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    This review just in from Jason Ritchie at Get Ready To Rock

    A near full Mean Fiddler, which was a pleasant surprise given AC/DC were playing the same night! Caught openers Firebird on their second number, the band formed after guitarist/vocalist Bill Steer left grindcore
    metallers Carcass. But here the band play blues rock as a solid trio and it's very 70's in feel. I was thinking the songs a bit samey until midway through their set when they really took off and featured some real no-nonsense rockers and great slide work from Steer. Closed the set with a foot stomper driven along by harmonica - Blackfoot came to my mind on this
    one. I am a convert and will be seeking out their two studio albums to date. A well suited opener for once.
    So to Glenn Hughes... Saw him live for the first time last year on the excellent Legends of Rock tour when he was the star of the show. He looks bloody good for someone who's led the life he has, especially when you look at his contempories like Ozzy. The voice is as powerful as ever and he has kept his range, right up to those trademark screams (leaves the
    Darkness in the shade!). Opened with 'In My Blood' of the excellent new album 'Songs In The Key Of Rock' and good to see many of the audience familiar with the new material. Other tracks of the new album included 'Wherever You Go', possibly the weakest track of the night and 'Higher Places', a tribute to Led Zep's John Bonham and it has a big Led Zep riff
    running through it. Trapeze got a look in with 'Seafall', a funky little number with some neat keys from Lasse Pollack. Indeed the band were very tight including long-time guitarist JJ Marsh (or JJ Blondmore as Glenn called him) and ex-Electric Boys/Silver Ginger 5 drummer Tomas Broman.
    Four Deep Purple songs in the set including the epic 'Mistreated' with JJ Marsh nailing those Blackmore solos to a tee, 'Getting Tighter', 'You Keep On Moving' and of course the set closer, 'Burn'. Even got 'Seventh Star'
    in the encores from Glenn's ill fated Sabbath days.
    Superb gig, with Glenn Hughes on fine form (plenty of on-stage banter and he seemed genuinely pleased to be back in London) and voice. Good news in that that he will be back in the UK next year, along with Joe Lynn
    Turner, for some HTP shows. Just wish he'd play some Phenomena tunes!

    Originally posted by Shirean:
    Hi Kate - was hoping to meet you at one of the shows - perhaps London?

    David and I met up with Chuck and also brought him along to the Cambridge gig this evening. He's going to start off Tuesday at the _AC/DC_ gig at the Odeon, but will try and get to the last few songs of at the Astoria...bad boy

    I should have been at Doooodloyyy but couldn't make it, unfortunately. I'm hoping to catch up with all the news from Carl when he's back on dry land! Give everyone my best wishes next time you talk to them - and I hope to meet up with ya before too long!

    Originally posted by Steve:
    Same here James.
    Going back to an old post.There are no pubs near Rio's if memory serves,but a few within 10 mins walk near the University. One a real spit and sawdust !! There is a Wetherspoons about a further 400m into town.Or is everyone meeting at Rio's and sampling their fine ale lol

    Yes, pubwise, Rio's is in the middle of a desert, but even though you may be able to find a drink before the gig, you might have problems finding an internet cafe - and there's nothing sad whatsoever about being addicted to the internet, even though I'm obviously NOT addicted, oh no indeed not, I know there are people who are, and you just might need to find somewhere to log on in Bradford. Well, unless it's changed since I was there, there's just about nowhere apart from the library. I crawled the length and breadth of Bradford one day, trying to find an internet oasis, and there were so many false-alarms it was heartbreaking. Places called 'Media Cafe' where it looked like the fascia said 'Multimedia Cafe' from a distance. And places with rows of computers inside - but they turned out to be travel agents. Heartbreaking I tell ya. Anyway, it might have changed - but I'm not going back to Bradford till it has!


    Originally posted by David:
    Jeff Kollman is going to be playing somes dates with THE LAO TIZER BAND in the Mid-West of the USA over the next few days.

    Talking of Jeff and Lao Tizer, there is an interview with their bassplayer Christopher Maloney at
    Chris talks about working with Lao Tizer, and with UFO's Phil Mogg on the $ign of 4 tour, and about loads of other stuff. Lovely fella - typical bassplayer!