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    Hello guys there is no word to tell you what we'have seen and heard sunday in Dortmund. It'was ab more than a Fantastic concert. The acoustic was very very very good the sound was clear. Anders plays very well and the voice of Glenn was more than fantastic this guys is crazy he is not human he comes from another planet. For me he is really the best singer on this planet.What a VOICE!!!!! A big thanks to Glenn for the emotion he gives to his audience. The song imperfection was perfect.All the songs were perfect. As i told you there is no words.PERFECT.

    Hello everybody. Like Martial sorry for my very poor english. What can i say ??? I am completly agree with Carl. I have seen Glenn more than 30 times and his last show in Verviers( for me) was Magic. The sound was perfect. The new band is the best. Jeff K. is an amazing guitarist,he's really brillant. Mark on the drums just one word "he is the guys". Glenn sings better and better. Glenn you are really the BEST SINGER. Thank you for your music.Manuel.Hello to Martial and Cecile and Carl.And for all those who love the music of Glenn.

    HELLO. just to tell you that I'm completly agree with you. I have more than 150 music'sdvd.And honestly Glenn's dvd is very bad,very poor quality.How is it possible? I hope the next will be better and better.Anyway happy new year.And Glenn is the best.Manu.

    hello.everybody. I was in Bochum too.( We came from Belgium.)We saw last year HTP on the same place.I've seen Glenn between 15 and 20 times.And i'm completly agree with you.Glenn is on the top.(he is the best).Highlight,high road,let it go,the end of mistreated was amazing (thank you Glenn for this emotion, you give) medusa and don't let it bleed.I know there are a lot of fans of Purple but i think it's time to stop to play Burn.(sorry guys).It was very poor...and to fast...poor drummer... Seventh star and wherever you go, not bad but not necessary.Thanks to he is a great sound with his gibson flying v..The keyboardplayer was in a good mood and do his job very well.But like you,Jonas b. the drummer that i saw many times with Glenn was not at the top like nearly always,I'm sorry to say that but when you are only four musicians on stage.Everybody must be at the top.Anyway,i think it will be one of the best concert of this tour.And we will be in Bochum next year ... we are just waiting to see Glenn again and again....I really appreciate that Glenn plays 6 songs of his new cd. Thanks to Glenn and his band for this fantastic evening.

    Hello everybody . First thing,sorry for my english(not perfect).I'm completly agree with Martial a great hard funk soul and rock cd.Better than songs in the key of rock.Here,all the songs are really really great with good chorus.Thanks to Chad Smith a very very good drumer,J.J.Marsh really a good job( special sound of guitar and original guitar'solo)Keys,Not to much,just what we need.And Glenn really groove on bass and for the firsrt time since a very long time he doesn't scream on each songs.But really sing.Glenn's voice.THE BEST.Like Martial when i have finished to listen...just only need one thing...Play it again and again.We hope to see Glenn in Belgium or Holland in 2005.Merry Christmas and happy new year to everyone .Soul mover,She moves ghostly,Orion,Change yourself,Let it go,Isolation..A great cd.