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    I will have to place an order with Amazon pronto!!

    So many things to buy....aside from "Stormbringer", I still want to get the box set by The Move, some of the remastered U2 titles, the two recent Who DVD's....oh man, I could get into some trouble here!

    Ticketmaster is bad. Ticketmaster is evil. There...I said it!

    I will try to make the trip out there...I have a family function going down the week afterwards in NC so it comes down to having the bread...I can fly out there for nothing and can get the time off...the money is the only road block. And I can't believe my luck at having 3 chances to see Glenn in the space of a weekend.

    I will keep you posted!

    I was at work last night and spent some time over at You Tube; along with the videos they have a lot of songs you can listen I cranked a little Trapeze last night over the headphones. I don' have any Trapeze on CD here with me so it was a treat...."Loser" , "Keepin' Time", "Hold On", ....

    I was thinking about what Glenn had said in his Tweets about taking a walk in the woods...I do believe that Mel wasn't far away as Glenn walked along the same trails.....

    We miss you Mel!

    Here's hoping we hear back fairly soon about the private gig. For me, it isn't a problem since I live here..but I am thinking about the folks that are flying in and might have to/want to change their schedules...I just took Sunday night off as well....

    Which brings me to my next point....the Foxboro show.

    I have the time off and am still tossing around the thought of making the trip up is about a 4 hour drive from here. I know that Chris Mazzeo is going to that show... anyone else??

    I also thought about doing the LA show as well....I can fly on Jet Blue to Long Beach for free...that just comes down to having the cash...

    Let's see how things go...


    I believe that is due to the fact that the lyrics are translated phonetically by the Japanese. There is a song by Grand Funk Railroad on their "Phoenix'" album called "She Got To Move Me", the lyrics of which are mangled beyond believe by the Japanese translator on the Japanese CD...I wish I could remember all of it; something about "an octopus with a periscope hole". Really bizarre!

    I have the first Whitesnake live CD on Japanese vinyl; the Hammersmith show from 1978 and they even translate DC's chatter between songs and that gets twisted up as well...

    Bakin' carrot biscuits...every day...Bakin' carrot biscuits..every way...:lol:

    This may sound a bit weird...but I have found that this is a help in trying to nail down the lyrics. If you listen to a song on headphones turn the volume down and it makes the lyrics easier to understand. I know it sounds a bit weird but it works. I am sure there is a nice tidy scientific explanation as to why it works...but until Mr Wizard returns my call just give it a go...

    Seriously...I am not making that works! :)

    Now hold on...I can see Glenn again the following night in NYC...and I don't have to get on a plane to do it? It's a joke right?? C'mon David...pull the other one....;)

    Oh man.....I am SO there!!! :thumbup: :clapper:

    I sent my request for an RSVP.....anyone else going to be there??'s the Philly Boys!!

    We are working on that....I have been down to the area near the venue to scout out a place to eat at before hand..or perhaps after.

    I am local and am merely a 25 minute subway ride away...but I know folks are coming in from out of town and let's see what they have worked out in the way of lodging.

    I will keep you all posted here.

    Hey Craig,

    I am thinking about taking in an event there between now and the end of next month just to totally check out the room. I imagine they either have tables set up depending on the event like B.B. King's....or they remove them and have the open floor for dancing for example.

    I will report back soon...

    I am flashing on a June afternoon in 1989..I have just settled into my room in the Super 8 Motel just up the street from the United Airlines maintenance base where I have just started my new job. The TV is on and "Dragnet" is on HBO....I watch the movie and am unpacking as the credits are rolling....I think I recognize the singer and check the musical credits.. Glenn Hughes and Pat Thrall did that song?? Cool!!

    Pretty funny..I never had seen the video until now...Dan Aykroyd was a riot as Joe Friday and this was a few years before Tom Hanks had to buy the showcase for the Oscars he would collect....And a pre-Baywatch Alexandra Paul?? Oh wow ;) :cool:

    Thanks for finding that gem! :thumbup:

    I was in the city for most of the day yesterday and did my "recon for the Funkfest" as promised.

    Firstly, the venue is on 16th Street between 9th and 10th Avenues. There is a parking garage right next door and one a block east. They are open 24/7 so the Philly Boys won't have to worry about their rides being held hostage for the night. For those of you staying in midtown because of the proximity to B.B. King's, the E train stops at 14th Street, two blocks from the Highline.

    The room is on the second floor above the Western Beef supermarket and I did go upstairs to check out the room but the woman at the ticket booth wasn't having looks as though there was construction being done. As for places to eat and drink before or after the show...I did walk another block to Chelsea Piers; these are the refurbished onetime White Star Line piers from the turn of the century. I stopped into the Chelsea Brewery and had a very acceptable pint of red ale for six bucks...perused the food menu and the prices were reasonable for the area. That may be one possibility. The White Horse Tavern is just south on 10th Avenue a few blocks and The Gaslight Lounge is even closer...just throwing those out there.

    We can firm this up in the next few weeks but I wanted to scope out the area before hand....walked down to the WTC site and then to Battery Park....and took Grace's suggestion and took the FREE ferry ride over to Staten Island and was cold and clear and I was whipped by the time I got back to Kew Gardens.

    I am going out to see my brother and won't be here for the have fun everyone..I will have to catch the transcript later!!

    With the change in venue, I think the Captain needs to do some recon in finding a place to maybe eat or drink at beforehand. I am off this weekend and will take a trip into NYC to scope out the area and find something suitable. I will also work out travel directions; e.g subway and get a feel for the neighborhood.

    So...they needed a bigger room, did they? Hey Grace...maybe someone heard you and didn't fancy losing their head! ;)

    I will report back after my trip!

    I hear what you are saying David, regarding venues posting shows...which is why I was skeptical about the show in Foxboro and how tickets had gone on sale before we got the official word here.....Just glad to see that the folks in the Boston area get to see Glenn!

    About 6 weeks to go......:thumbup::bouncer::bouncer::bouncer:

    Man..that HD video is beyond cool...I felt like I was standing right in front of Glenn as he spoke. I would love to upgrade my camera as well...the amount of features and quality you get for your buck these days is mind blowing.....My Sony DSC-71 was the state of the art when I bought it in 2002....I see some of the live pics people have put up here with such clarity and vivid resolution and my camera looks like a beater now....But all in good time!

    48 days till Funk Fest!! :thumbup: :cool:

    Floyd Patterson lived in Lakeview, a town in Nassau County at one point in the late 50's and about a block away from where my family lived. No, I wasn't around at the time.. LOL! :D

    My older siblings remember seeing him around the neighborhood when they were kids and Muhammad Ali poked fun at Patterson in one of his raps for living in what was a white neighborhood back then.

    That harkens back to a time when athletes lived in the same neighborhood as their fans before the money got huge and propelled them into another social stratospehere...

    Rod Stewart?? Nah...

    The last time I saw him with his lightened hair I thought he looked more than a bit like Clem Clempson...Yes, I know he would love to look like the late Steve Marriott...but he is WAY too tall..for a start! ;)

    Looking forward to seeing you kids in NYC in March!! :thumbup: :cool: