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    Dear Willem,

    good to hear from you too, and thanx for your response. Well i see you're optimistic in case of that global pandemic and i think its a good way to handle it. We all hope that next year we're able to visit concerts again.

    And to see Glenn with the dead daisies at Amsterdam !! :bow:

    So stay upright and keep the (black) masquerade on !

    best wishes

    so hi,
    just enough time these days to make some new things, especially on this song, which seemed to me ready for an upgrade.

    my guitarplaying has changed a bit over the years, so like mixing stuff and putting the things together in different ways.

    So enjoy listening THE FLAME !!

    Sigurd Kross

    all my best wishes for you Glenn, for your new year which might be a lil different also for you but for all of us i think.


    So all love of the universe , and of course good health, for your people too.

    just keep on moving



    Hello folks,

    seeking for decades for the for me right guitar sound i always looked about purple guitar works. (Of course i did)

    Blackmore used to do a terrific guitar work specially on "In Rock", very agressive and innovativ. The sound was not as good like on "Burn", which is a highlight of guitar sound for me, but it was phenomenal performed.

    The solo of "Child in time", think was played on a Gibson 335, is until today a markstone.
    And of course the solo on "Hard Lovin' man", which is composed on top.

    On the purple life dvd " .. To The Rising Sun (Japan) this solo was performed by Steve Morse absolutly excellent. Playing and tone make goose bumps, every time i listen to it.

    For me the Bolin guitar sound on CTTB is another highlight too. Also the playing is terrific. For example the riff of "Getting Tighter" is so well played.

    I for myself can't play it like him, although i practised it a lot. I never get satisfied with my version.
    And of course the sound, Hiwatt amp with fuzz/booster is so good.

    I am now playing my guitar over my 20 year old Marshall JCM 2000, which is not the typical Marshall tone, but gives very open highend and a good combination with my treble booster, which is the only effect i use at the moment.

    You have to play very disciplined, course you hear every little mistake.
    But if you perform well, you get a rich and deep tone.

    I use the booster on the clean channel (crunch bottom in) and also on the distortion channel.
    Than i reduce the volume poti on my guitar a bit.

    That hot channel combi comes in near Steve Morse sound.

    I use it with Fender Strat, Gibson Les Paul and Musicman Steve Morse guitar.

    This was a lil guitar talking today, keep on movin' !

    best regards

    Merry Christmas for all Glenners :D

    you keep on moving…

    it's only your reflection,
    and you still have no place to go…

    it's cold in the mountains…
    outside the devil lurks…

    at midnight when the fear is gone,
    false evidence appears real...
    soul traces…

    you sit but you wanna stand,
    go back to the motherland

    I wish you Glenn and your family
    a wonderful merry christmas and a happy new year 2019 !
    thanx for the music and last but not least for the colours !


    just last week i was reading last book by Stephen King : the outsider,...really another one in this case like in the songlyric same titel by BCC.

    You know the book" finders keepers" by the unknown eastcoastwriter too, the name of Glenn's first school-band!? Funny.
    I could imagine Mr. King apreciates the lyrics from Glenn, cause they are always the topic observing the many psychological ways people have to act or get victims of other peoples actions.
    Otherwise i'd like to know if Glenn is perhaps a Stephen King fan.

    By the way, King recieved the Edgar Allen Poe Award for his novel "Mr. Mercedes", and there are two new characters, fantastic figures, one the old cop Bill Hodges (I had always the face of Tilo Prückner in my mind when i was reading), the other the wonderful fragile Holly, which appeared again in "The Outsider".

    I hope the dreammachine is about to make a real blockbuster from "Mr. Mercedes", and with the great Tilo Prückner as Bill Hodges.

    greets, Sigurd

    I wish you a happy day and all good things !
    The last BCC album is a real monster, and good mood, that is remarkable also in the video clips.
    Hey, make us sway ! heavy !

    God bless you. my friend!



    :) Hello Glenners all around the world,

    yes i'm going to enjoy a revisiting on this amazing Website and i've got a new piece of music for you to listen to.

    When i mixed the song some weeks ago a big "Stormbringer" was riding over the town and i had to watch to the garden to take care no things to fly around the area.

    So i had the idea for the weird ending of the song.

    On next day i saw that a roof on the other side of the street had been taken off.

    To say some things to the song i had now the new Magix ProX3 recording program to work with ,which gave me a lot of good tools and inspiring workflow.
    Very happy with that stuff; for example the fantastic bassamp modelings.

    So i hope you enjoy it, have a good time !

    Best regards,

    Sigurd Kross

    ;) It's been some time ago i was here aktive, now i have to say my regards to my friends on this forum and of course say some words to "Resonate".

    In wintertime i shortly found back my old love for the classical nylon guitar and i was on this very special musical feelings.

    But now i wanted "Resonate", again seeking for rockin' and smokin' stuff.

    What i excepted to hear was on high level, no doubt, but what i heard in my carsystem the first time was unbelievable.

    It was loud, it sounds amazingly excellent, Glenn's voice 'though highly produced intimate.

    This album first kick's my body, and i say album. Forget streaming, you have to put the cd in and listen to song after song. (Or you do the same with vinyl - not my cup of coffee, don't like crackles and scratches)

    The album starts with the true eye - ear - and brainopener "It's So Heavy",and a few songs later the hammond joins into and make the sound much more complete.

    And by the way this is 21century rock, its modern, surprising chords on one side typical Glenn Hughes but here two or three sizes bigger.

    Glenn, all love and support for you !

    best wishes to your people
    in eternity your fan

    :D So well, after this "Resonate" preview i am very much in expectation.
    The same like you Lioness.
    There are two Drummers i really like, Chad and Pontus.

    There is a solid Hard Rock Guitarero, Soren, whom i saw two times life very well performing.

    And the Organist with a real Hammond will do lots of Jon Lord magic on this album i think. And that is fantastic, though liking the Trio stuff from Glenn i always love to hear Glenn's singing in front of a rotating Hammond.

    I can't wait to hear the whole Album loud on my system, and i can't wait to read all the lyrics Glenn wrote.


    :cool: the blue ray/DVD "The Ritchie Blackmore Story" is a good thing to find out some unknown facettes from the man in black.
    And for shure he appreciates Glenns "rythm" bassplaying, and Glenn is talking a lil about Cal Jam on it.
    Ritchie's telling a lot of remarkable stories, and also other musicians we all know come to say some words.
    And the film is put together very smart i think.


    ;) Happy Birthday Glenn !:champers: :champers:

    Though i'm late i'd like to give you all my best wishes for you and your family!
    All Love from Center of universe and many good ideas!
    I heard you're going to reunion Black Country Communion next year, fantastic idea!!
    Joy and enthusiasm again, my friend,

    so best regards

    Sigurd Kross :bouncer:

    :cool: wanna send my best wishes to my friends here on the GH Forum for the new year.
    Wish you health, Humor, always a warm room and a hot amplifier for this case you are a musician and still infected with dirty old Rock N' Roll.

    For the people wondering about the Hall Of Fame there is a funny story about Lemmy Kilmister's tour jacket. He was not amused, not the way the world is NOT a bit quiter now.

    Maybe it would be a good idea to play the bassGUITAR from time to time over a full overdriven Marshall stack.
    As a Tribute !

    Glenn, thanx for the great touring activity!.. your Orange bass-sound is incredible, your singing breathtaking as well!

    This year i am very interested to go for a Don Airey concert, the man is superb.
    On the last day of the last year, you could see him hit the Hammond on german Television together with all DP friends. They took it from the "celebrating Jon Lord" concert.
    A good feeling switchin' on the tv and get "BURN"!

    Sigurd :bouncer:

    :cool: ha, remembering "Ballroom Blitz", this was much fun around some early days. And really well played stuff.
    Didn't know RB did playin' with them,!
    Thanx friends, have a pieceful Adventzeit!


    :) Yvonne, i loved to read your detailled report from the concert in Hamburg.
    I was in Zoetermeer and had a overhelming Glenn Hughes ft. Douglas Aldrich experience too.
    So i 'd agree with your review in all points. Needless to say Glenn again sung like a god, I'd say even he gets better from time to time.

    And that is also the fantastic band giving him a flying carpet to jump on.

    Mr. Aldrich is now for me the biggest surprise, not only by his bluesy sensitive playing but also by his symphatetic stage presence.
    Never heard "Black Country" better.
    And Pontus, i had the chance to talk to this nice guy a bit after the Show, blew me away with his powerdrumming. Because he is a Rock n'roll and a funkmachine.

    This band should produce the next GH Album!! :bow: