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    I don't mean to tell tales out of school, but I heard two tracks by this combo this past week. I don't know if any of it will see the light of day, but I will say that it is some of the strongest GH music yet. Regardless of where he lands, please know that Glenn is writing singing, and playing better than ever.

    In the past, I'd spoken to Glenn about the influence of Jack Bruce's bass playing, but on this stuff, I completely got it. Like I said, he's never sounded stronger.

    I can't wait to see where this all leads for our Mr. Hughes.

    Bridge to Mars is looking to be the first great new band of 2013 - only two demos in, but I'm sold and drooling as I wait for more. These guy are sounding amazing, and they're getting ready to hit the studio for some more. You heard it here first...…nd-company.html

    JJ Marsh's singing, playing, and writing is simply superb - but the whole band is incredible on this stuff!!

    I see I missed the already started thread! Oops, sorry!!

    Sherinian shines on Afterglow - he's featured much more heavily than on the first two records, and deservedly so. I would dearly love to see Glenn, Jason, and Derek continue playing together, but it would have to be with the right guitar player, and that's a tough call. BCC is finished. You'd have a very hard time convincing me that there ever would have been another tour. I think everyone fulfilled their legal obligations, and that's that.

    Glenn, of course, always hoped that this band would grow beyond just a project - it just simply didn't work out, and regardless of the cause, that's a great shame. As a fan, and a serious student of rock, I would have loved to seen Joe dedicate half his year to his solo career, and half to a great band. However, I am not blind to fiscal reality - I think in five years, it would have paid off enormously, but I also realize that I don't know the full story, and I am not likely to hear what caused J&R to cut bait and retreat. I do know that it wasn't just someone not having the time to tour.

    I had the opportunity to have lunch with Glenn and Joe last June 15 in Indianapolis. I spent about three hours in their company, and everything seemed hunky dory. Those were the days....

    I do know that it's always better when things are out in the open, and not and ignored, and/or dealt with forthrightly. I respect Joe's right to just erase this, but I don't necessarily agree with it. Maybe that's me wearing a newspaper man's hat, or maybe it's me as a fan and friend thinking we all deserved a better answer than 'unforeseeable circumstances."

    I wrote about this band before they had ever hit the studio - I was the first guy Glenn did an interview with about BCC, just days after the first tracks had been laid. For me, this one was kind of personal.

    Many thanks to Glenn for being honest and open.

    Afterglow - an amazing album that is going to blow your socks right off.

    Yesterday Joe posted this message on his fan forum (I've re-printed it in my blog):…as-his-say.html

    After that he had a go at me for some things I have written. I don't believe he read them, I think he heard second hand that I was stirring the pot somehow - this wasn't the case. Anyone who knows me should realize that's not my act. I was actually trying to put a positive spin on things. Before I could read what he had said, his fan forum removed the thread and other references to BCC.

    I sent Joe a conciliatory note, he messaged me back, and we made our peace. He just wants to move on, and forget about it.

    I will say that I have been told, "I do know that Joe did not enjoy the tour last summer. He was miserable in fact" This came from a source very close to J&R. Naming names might lose someone their job, and that is not my intention. However, there is a whole back side to this story which we may never know.

    Joe asked me to leave this story alone. I'm going to take that under advisement.


    Tony C.

    Left behind is a truly remarkable record.

    Here's the track listing....

    1. Black Country
    2. One Last Soul
    3. The Great Divide
    4. Down Again
    5. Beggarman
    6. Song Of Yesterday
    7. No Time
    8. Medusa (a cover of the Trapeze classic)
    9. The Revolution In Me
    10. Stand (At The Burning Tree)
    11. Sista Jane
    12. Too Late For The Sun

    From my e-mail to Glenn after a first listen:


    Glenn, my friend....this record is everything you said it was, and more. The best hard rock band debut in decades, and I mean that. You have never sounded better. Your vocals are astounding throughout, with great depth, variety, and tones. Joe B plays explosively across everything, and I really dig the songs you sing together. Joe pulled out all the stops as always and has officially graduated to rock god status, which can't hurt a bit - loads of great playing and he's singing great as well. You're right about Jason, this is his shining moment on record - he plays his ass off on every cut.

    A GREAT record....

    Yesterday I had the privilege of chatting with Glenn for an hour and tonight got my first listen to the Black Country Communion album. It's a monster, folks. The best debut record I've heard by a new band in several decades....

    Glenn is amazing from beginning to end, and it is quite possibly his finest work. His singing and playing are truly incredible.

    As soon as I can follow up with Glenn in the next few days, I will publish our chat and my detailed impressions of this great album.

    September 21, 2010....The world will be blown away by this band and this album.


    tony c