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    Hi all!

    I didn’t know that and just found out on YouTube that Burning Japan Live has been professionally recorded on video :cool1:

    It is one of the live albums I like most :bow: what made me wonder if there is any chance of a DVD of that fantastic show being released in the future :rolleyes:


    The band sounded tighter than last year. Pontus Engborg is a young monster on drums - way better than Matt Goom :bow: No wonder why he was the most cheered member of the band, after Glenn, naturally :claphands

    And the setlist was also better, IMO - loved hearing You Kill Me and Addiction :thumbup:

    Though, it did not change my opinion on Andersen and Olinder.

    You were doing good up until the band thing marcelo! Since you've not heard them yet, I suggest you wait before judging or is it that a certain band member is not with them :rolleyes: Move on...

    One thing you should never make is an inference, David ;)

    I saw Glenn, Andersen and Olinder last year in SP - stayed at their hotel (Sol Melia) and met Glenn and Andersen after the show. I sincerely hope Egborg is a better drummer than Goom :huh:


    I was an active member of the good ol’ forum (Fedor times...). Like Glenn says “It’s good to be back!” :thumbup:

    Glenn is finally coming to my hometown for a gig in December 16th :singer: I’m really thrilled :bouncer:

    He's such in a good shape, but I feel sorry for his band being the weakest ever...:mad:

    Best regards!