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    Tom "T-Bone" Scheppke... now there is a name that brings back a truckload of great memories... I will never forget his "KISS Klassics" show that he did every Sunday if I recall. I never heard Trapeze until I moved to San Antonio... he opened my ears to so many great bands; between him and Joe Anthony, I got quite the musical education!

    Tom was on the air until about a year or so ago; most of the DJ's from back in the 80's have been slowly squeezed out with the increasing facelessness of radio. I remember meeting Glenn for the first time back in 2003 and he was still in touch with T-Bone... I have to go to San Antonio in December for my nephew's wedding and it just won't be the same when I put the radio on in the car... These pictures were taken about a year before I moved there.

    If they ever go into the vault and release the Saarbrucken show in its entirety as was talked about some years ago, you would basically have "Made In Europe" since most of the performances on that original album were sourced from the Saarbrucken concert. Come on gave us Paris, you gave us Graz....let's have it already!!

    I wasn't even aware that a "Made In Europe" box set was in the works...

    I remember this very topic coming up when Mel Galley did the chat here with us and, judging from the dates, it was after Michael's last comment. Chris Charlesworth write in the liner notes of the weighty and now deleted Deep Purple box set "Listen Learn Read On"that Pete Mackie was joining Trapeze to make them a quartet and even listing his debut performance as being March 31st 1973 at the Ilkeston Regency..right around the time of the BBC session with John Ogden guesting on congas. Pete Frame also name checks Pete Mackie in the Deep Purple Family Tree...look hard and you will find it!

    When I brought up Pete Mackie's tenure in the chat, Mel Galley stated most emphatically that Pete Mackie never shared a stage with Trapeze. And if anyone would know for sure, it would have been Mel.

    In the booklet for the DP box set;"Listen Learn Read On" Chris Charlesworth states that Pete Mackie did play his first show with Trapeze in the UK in early 1973, a claim refuted by Mel Galley himself. Pete may have rehearsed with Trapeze but never took the stage with them. The promo pics of the nascent 4-piece are certainly new and much appreciated!

    Been a while....but here I am and I will be in NYC on the helping my brother sort out the last of his stuff in Baldwin and will be at the show! I am taking the train get to NYC without getting stressed out form the ride and transformed into a seething ball of road rage!

    I am staying out in Rockville Centre, a 40 minute ride on the LIRR from NYC.

    Let's do this!! :thumbup:

    I have the Deep Purple 6-CD box set "Listen, Learn, Read On' and the text from the booklet was largely taken from Chris Charlesworth's long out of print biography of Deep Purple. Charlesworth tells the tale of how Pete Mackie was going to be brought in as the new bassist for Trapeze allowing Glenn to switch to guitar. A date is even given for Pete's first gig with Trapeze in the UK....I am at work and the box set is at home so the exact date escapes me. Pete Frame also states the same thing in his "Rock Family Trees" collection; you can find it about halfway down the DP family tree on the left side of the page, you have to dig a bit for it and the comment was made that after "Play Me Out" was released, Glenn had "gone to ground"....the tree was done in the late 70's.

    When Mel Galley did the online chat here, I made a remark in passing about Mister Mackie having played in Trapeze. Mel emphatically stated that Pete never actually played with Trapeze. And yes, the fact of a fourth memeber coming aboard is mentioned during the BBC session that Trapeze did in 1973.

    It may have been discussed but it never happened. I do hope that helps out!

    Christ, what a mess. I guess the dust will settle and we all will pick up and move on...

    I have enjoyed the two studio CD's the Blu-Ray of LOE and just watched it again last week. I will pick up "Afterglow" when it is released and will enjoy that as welll.....I got to see and hear a fabulous show in Washington DC last year.....

    I am sorry that the band is seemingly done but I am thankful for what they gave us.

    Vintage Old Stock..Closet Classic...New Original Stock...Roadworn...Gently Aged....what is an aspiring (or even perspiring)closet Clapton supposed to do? Kinda reminds me of how stone washed jeans were made; they would tumble dry the new jeans with rocks or something to that effect...or making George Clooney look like George Burns..perhaps not! ;)

    With the price of vintage instruments steadily climbing over the years, seems like players will do whatever it takes to get that lived in "mojo"...I am reminded of an article in "Rolling Stone" back in the late Seventies that dealt with the customizing of new instruments to give them that vintage appeal. One phrase that I remember is that some things can't be faked, the settling of the wood grain as time passes and the changing magnetic fields of the pickups over time.

    Christian is dead right...over time and with constant playing any instrument takes on a life of its own. It may not be easily defined in a nice neat technical explanation....just pick it up and you get it!! :thumbup:

    The Rock Pile in Island Park...I have to wonder if that was the old Action House...where many a famous act played a show on Long Island...If it is, it has a long tradition of music venues..Speaks, Speaks Broadway and a few others come to mind....I grew up in Baldwin and could ride my bicycle to Island Park with ease....

    Sure, I bought the first BCC disc and read all the press clippings...had yet to buy the second disc and figured I would pick up a copy at the show; how cool is it to get your first taste of the new material in a live setting?

    Beyond chrome plated cool.... :cool:

    A twinge of uncertainty as I got to the club around 1730..there were only a handful of people out front. And it stayed like that until 1830...then the bus pulled up and the line quickly stretched down the block! I was right up front about 3 feet from the barrier...the 9:30 Club filled up fast and there were whispers that the show had indeed sold out. As the strains of "Ride Of The Valkyries" filled the darkened room and the guys took the stage you knew you were in for a wild ride...

    Better hang on!

    They guys burst out of the blocks with "Black Country" like world class sprinters. They culled the body of the set from the two CD's and the new material really DELIVERS... go look elsewhere for a sophomore jinx! There were nods to "All Right Now", "Rock And Roll", "Stratus" (my jaw hit the floor here!) and "Won't Get Fooled Again" during the jamming sections. The only nods to their solo roots were "The Ballad Of John Henry" and "Burn"....when your material is that strong you don't have to look back!

    Glenn and Jason are a monstrous rhythm section with Glenn matching Jason's intensity and running with him shoulder to shoulder. Derek got to flex his chops during his solo section and was placed fairly out front in the mix. I had heard about Joe over the years but never understood the fuss until last I get it. Sure, he can rock but there is that earthy blues feel underneath that gives his playing gut power and warmth. There were two guys standing behind me who were huge fans of Joe's; they were chatting away about his gear....The audience was singing along...they knew the material new and old....Man...this show ranks up with my Top 5 for sure! :thumbup:

    Oh yeah...that Hughes kid can sing a mean tune as well... ;)

    I didn't hang out afterwards; a fitfull nights' sleep the night before and flying back from NY in the morning made for a long day...also the Metro stops running at midnight! But you know what? I got EVERY cent worth...bought a signed copy of the new CD and listened to it in the car on the drive home from the Metro station....and it is fantastic!!

    Take a bow deserved it...Thanks for a monumental evening!! :clapper:

    For all of you folks going to the Indianapolis show, the Murat Theater is a cool place to see a show...I toyed with the idea of going out there for the show but have tickets for the DC show on Sunday.

    I used to listen to Bob And Tom..get past a lot of the juvenile humor and they had some cool live performances on their show.

    Have fun!! :thumbup: :cool: