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    "Face The Truth" for me is an awesome track! :bow: I wish Glenn would do a solo album with 4 or 5 guitarists like Norum, Thrall, Sykes, Salas and a few others. It would be great if he wrote songs with them all! :clapper: A few guests like DC or Blackmore & Iommi. Now that would be awesome! :bow:

    Other opening tracks I love are BURN, Welcome To The Real World from the unissued WB album, In For The Kill, Kiss Of Fire & I Got Your Number!

    Really looking forward to the new band album! Glenn, it's been too long! :thumbup:

    It is sad that Phenomena won't be playing Sweden :(

    Tom told me that this loser, mervyn Spence is still trying to milk the

    Phenomena name! :confused: The deal he signed to use the name ran out

    along time ago, but Tom can't take the name & logo back unless he takes

    it to the higher court! It costs about 20,000 to do so! :( He was the one

    who went to the promoters after he heard about the show & said it can't

    go on without him! Spence is always saying he was a member of Trapeze!

    I had asked Tom & Mel when he was still with us about him. He was never

    a band member. He just played on some demos! When he took over the

    Phenomena name, it was in contract that he pay all owed royalties, which

    he has yet to do! :rolleyes: I was really looking forward to hearing Glenn sing the

    1st album live! :) That would've been awesome! :bow:

    Tom Galley had never even given permission to the people at Sweeden

    Rock to make any kind of announcement! Contracts were not even signed.

    It's not a definite thing that Phenomena will even be there!

    Tom was wanting Glenn to be there, but they couldn't agree on money! :(

    There was talk of a 10 show Euro. tour but that is still being discussed!

    Let's hope it all happens :thumbup: It would still be good without Glenn but it

    would be great to hear him sing the first album :bow:

    Phenomena will have a new album out next year called "Crazy House".

    It will be more like first album & will feature many big names :clapper:

    Hey David,

    Where's the pic of Glenn in rehearsal? :confused: Your post is blank! :(

    Do I need a special pair of GH glasses to see it? :D

    I heard Watt & I hope the stuff the band is writing isn't too much

    like his stuff! He's ok, but doesn't blow me away! We'll see. I know

    if GH is in the band, it will still be good! :bow:

    I am sure that the new album will be good! :thumbup:

    But I really don't understand all the secrecy if the band only consists

    of Glenn, Jason & Watt! :confused: Watt is pretty much a no name guy!

    I doubt that hardly anybody would've even heard of him if Glenn wasn't

    working with him! If Norum, Sykes or Iommi were involved, then I would

    understand! :D

    Hey DanielB,

    I believe it was originally released in 93 or 94 on Salas's Electric Pow Wow

    album! It also featured Sass Jordan on vocals. Salas was her guitarist

    on her first few albums! Real good bluesy hard rock! :clapper:

    I wish Glenn had done a whole album with him! :cool:

    I would love to see Glenn work with Norum again! :thumbup:

    I think Face The Truth was one of the best albums GH ever did! :bow:

    The others are Hughes/Thrall, Burn, Medusa & Afterglow & Addiction :thumbup:

    Whoever is in the band, I'll be happy as long as the music is like BCC

    or any albums above! I just hope it's nothing like his last solo album

    which I still don't like! :(

    Hello everyone! Great topic!

    Some of my fave live albums growing up were the following,

    The Tokyo Tapes-Scorpions :thumbup:

    Strangers In The Night-UFO :bow:

    On Stage-Rainbow :bow:

    Live Evil- Black Sabbath :thumbup:

    All The World's A Stage-Rush :clapper:

    11/17/70- Elton John :thumbup:

    Two For The Show-Kansas :bow:

    Made In Japan- Deep Purple :bow:

    Those were one's I played alot!