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    Huh :huh: Looks like a lot of fun to me, sharing his talent with those who have aspirations of success, plus of course a chance to hang out with some fellow bona fide rock stars :D

    This sounds like a lot of fun,the most magical this happen on events like this!!

    A lot of years i've been waiting for Glenn's name of the ''Rock meets Classic'' bill, i hope it's gonna happen next year ;)

    For us the fans Glenn is a big rockstar and the most gifted muscian ever. But i'm afraid there is no big audience for Glenn without famous friends to work with. I saw Glenn so many times live and Always in small clubs with a poor turn out (Holland, belgium, germany). If Glenn made the choice to make only real rock music like he's doing now 2 decades ago he would be massive at this moment. His music was a bit to diverse to build a bigger fanbase then he has at this moment. Btw... i'm shure if the CB tour would be a selling suc6 that they would continue even without Jason.

    Nice to read Glenn was already sober in 83' ;)
    I think it's a real shame that they never did a tour for the 'face the truth' far as i know it was selling really well.. I have read that it was selling even better at that time then Prisoners in Paradise of Europe...

    What i don't understand is that Glenn wanted to tour the world with BCC but sadly they pulled the plug out..
    Why not a massieve solo tour with some BCC songs on the setlist,thats what they call ''melting the iron when it's still hot''. A legend like GH doesn't need a guy like JB to tour the world ;)

    With his solo band some years ago i got the chanche to see him live on stage...
    As far as i know Glenn is gonna play Sweden rock with Phenomena and John Norum,also a dream...


    If you read the article carefully he is having a dig at Glenn all over the place. Bcc is done and it aint comimg back and Joe knows it, hence his answers!.Friend...i dont think so not a real friend in any case!! I also do happen to accept he never commited to any touring right from the start !

    With the above accepted I am actually more dissapointed that there is little news of a " new Band " or more definitive information on the latest projects. I know Glenn probably earns a nice living fom KOC and other projects and all the power to him for that! but as a long term fan/customer, I am really interested in new music and associated tours.

    Things just seem to have gone a bit quite latley, hopefully the lul before the storm! :lol:

    We the fans are a bit spoiled with our Glenn,other musicians make only 4 albums in 10years..
    And be real making and writing a good album cost a lot of time and money and the budgets the artist get from the labels are not that big anymore.
    I think it's time for a european tour cuz that been a while;-)

    If Glenn is his friend why not give him and the rest of the guys the BCC name, so maybe the guys can continue with a other guitarplayer in the future.
    Now is Joe closing the door for everybody,nobody can blame him for not touring i can understand that if you have such an succesfull solo career you want to give yourself 100% for your own thing.

    I have all the issues at home,Karen and Pete did a great job.
    I was always lookin forward to the next
    I remember they tried the make a fanclub only video (yes video tape those days) that was recorded at Preston. Sadly it never happend..

    Nice to hear they are fans for life and doing well.....

    For Joe BCC it is just a hobby band,with his solo gigs he has sold out shows every where in big arena's. Here in Holland he plays a 5500 venue 2 nights in a row sold out.
    I think it just the money 150 big shows a year is enough,i think Joe is more a business man these days.
    Who blames him,but on the other hand he has to stop talking bull****.
    Glenn told the truth and if he can't handle that,he's just a boy ;)

    On the other hand if Glenn and the guys love BCC so much for the music they can replace Joe by an other great player and go out on the road.
    I think they need the succes of Joe to fill the venue's and make money on the road.
    Imo it's all about the money anyway....

    Not an official live album,but Funky Business is also great!!(Glenn should release it and sell it on his webshop)
    Recorded in Holland in 95' backed by a great band,i was there and it was on of my best GH gigs...