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    I have heard a couple of those tunes and then was really bummed when the Hughes/Thrall follow-up just dried up. I also would love to hear these as an archive release.

    Speaking of the Pink Cloud releases, was From The Archives Volume I - Incense & Peaches the only archive released? No Volume 2 that I missed somehow??

    Aha...thanks. You have no idea how I like this kind of background info. If I can think of any more question to ask, I sure will ask. You are a well of knowledge.

    I am a sucker for liner notes on a cd too. Absolutely love track by track commentaries.

    I was a bit disappointed when I saw that Glenn wasn't listed as one of the performers for the new Phenomena....but I guess he didn't really have the time to participate....his plate is rather 'full' these days......:thumbup:

    I know...I am so looking forward to the new Black Country Communion cd. I have a great respect for those 4 guys' musical abilities.

    I found, on a cassette tape years ago, a snippet of a song that is listed as a Phenomena III demo. It has an unknown singer (not known to me anyway)

    The chorus goes something like this...

    "Go-o-o, go, go Jaguar"

    Will have to listen again when I can find someplace to play it.

    Anybody have an idea about this one. It has bugged me for years until I found this site to ask.

    Old thread but just found by me. Love to hear little tidbits like this about projects.

    Does anyone know how long this album was ready before it was actually released. It seems that I heard a snippet of a song years before the cd came out.

    New here and wanted to stop by and say hello. Just getting back into a Glenn mood and have dug out his solo cds to rock out to on my drive to and from work.