010, and he did it terrific.
    And i am NOT that kind of fan who says: Don't touch this song, you'll loose!
    I also was surprised to hear Glenn sing "A Whiter shade of Pale" or "Nights in White Satin" on his Australia Life DVD, cause outstanding songs should be played life on stage, than the songs live on and on.

    And now D.C. had put the outstanding songmaterial into real life again,
    and this is good, good,good!!

    First "Burn" i absolutly love, needless to say D.C. sang great, the crunchy sound and agressive drums are good. The guitarwork with the extra Solopart (Hommage to Rainbow) is breathtaking. I'm normally not a fan of much tapping, but this one i love!

    "Stormbringer" on Audio and also Video DVD is a highlight for me.
    This monstersong had reached a new scary and dramatic dimension, again the guitarwork is terrific, for me the best on the album. I hope they will do the storm-soundeffects also life on tour.

    "Soldier of Fortune" i love absolutly, also the new interpretation of "Sail Away".

    "Lady Double Dealer", "Might Just Take Your Life","Lay Down Stay Down",
    "You Fool No One", "The Gipsy" are great and so much fun.

    "Mistreated" is sung f...g beautiful again, but the guitar disappoints here.
    The mark4 songs aren't bad but can't stay beside the originals.

    "Holy Man" as a Glenn-song is a great surprise, love the singing and the guitarwork again.

    All in all it is great stuff, much fun, lots of passion and a very lifesounding production ;)

    On the second of april there was a huge event in the Gerry Weber Stadion in Germany.
    "Rock meets classic" concert the sixth time now and it was much greater than i expected, and my expectation about this was not low.

    The list of stars was set high with John Wetton, Eric Martin, Gianna Nannini, Rick Parfitt and Ian Gillan.
    Together with the "Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague" and their wonderful conductor Bernhard Wünsch played the " Mat Sinner band".

    All the musicians gave us a really tight exploding performance!
    The sound of a passionated, inspired and grooving orchestra together with the marshallized guitars, thundering bass and drums is nothing less but the sound of future for me.

    And all the musicians had really so much fun on stage, i couldn't hardly believe what was going on there this night.
    It was the best of Rockn' Roll can bring...
    "the mood is set alright... its gonna be a long long night...!" ha ha!

    And the singers were all great, and last but not least the vocal sound was crystal clear this evening.

    The big final was a superb performing Ian Gillan, who always told us little stories about the circumstances of writing the Deep Purple songs.
    The last song was (of course) "Smoke On The Water" and the whole stadion was standing und singin' and again i was thinkin' this party had just begun, this spaceship had just started !

    Maybe the next year together with Glenn ! ??, "Burn" and "This Time Around" please. This would be the ultimate! :D

    greets and happy eastern!

    :cool: very interesting review on "Stormbringer"!
    STORMBRINGER was the second purple album i heard, and i loved it from the first moment on.
    The first album was "IN ROCK", which shocked me really as a huge milestone and hooked me up.

    Stormbringer was different, not only because two members had changed, also musically, but for me there was a logical development and no question a true purple record.
    The quality of the songs and the skills of the musicians are brilliant,so are the details in the mix.
    Like in the review i always thought that Ritchie's guitar is set a bit low in mixing.
    Especially in Lady Double Dealer i miss a more agressive guitar mix.

    Stormbringer as the song is absolutly perfect in mixing.
    And like in "BURN" the drumsound is wonderful. The snaredrum sound is always very much in front of which i love.


    :cool: Hello everybody here,

    so Lioness gave us a very fine report from the Hamburg concert, so many thanx to you Lioness!
    I will agree in many points from my experience at the Köln concert.

    The three gave everything, obviously in good mood entering the stage, Glenn and Andrew with huge presence, performing f...g beautiful, playing and singing breathtaking.

    And Joey was a big surprise, such a powerful drummer, a Rockn' Roll drum-animal per excellence. I could not say if he is better than Jason, but he is great and right for the band. All in all a round thing :claphands :claphands :claphands

    The sound was suboptimal, The vocals were not good to hear in the loud parts, crystal clear is another world.
    And I'm wondering a bit, 'cause in a Rock Trio it shouldn't be a problem to get a good vocal sound.

    The songs were really fantastic, very modern rock, and Glenn was shocking again with absolutly terrific bassplaying with his J-bass. The Orange-sound was so good as I never heard before.

    And then he played a bass-solo over an alieneffect something between automatic wah and a talkbox, superb! :bow:

    After the concert we waited outside the Gloria Theater to see our hero.

    About 45 minutes later, Glenn came for moments for some pics and autographs. And it was cold this night, a hard wind from east.

    Sigurd Kross


    :cool: This band California Breed is really a new miraclebox full of the best ingredients a Rock-Trio can give. It is a naked, rough and living sound.
    Kid Andrew sounding sometimes very much Hendrix, also the biting licks of Tommy Bolin are sparkling through.
    He seems always to have a global vision of the song, soloing is great with left hand vibrato and bluesfeel, but the most important thing is the strong rythm performance.

    Glenn's and Watt's harmony vocals are amazing, the songwriting is a new colour in Glenn's work.
    This is music again with deep substance, funny i was sometimes touched like heard a kinda Bob Dylan song.

    What i really love about it is the airy trio sound, you can bath in every detail and there are a lot.
    Although it sounds all very easy and floating free, but there is a huge focussing.
    By the way the concert clips on blabbermouth are very informative.

    I'm looking forwards the concerts in Germany!

    greets Sigurd

    :cool: Hi everybody here,

    this new song of mine shows my musical essential based on a loud Fender Strat on one side and an overdriven Hammond sound on the other.

    I was jammin' ,riffing, practising over the summer and this song came out of it.
    The guitar track is made in one take only including the solo, but the organ track was built from different parts, it took the most time of all.

    I hope you enjoy the clip, HEAR IT NOW and HEAR IT LOUD!!

    greets Sigurd Kross

    :cool: now it's out there in the world, the huge Celebrating Jon Lord DVD and i must say, watching it twice that i'm full happy with this.
    Needless to say all the musicians, conductors, have made it to a Musical Monster, in a light overhelming lovely way.

    In the beginning of the show, when Vicky Lord together with Ian Paice come onto the stage, and hearing the words of Vicky Lord, i found myself sitting in a chair and sight getting cloudy because tears start running down.

    So emotionally touched i recieved this musical journey through Jon's life,
    and i recognized that it would be also a journey through my life, which is since early youth impacted with purple music.
    Yes indeed always a comin' home feel.
    So the way i felt like it was normal to me to put Kings class Rockn' Roll together with orchestral classical music style that was the huge message of Jon's vision to me.
    But we all know that in reality this amazing vision is in fact not as normal, 'cause they want to put musicians and their music into small boxes, where no musician will breathe anymore.

    If i had a wish for the luckely upcoming new purple album with Bob Ezrin, and if the rumours are right, i'd say why don't they do one or two songs with the support of a lovely orchestra (with Paul Mann certainly), like it was useful in the old Beatles days and also in Deep Purple mark One.

    I was so impressed by the benefit with orchestra the two purple songs "Perfect Strangers" and "Above And Beyond" took on the show.

    For me , not only i am a huge GH fan, but this is why i write this down here, cause Glenn is for me the Deep Purple anchor and always will be,
    so the three pieces "You Keep On Moving", "Burn" and "This Time Around"
    made me unstoppable goosebumbs. (now i got it right already)
    And the snaredrumplaying by Paicey in "Burn" is so terrific.

    So many regards to all friends here and thank you Jon Lord!


    ;) :birthday3 :champers: My best wishes for you Glenn today!
    May you have an amazing time with your lovin' family, and you know i'm grateful that you're well and we can recieve some more wonderful moments from our Voice Of Rock!

    You're moving a bit to your Trapeze roots musically with CB i think this time, and i really love it.
    And you've got a purple spot in your hair, which makes me hope for the future!

    I only can wish you all love from the center of the universe, and i know there must be something very different that we never can imagine behind that. That's hopeful, isn't it?

    always yours

    :cool: Hi everyone,

    some instrumental tune for you now.
    I grabbed my keyboard looking for a nice Hammond sound with this glassy overdriven details and a lil CP70 pianoline.
    Then i played a Strat on it through fuzzbox and my Vox amp.

    I hope you enjoy the mood the track was falling into!
    [ame='']Sigurd Kross thinkin' of Jon - YouTube[/ame]

    Sigurd Kross

    :cool: welcome here Laurapac! It is a good choice to arrive on this forum.
    Always interesting to hear since how long someone is a Glenn Hughes fan.
    I was 13.
    Just heard "The Way" again, a killersong! :thumbup:


    :cool: the three titles Glenn performed for Jon Lord were terrific good, and in "This Time Around" Glenn gave us an extra version that showed again his deep musicality :bow:
    Thanx for that, the reverb of this celebration will last a long time i think :D



    :cool: Hi,

    a lot of water floating down the Rhine, i want to tell you about the evolution of my Epiphone Flying V.
    I am really happy with it because i changed a lot.

    At first i found that the deep E string was a Little too high at the saddle, so i fixed it slightly using a fine sandpaper.
    Now i could adjust the bridge properly, also adjusted the trussrod very carefully.
    By polishing the frets the guitar can be played absolutly free, it can be shredded fast although the neck is real thick.

    The changing of the pickups brought the guitar lightyears forward.

    The burstbuckers came out, i did a Dimarzio Crunchlab humbucker to
    bridge-Position and a
    Dimarzio Aktivator X (bridge) soldered as SINGLEcoil at neckposition.

    The sound is immense living, breathing, juicy and PUNCHY now!! :D

    I trashed the riff of "Still Of The Night" and it works better than on my Gibson Les Paul.
    The Epiphone Flying V is a highly characterful guitar, with very quick response and endless harmonics.

    I put the golden covers on the modern pickups, so the good look stays the same as before!