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    can someone please tell me what is going on? Glenn has been bragging about the new band and now Im reading some cryptic posts about the name changing? Help me.

    I always dig on that song. Heavy bass drags along to the chorus. Nice guitar and drums. For a softer change, I like Talk About It. I find sometimes that I have to stop listening to his music and force myself to listen to new material, but I always go back afterwards.

    Favorite GH song. I tried to think of a favorite song but it is so difficult. So, in a nutshell, I stopped trying. I saw a new clip on youtube that totally blew me away. Sorry if someone has done this before.

    Good to be here. I used to be in love with Shelley Fabras. I used to dream that she was singing that song to me!! :)

    Just joined today but have been a Glenn Hughes fan since I heard Burn. I have so much of his music from him being in different bands, it seems I never run out of his material to listen to. I fly my fleak flag every day!