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    Thanks ever so much for your concern...yes, I was a 'lil tired in OZ (not on stage though)...I had crippling' Gaudes...from all the constant travel + staying' up late in the OZ weekends listening to Wolves win the Championship.

    I'm in great health and I have check ups 2 or 3 times EVERY year + 2 of my best friends are doctors who travel with me a lot...

    Regarding' my weight, I am not overweight, but I wanna get a bit more lean... eating non fat saturated foods is appealing 2 me... akin to what athletes eat.

    Much love


    Hi Everyone,

    Gab and I are leavin' for London 2nite...the gal needs a lil' vacation, so she is joining me on this trip to London/Spain and Prague. It's been fun being @ home...the weather has been marvellous darlings! So, its curry in London...and rain...and, well you get the picture...we will be all wrapped up in our winter clothes!

    I have been enjoying some free time...been hangin' with the Smiths...been watchin' my dogs play in the garden and I have been writin' for my book...AND...some new songs for the next GH will be released in the Spring of 2010.

    F U N K is a benchmark achievement...I have raised the bar...I will be writing all next year...compiling all my new songs. Have 4 or 5 that are cookin' @ the'll be bootilicious and Soul saturated.

    May all your dreams come true...may all of your lives be touched by kindness, generosity, and love...I am always with you.



    Hi Everyone,

    Home again...the calmness of the Palos Verdes Hillside...the amazin' sunrise/ wake up in my own bed.

    I want to thank all of you that attended my concerts this year. You have all been FUNKed...I love seein' all the energy from you...I feel you. It has been a new beginning...I wanted to push the boat out further into more soulful ground...I challenged myself, I needed to be honest, and I have never been happier.

    My sobriety and a conscious contact with my higher power, are paramount to me...they come first...if I have these 2 things in check, then I'm off 2 the races.

    Feels like I just won the Grand National....!!

    Tune into Rockline on the Radio, or on the web (Wednesday 19th 8:30pm PST/11:30pm EST)...have a slice of F U N K on me.

    You know it makes sense.....



    Hi Paul,

    I was wondering when this question would come up.

    I have no plans to record another disc in the near future...because F U N K is so dear to my heart, I will let it breathe. It is such a GH album, and I want it to sink in with my fans...for the first time in my career, I have not set a recording schedule, as I believe I need to go out and play live, especially my songs on F U N K.

    Don't worry, I am writin' all the time...all groovy...very vibey. I am playin' a lot of guitar and I possibly will on the next GH record...I have been writing all new material on my Gibson Les Paul's and 335's...they sing to me.

    My music wakes me in the middle of the nite...I guess I am here 4 a divine purpose....what is the question? My Higher Power is the answer...

    Peace and love...
    In Siberia @ the Circus...


    A lil' message to all GH crazies...

    Wow, been checkin' out most of my concert footage over on YouTube and the fan comments....some pretty wild stuff up there.

    The comments are awesome, flattering and out of this world, had a chuckle @ a couple of them (Love Communion) - still laughin' 'bout that one guys comment all day!!! Check it out and please add your comment there.

    I have the greatest fans on the planet....stay a while, this ride is just beginnin'....


    Hi Everyone,

    What a Summer eh?

    It has been a very busy time 4 me, with many stops in the UK, due 2 payin' my respects to Melville and his family....I miss him so much.

    So we pick up the pieces and travel on this sojourn that is set out B4 us...God's in Charge, and there are NO mistakes in his Divine world.

    I really enjoyed my shows in Norway with Jo Henning and the guys....its a beautiful country that has welcomed me with warmth and love...thanx.

    New Zealand was fantastic...I was the only Singer @ a Guitar Festival....great reception, and I wanna thank Sonya and her staff 4 takin' good care of Anders and myself while we were there...never seen so much rain in all my life, hey, and I was born in the rainswept UK!!

    Here @ home in LA for the weekend....gonna pop in 2 Toni and Guy and have the new GH haircut this afternoon....all the dogs will be groomed down on Belmont shore 2morrow....yes, when I'm home its all very domestic...just pottering around in the garden, checkin' on the trees/shrubs and flowers that I have planted...I used to watch my Father do the same proceedure as a young impressionable lad...who would have thought I would follow suit??!!

    I go 2 Italia next week 2 play with Matteo, that's always fun (love Italy).

    So, to all my USA fans, it will be nice to see you on the RRFC camp tour...I will be there to say hi 2 you all....I am really lookin' 4ward to playin' with my band in the States next year, I am rarin' 2 go.

    Just remember that I really appreciate all the love that you continue to give is the greatest gift in the world...and I love you back....yep, it's a love thang people.....

    Keep it Funky...




    I am so very sad to report the passing of my oldest friend Mel. He drifted into his Golden sleep @ 10pm last night. He is now with his higher power...he has come home.

    I will cherish his memory and all the things that Mel shared with me in his full and rich life...but most of all, he showed me to live like a man. He took my hand as a boy and walked me thru my earliest chapters as a young musician....he alone is responsible 4 my career as a working musician/singer-songwriter.

    Let's all remember Mel with love in our hearts and he wanted you all 2 know how overcome he was with the Global outpouring of love 4 him...he said to me "I had no idea, how many people cared and loved me".....he was the man, he was my childhood idol along with Jimi and Eric.

    You are the Music.

    I'll see you in the Garden one day and I will recognise you as my brother.....



    I recently did a track with Fab Grossi. I used six octaves on this song.....he graphed it....I never think about how high or low just the emotional output of the helps also that I have absolutely no fear of the notes I am about to sing.

    I'll say it again, God's in Charge...

    I'm getting a little confused here.

    One minute Papa is saying FUNK etc is the way forward and he wants to concentrate on todays music..............then he plays dates concentrating on his Purple days.

    I wonder what the set list for the Rock & Blues Show will be and who the 'friends' are - any ideas Mr Iommi maybe?

    There are times when I will play a classic rock set when appropriate.....Luis will join me when we continue pt 2 of the tour in September.

    Hi Everyone,

    I had an amazin' time on Part One of the European Tour....this has been the most rewarding one on many levels....the comaradarie between myself and my band and crew was second to none....lifelong memories people!

    I want to thank all my fans who came out and raised the roof everynight......and again, welcome to the new, younger make the difference.

    I have been @ my LA home for a week, now I head back to London this evening for a series of shows in Norway/Germany....then I'm off to New Zealand.

    Wherever you are reading this in the world, I wish you love, and that your life is full of amazing experiences, and euphoric nirvana.

    Pass the peaches...



    Hi Funksters,

    2 very hot shows in Belgium and Holland...great to see packed venues. A big shot of love to all of you, and welcome to all the younger fans @ these shows.

    Last night during "Love Communion" it dawned on me that I am the only one from my ex band that is makin' solo records, and touring....I feel so strongly about "right now"...I have not got one foot in the past, and one in the's all about this day, and this evenings show.

    I have been hangin' out with my band, and meetin' fans. I have been gettin' my very important 8 hours of sleep everynight, a must 4 my voice.

    Helmond 2nite, then Romania....THEN....2 the UK...gonna amp and Ramp it up for all you over will be a celebration 4 me!!!!!

    I wanna send out some love to my friend Steven Tyler. A big help and inspiration in my early sobriety.

    We Shall Be Free...



    Hi everyone,

    On our way to Italia this beautiful Sunday mornin'...the fans in Slovakia and Slovenia, once again, were all groovin' to the new songs...did a lot of press 4 these shows, mainly TV...the hot topic was Funk and has been a natural transition 4 me and my band.

    4 fun @ soundcheck, we've been jammin' on some "Play Me Out" funkgems...which leads me to the Classic Rock magazine's review of the F U N K.

    It made me laugh out loud...disowning my past, eh?!?! The chump that wrote the piece has never heard You Are The Music, or PMO...I make music for Arts sake, and for you, my fans...NEVER 4 the media. Bowie, Zep, The Stones, the Peppers, have all gotten strange reviews, yeah sometimes there are critics that don't get it.

    I'm havin' the time of my life in the Studio, and on Stage, well, we're on fire...I will always be me an enigma...eccentric...but don't call me late 4 dinner...

    Got F U N K everyone?

    Peace love and cornbread.....



    Hi everyone,

    Don't you wanna get back to the grind!!

    Everyday is a new day...another vital experience.

    I am blown away @ seein' the young faces in the shows me that I have made some good choices in my musical direction....listenin' to fans after the shows, and what their take is on the new setist, has really opened the floodgates to move 4ward. After all, being a Solo Artist does come with its advantages, now having a larger selection of material to choose from is Paramount to my vision.

    For those of you who have seen the new show...thanx for the beautiful response, some of you had not even heard any F U N K songs until the concert...hugs to you all for allowin' me to grow...this means the World 2 me.

    Last night in Budapest there were many new fans, who were not DP fans, they are GH solo all the is so refreshing to know that you are out there, you give me so much 2 look 4ward to.

    In life we must be free...some of us don't let go...I want 4 nothin' other than to be centered, and have a conscious contact with my Higher Power...with this, anything is possible....the universe is waitin'.

    It aint no fake, it's a way of livin'.

    See you.....