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    How many of you remember the Samsonite commercials from back in the 70's? I watched the gorilla thrash the suitcase around his cage and think that was what happened to your baggage when it got thrashed on a trip. You put it on the belt at the ticket counter and it disappears through the curtain....only to be grabbed by that gorilla and beaten to a pulp.

    I have a copy of Steve Howe's Guitar Collection book...he jokes that he could write another book about all the gear he has had stolen or damaged over the years. On the most recent Yes tour, he brought his ES-175 Custom out on the tour; it is a souped up, ornate 3-pickup ES-175 that Gibson built for him around the time of the "Drama" album. Gibson built two for him, the sunburst one he still owns and a blond version that was stolen at the airport not long after he got it.

    Carmine Appice was arguably the first rock showman when it came to the drums; he took the stick twirling acrobatics of Dino Danelli and welded them to a monstrously powerful backbeat..check out those old videos of the Fudge back in the day and you see him in full throttle. And he's no slouch as a singer either; he and his blood brother Tim Bogert sing up a storm on the BBA album.

    Cozy Powell could almost be the British version of Carmine Appice; he came up around the same time and didn't bury you in intricate figures but simply rocked the engine room....One thing I remember reading about Cozy when he passed away was that when he played a session he really brought out the best in the other players. Don Airey relates a story about a session he was playing for an upcoming CD by Colin Blunstone; the session was unfocused and meandering....Cozy was called in and everything was suddenly back on course. I believe it was the last session he played on before his death.....he loved fast cars and was, by all accounts, an excellent driver.....yet a blown tire on a wet road can take the best man...

    I remember Todd relating the drum duel between Carmine and Dom Famularo at the Lissa Wales benefit....Todd thought Carmine would wipe the floor with Dom...boy, did he get a surprise! Dom is the guy who can handle anything from 4/4 to the most twisted progressive time signatures....

    Over The Rainbow are playing the Stone Pony in Asbury Park this summer...might have to take a road trip!

    I haven't got all the tracks straight in my head yet....but I really enjoy it! It would be easy to call this another wanna be supergroup....but what seperates the champs from the chumps is a simple concept known as ...CHEMISTRY!!

    Sammy and Mike have that vocal chemistry together from their years in Van Halen....Joe Satriani puts melody and groove ahead of his considerable technique and Chad drives everything along with locomotive intensity.

    It ain't Led Zeppelin....but this bird is a monster...turn it up!! :thumbup:

    I have no idea about the inspiration for the title..

    A quick recap; the track was cut in late 1973 but David Coverdale was supposedly too wiped out to cut a proper Ritchie soloed over the backing track and a few "aaahhhhsss" were added on what should have been the chorus.

    I first heard this track on the 2 LP "Anthology" that EMI did back in 1985...still have it with the cool purple vinyl. There were a lot of unreleased nuggets on there..."Freedom", the acetate of "Shadows" and "Love Help Me"....they come to mind.

    Great track!!

    I had to make a trip to the mall...perish the thought..and stopped in Best Buy while I was there. I didn't even think that the Chickenfoot CD was about to be released...and there it was!

    Grabbed a copy and am listening to it enjoying what I hear thus far! :thumbup:

    For those of you who live in the NY area or have visited here, you may be aware that the stretch of 48th Street between 6th and 7th Avenue has been known for decades as Music Row. Dating back to the Forties, a string of music stores including Sam Ash, Rudy's Guitars and several others have been the destination for musicians and enthusiasts alike...and standing head and shoulders above them all was the store founded by Manny Goldrich back in the late 30's..Manny's Music.

    You name it..they shopped there. The custom of putting artist's photos on the walls was initially to cover up a dodgy paint job but it became a calling card for the store.....I am sure that Glenn is in one of the countless pictures in the store....

    Manny Goldrich was a man of many firsts; he was the first white man to sell instruments in Harlem, he was the first to offer a steep discount on manufacturers list prices and he gave musicians credit on a regular basis. His son Henry took over the store in 1968 and ran it for more than 30 years before the family sold the store to Sam Ash who at one time were his biggest rivals. The Rockefeller real estate group has had its eye on the property for years and recently refused to renew the lease which spells the end for an icon.

    I remember going into the store for the first time in 1977....the endless rows of guitars was just jaw dropping....I visited there several times over the years and was shocked to hear of its impending closure.

    I tip my hat to them....

    Now..if it were Steve Marriott, well, the leprechaun description would be far more apt...but at about five foot ten or so I can't imagine Glenn in green tights, dancing a jig over a pot of gold....

    Otherwise the review is dead on and the quality and clarity of the sound is noted again....Take a bow Lars!! :thumbup: :cool: I was thinking that the sound at the Varvatos boutique would be too loud and fuzzy but no....crisp and clean!

    I am glad that John, Frank and Chip got to experience the force of nature that is Papa G!! We got spoiled here in NYC!!

    *imitating Mrs. Borg*

    "I'm calling the police...they'll be here shortly..."

    How appropriate ;)

    Hey Profusion, I guess that would have put that young lady between us...I did shift over a bit so she could see...I was only closer to Glenn when I shook his hand! That is way too cool to experience Glenn up close like that!

    There was one dude that I have seen at numerous NY shows; he was the real tall guy with the long curly hair camped out in front of Jeff. He doing some serious head banging and if I were a chiropractor I would make a fortune off him!

    Great times indeed! :thumbup: :cool:

    We adjourned to an Irish Pub across the street from the boutique after the show for a few pints and laughter....Jeff Kollman and Mike Moore stopped in for a few as well..We closed the pub down and I walked back up the block and grabbed the subway back to Kew Gardens...walked in the door at 0330!

    Here are a few shots from the second show...I was really close but the lighting wasn't really conducive to photography. The two guys in front of me were my height so I had to bob and weave around their melons to get a shot....I also moved a bit to let the young lady standing next to me to get a better sightline as she stood about five foot one or so...

    Without further ado...

    Well..Bart put up the set list here..someone get that man a drink!

    The show at the Highline was special beyond words...everything was fabulous! The sound out in the room was just loud enough and crystal clear; Glenn's voice was beautifully miked and mixed. I was flashing on the superb sound at the King Crimson show last year at the Nokia Theater and this was shoulder to shoulder with that sonic perfection. hats off to Lars for working his magic behind the board!

    Luke Mulholland and his band had a short time slot to work with and they wasted no time with idle chit chat, serving up a tight, tough set of material. Luke's voice and some of his guitar stylings made me think of Stevie Ray Vaughan and his bassist was especially impressive. He had a thankless job and I thought made the most of it.

    Then...the main event. Taking the stage to a tape loop of the intro to "Crave", Glenn, Jeff, Ed and Steve immediately knocked us back into Funkland!! Where do I start? Steve was far more assertive in his playing than I remember him being in 2007; he really put the boot in. Ed showed us that you can get a world of colors out of black and ivory; he really was highlighted by the superb sound mix. Jeff took the work of Luis and JJ and filtered through his own style; he also did a stunning turn at the intro to "Mistreated"....The Man In Black would have been proud! These guys were tight and smoking!!

    Glenn looked sharp and and let you know right away that Big Daddy was in town and his voice was in stunning form. The audience was with him right out of the blocks and Glenn was knocked out by the reception. Man...what a set...heavy on the funk and a sweet tribute to Mel Galley as Glenn and Jeff swapped instruments for "Coast To Coast". A one-two knockout encore of "Soul Mover" and "Burn' left the crowd satisfied....

    He better come back next year!! :thumbup:

    Last night, Glenn and the guys played at John Varvatos' boutique, the former CBGB's. On the small stage in a hot, crowded ambience, they played the same set but were able to slip "Getting Tighter" back into the set, unhindered by a curfew. I have always marveled at Glenn's voice when listening to the recordings...but when you are six feet away from him and as up close and personal as you can possibly get without being his dentist....well, hearing and seeing him work his magic...words cannot do justice to the man! Glenn played guitar on "Coast To Coast" and his leads were sweet and clean..just a dash of that Gibson humbucker creamy distortion...I flashed on Mel right away...he was surely in the room smiling and raising a pint of Carling to Glenn!

    I have put a few pictures up here but they pale in comparison to anything that Jerome may have taken. He made a book of pictures from the shows he and Nathalie attended in Europe and New Jersey last year....I am in total awe over his work!!

    And it wouldn't be a Funk Fest with all of you who traveled from far and wide to share the experience...You all RULE!! :thumbup: :cool:

    Hey Pete,

    The show on Sunday is a private party held by John Varvatos, a clothing designer and good friend of Glenn's. Not only is it invite-only but there is no performance curfew like the one at the Highline tonight. It should be great fun...just 300 people.

    If you have to toss the coin then go to the Sunday show...if you need a ticket for the Saturday gig and don't have one..I wound up getting stood up and have a ticket available.

    It has been reiterated in another thread...and I noted this when Glenn's show was put on the schedule, but at 11:00 the venue becomes a dance club. I imagine there will be tables set up for Glenn's show and the time between 2130 when Glenn is supposed to be finished and 2300 when the dance club opens is need to pack up the tables and get the room ready....

    Luke Mulholland is not wearing the black hat here.

    I am psyched to see everyone..I do have a few phone numbers and will be in touch with some folks...hopefully we can set up a place to commiserate before the show.

    Here's hoping all you folks up in Boston have a killer night of GH funk n' soul....:thumbup::cool:

    I think the reason for the tight schedule is that there is something scheduled right after Glenn's this isn't really a surprise, not that it makes anyone feel better.

    I am looking forward to seeing everyone that is coming to town for the show; old friends and new...

    I may do another recon trip into the city PM me and we will see what we can do for a get together before or after the show. The restaurant at the Chelsea Pier looked pretty good..and the beer was reasonable and quite tasty! But we can toss it around!

    Have a great week everyone!! :thumbup: Three days and counting!! :bouncer:

    Yes indeed, the Virgin store in Times Square is indeed out of business; I saw an ad in the Voice for the closing liquidation and did pay a visit; think of a turkey 3 days after Thanksgiving and you get an idea of what the inventory was like..I walked out empty handed.

    I will have to take a trip down to Bleeker Street Records and a journey to Zig Zag Records will have to be put in the cards too. The only places on Long Island that I know of are the two Mister Cheapo stores; one in Commack and the original store in Mineola.

    When I lived in Kimberly's house in Churchville, I shared the house with her and the 8 cats and grew to love them as if they were my own. I miss them a lot..but will get to see them when I drive down to Virginia in the morning....I have to do some work on the townhouse since we are getting it ready to be sold.

    She had Mister Man and Miss Kitty, two siblings for 17 years...they spent every day of their lives together. Along the way she got Peachy and Reggie..and Butter, Daddy Cat, Momma Cat, and Sylvia....Sasha came along later and her husband brought Minky and Jack to live there....and they recently adopted Simon, another stray kitten.

    When I move into something closer to a permanent living situation I will certainly get a pet or two..their love is unconditional.....

    I see that I have multiple opportunities to see Luis and his band here in let me make that happen!

    I note with some amusement that Luis is credited with being "Ex-UFO". I have to wonder what the guitar interplay onstage between Luis and Michael Schenker must have been like.

    Enough of the past...forward into the future!!