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    Awesome news! "good to be bad" was a killer record, very powerfull! I'm a big Doug Aldrich :bow: fan and was thrilled when he joined WS, Michael Devin is a great bass player. DC is one of my all time favorite singers/songwriters as well. hope they come to South America soon :singer:

    the uneducated public being spoon fed crap so long that they think it tastes sweet. Listeners are being so dumbed down, for so long, I wonder sometimes if people can hear talent anymore

    That is SO true :thumbup:

    I can´t stand comercial music. I often say to my sister, who's an radioaddicted person - "all you need to write a hit today is a annoying, yet catchy, chorus, a hot singer to sing it and a rapper to say a bunch of crap in between the choruses- there ya go!" that's what happens in 98% of todays big selling albums, there aint even part "A" and part "B" anymore... sad but true :confused:

    We're Lucky that guys like Glenn are still around :clapper: bless him and everyone who believes in writing music with heart and soul! :claphands

    I was just listening to the Medusa album, 'your love is alright' in particular. During the latter point of the song, Glenn's voice goes extremely high and gritty, which leads me to my question. How do you feel Glenn's voice has changed throughout the years? or hasn't changed for that matter?

    I fell that Gleen's voice has gained a lot more body and is sounding more full than it did in the Trapeze/DP days that's a natural change in anyone's voice as we get older, still he manages to hit every single note he'd hit in his early records! that's what blows my mind, not only his register hasn't changed, his notes are sounding stronger and fuller than ever :singer: and on top of that, the man has the most AMAZING melodic taste for choosing notes and enriching any harmony. that's THE VOICE OF ROCK! :bow:

    How's everyone watching the games? there's people going to bars, clubs, squares. but me and my family rather stay in my grandma's house, its really nice 'cause of the huge backyard so we make some barbecue along with some tipical "feijoada" and "farofa" lots of fun with all our family and friends all together :)
    hope you're all enjoying the world cup!

    things are starting to heat up now :bouncer:! Argentina has proven to be one of the strongest teams so far, with Messi, Higuaín, Tevez, Verón and other worldclass players :claphands I think our Brazilian team has chances as well, but the thruth is we never play very well against defensive teams like North Korea, hopefully we'll improve :) I'm sad for Bafana Bafana, I really wish they could go through, it was great to see them in the first game heading towards the field dancing and singing, their joyfull attitude is contagious and inspirational as well, you have to do what you love and enjoy every moment, GO BAFANA :clapper:

    Feel it It's here (in the forum too) :D

    Gatman, You're sooo lucky man! I bet you had a blast playing with the Man! :)
    my answer is also yes, not long ago to be honest.
    a couple of days after Ronnie Dio's death, I was listening to "this time around" and when Glenn sung "to lose you, I'd rather see the endless time and space go passing by" it was really moving. I miss Ronnie :(