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    Hi Willem,

    Thanks for your reply, very pleased to meet you here, my neighbour around the corner ! ;)

    I look very much forward to our discussions. Are you going to see DP in the near future? I will, in November, can hardly wait. I saw Glenn with DP in 1975, unfortunately they didn't come to my hometown in 1974 and they didn't tour in Germany at all after Tommy Bolin joined.

    I very much hope that BCC will come to Germany next year - and of course to Holland as well!

    Yeah, let's rock!

    Dag, Yvonne

    Hello Willem,

    not only the Dutchies are waiting for Glenn... ;) Guess we are ALL keen on seeing him live again - with BCC. By the by, where did you see him unplugged in Germany?

    Dag, Yvonne from Hamburg

    Hi to all,

    I'm a newbie on this site. Have been a lurker for some time and liked what I saw, so decided to become a member.

    I am from Germany, Deep Purple fan since 1970 and - obviously - a Glenn Hughes fan. Can't wait to get my hands on the upcoming BCC album, which for me will be in vinyl.

    Look forward to chatting with other fans from all over the world!

    Greets for now, enjoy the weekend, Yvonne

    And a big :clapper: for this site!