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    Hi everyone,

    I'm on my way to Europe.

    First up is Kavarna, Bulgaria, where there will be a civic ceremony with the Mayor, where I will be given the keys to the city. Then I will play my show in the town square outside. I love my Bulgarian fans and the Mayor is a dear friend. Dimtrovgrad, Serbia is the next stop, where there will be another ceremony where I will open the theatre that is named the Glenn Hughes Music Hall. It is my first time in this country since Purple. I am really looking forward to it.


    Hi friends.

    I am in Russia, and wanted to give you all the news about the rumour of a Deep Purple MKIII re-union.

    As I have been the one that is consistantly being bombarded with the same question over and over again. My answer has always been that there a 5 members, and that at no time have we had a band discussion about a re-union. Yes, David and I flirted with the idea 18 months ago, and since then my brother has fully comitted himself to his love and nurturing of his beloved Whitesnake.

    For all GH followers...


    Hi everyone,

    I want to let you know before it slips out or rumours start about the new album title - the title is.....


    .....the title is very important to me - when you hear the music, you'll understand the meaning. The title speaks to me, as all the previous one's have. Divine is goodness and is a statement to the fans that really understand my music.

    The album has deep lyrical and spiritual meaning and once again is where I'm at, at the present time. I do not wish to tread into the past and so this album is a major step forward to me. This is my most honest and artistic album. I am very glad to know that things have continued to grow along spiritual lines.

    Because of the amazing changes in my life, that have happened since 'Soul Mover', it has given me a creative output and encouragement to make this new album. When I was growing up in England, my favourite bands & artists were always growing and morphing and continually reinventing themselves and this CD, I believe, has captured all of those elements.

    Expect a release date in the second week of June.

    See you all soon,


    Big Daddy is finally logged in and ready to talk :)

    I don't have DSL at the house yet, hopefully in the New Year it'll get sorted out and I'll be back here more often then. Dial-up is so painful and sloooooow!

    I got together with Chad yesterday and played the new songs to him again on acoustic guitar. We'll be finishing things up between now and Christmas and then heading to the studio first thing in the New Year. JJ will be over then and staying with me & Gab during recording time.

    John Frusciante has written a song for me for the new album and we're getting together on Monday to go over a couple of other things.

    Ryan Hewitt is the engineer and mixer for the new record. He's worked with the Chili Peppers, Blink-182, U2, Bon Jovi, Billy Joel and many others.

    They'll be a new video shot in early February and we're talking to Jim LaRocca about that - you may remember, he directed Days Of Avalon. Not sure which song yet. It'll be filmed at Chad's other home in Malibu.

    In other news, Soul Mover is going to be released in Australia very soon with the addition of Nights In White Satin and a couple of other bonus tracks. I hope to pay a visit there in February for promotion and maybe even a couple of shows.

    There's also some shows in South America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile & Uruguay) in March that we're hoping to get confirmed soon.

    As always, when all these dates are confirmed, they'll be posted here.

    Big D