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    I agree, be it blues, rock, bluesy hard rock or whatever, JB is a very talented guy. I´ve got 4 of his older albums and they´re all very good. I´m gonna get the new one at some point too.

    MOJO magazine (feb 10) reviews all the early DP albums and CTTB emerges out of it with particularly high critical acclaim (despite it mentioning Glenn & Tommy's substance problems). This Time Around is singled out for praise which made my day!

    It´s a great album, I´ve always liked all the Purple incarnations, except the Turner one. "This time around"...put the lights down low..have a glass of whatever..and go with the flow...

    "Made In Europe" is my favourite live album by any band! although I agree "Made In Japan" is thee classic live Purple album, and a freakish capturing due to no overdubs etc, I still slightly prefer "Europe"... I LOVE MK III! I would love to see this album get remastered! will it ever happen? :confused:

    Now that´s a great live album! For me, it was great, because there was only MKIII songs.The "Stormbringer" live versions kicks much more ass than the studio one. Made in Japan was great because it only had MKII songs. 2 of the best Purple live albums for me. Not to badmouth Rod Evans, the first Captain Beyond album is GREAT.

    "High Voltage" - AC/DC and "One more from the road" - Lynyrd Skynyrd. Of course , I had some Purple on cassettes, like "Burn", "In rock" and others. But those were the first 2 vinyls, back in 1983. Both records are still among my alltime favorites, by the way.

    I used to post very randomly at the old forum under the "name" MidnightMeditated. I´m an old fan of Glenn´s and waiting with great expectations the new Glenn/Joe/Jason/Derek cd! And possibly the tour...Cheers!