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    After getting the bad news of the cancelled show, we contacted the airlines to try to get a refund for our flight from Houston. They laughed and said no. Rather than throw away $1000.00 in airfares, we have decided to use our plane tickets. This is our first trip to San Francisco and now have no plans. Does anyone live in or familiar with the San Francisco area? We are looking for something to do. Restaurants? Places to hike? Cool sight seeing, etc.?

    Wow! Now we know how a gambler on a bad streak feels. We rolled the dice and lost out big time. Bought plane tickets to fly out to California from Houston Texas and VIP packages for this show. Never travelled so far for a show before, but, we really wanted to see this one. Sure hope Glenn adds some Texas dates as we scraped up the funds for this trip and can't afford to roll the dice again. This one stings.

    Get well Glenn... we love you!

    Bought 2 VIP packages and plane tickets to fly from Houston Texas for the San Jose CA show at Rockbar. Got an email from the ticket company that I bought the actual concert tickets from informing us that the show was cancelled and a refund will be coming. Everywhere we look shows Rockbar on the tour itinerary and we haven't heard from anyone else about a cancellation. Does anyone have info regarding this show? We are supposed to fly out in 3 weeks and have hotel and car rental reservations.

    I received my book on Wednesday here in Texas USA. It is a beautiful work of art! The quality and craftsmanship of this book is like nothing I have seen in the past. Although it was a little pricey and took longer than expected, I am totally satisfied with my purchase.

    Hello all! I am looking for some help from my fellow GH fans. I live in the US and I only see one version of BCC2 available. I just looked on AmazonUK and they show a "Limited Edition" version. Can someone tell me what the difference is between the "Regular Edition" and the "Limited Edition". How many different versions are there? I apologize if this was discussed in an earlier post.

    Any additional information would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!

    I preordered this book over a year ago using the "Stormbringer" discount code and there was mention of a "special something secret" when using this code. Has this secret been leaked, yet?
    Really looking forward to reading this book!

    We went to see Pat Travers last weekend in Houston Texas. The opening band was a band called JJ Dynamite. They are a classic rock cover band. Much to our surprise the 3rd song they did was Trapeze "Black Cloud". An even bigger surprise was later in the set, they did Hughes/Thrall "Muscle and Blood". Turns out, the singer/guitarist is a big GH fan. Needless to say, we were plenty warmed up for PT's set after that.

    As has been mentioned here several times.......this "limited edition" is not for everyone. It is a collectors item. If it is not for you, then wait for the "regular edition" and enjoy your purchase. As a long time GH fan and GH collector, this "limited edition" is for me and I am really looking forward to it!

    Just a quick note to say "hello" to you all. As with most of you, I am a long time fan of GH, Trapeze, Deep Purple, Hughes/Thrall, etc. I have already read a lot of good things on this site and look forward to all the new stuff coming up!